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oh I am so a lousy momma :(

I was browsing through the internet, looking for the articles for "makanan untuk anak berumur setahun".Terjumpa blog menarik Ibu Cergas. Baca baca, dan baca lagi.. terasa Ya Allah, what a super lousy and malas mama I am. Kagumnya bila ada mama yang bangun seawal 5:30 pagi untuk bersiap pergi kerja whilst preparing food and stuffs for their kids. Oh. Insaf! Insaf! Saya sungguh insaf. Saya hanya bangun di waktu pagi pada pukul six:45 a.m. Lambat kan? Bangun2 terus kalut. Ok ok. Admit. I am not a morning person after all. I tried but failed successfully, again and again. Teruk kan saya? Yes. Indeed.

But that is not an excuse. If somebody said that it is an excuse, okay. Accepted. But it is a lame yet stupid excuse. 
When I read someone else's blog, flipping through her routine, etc etc, I realize that mine was beyond less busier and tougher than their's. I did do the same routine everyday. Well, if it was not the same it won't be a routine, isn't it? As I woke u…

I agree. So baby walker would not be in the list

Bantu Anak Berjalan Dengan Cara Yang Betul

Petikan dari 08/07/2010
MENYAKSIKAN anak mula belajar berjalan merupakan detik yang sentiasa  ditunggu-tunggu oleh pasangan suami isteri.
Namun apa yang berlaku sebenarnya, anak itu sendiri yang memutuskan  bila dia bersedia untuk membuka langkah pertama.
Paling penting ibu bapa tidak harus membandingkan keupayaan anak  mereka untuk berjalan dengan anak orang lain, sebaliknya terima saja  keupayaan anak itu seadanya.
Ada sesetengah anak yang mula belajar berjalan ketika memasuki usia  setahun dan ada juga anak yang baru belajar untuk meluruskan kaki  ketika usianya sudah mencapai 18 bulan.
Apa pun selagi bayi membesar dengan normal, ibu bapa tidak perlu  berasa bimbang. Namun jika ingin menyedapkan hati, ibu bapa boleh  bertanya atau mendapatkan pandangan doktor.
Berjalan merupakan proses yang berkaitan dengan keseimbangan,  perkembangan motor dan perbuatan yang tidak terlalu tergopoh-gapah.  Sesetengah bayi, dapat berdiri tegak sudah s…

Finally, I found the remedy

The natural remedy for migraine. Haven't try it yet, but definitely going to.

Migraine: Natural Treatment I've collected a few suggestions that are reported to be helpful for migraines: Cayenne Pepper: Taking cayenne inside the nose helps to open up the blood vessels. This enables the blood to get nutrients to all parts of the brain. Warning - this can burn a bit, so keep the grains of cayenne down to as few as possible. To stop a migraine follow these simple steps: Open the capsule and dip the flat end of a dry toothpick into the cayenne to pick up 3-4 grains.Block one nostril and gently put cayenne up the other nostril.Sniff deeply 3-4 times until you feel the flecks of pepper in your throat. (If you don't feel this, do it again).Once you feel the warmth in your throat, you headache should be gone in minutesOther suggestions: Taking 500 mg of magnesium per day and increasing your water intake to 8-10 glasses per day can be helpful. One person reported that her migraines we…

word of the day

RSVP  from French repondez s'il vous plait
Another wish list.. ?

NO. To buy list. <3 <3

should i tweet?

Well okay. I have to admit. I do not know how to tweet. I am not talented. Booo~!

I need to take my hands off the fb. It's killing me. I write when I'm stressed. I write when my instinct sense a not so good feeling. I write when I hate something. I write when I'm in anger.

I always wanted to write a good stuff. A constructive ones. I'm trying on it. I wrote about my daughter. I wrote about her achievement and developments. I wrote about happy moments. Everything about her makes me happy.

Friday, today. I don't feel at ease. I wanna be in a HAPPY mode. I wanna be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. Bugger!

Sara, on the go. :)

10months-old Sara

Oh anak ku sudah besar. She's is 10months old now. She is 7kgs plus. Time really flies, isn't it? She progress very well. Her psycho motor and cognitive skill has been developed very well either.

At 10 months old :
She has starts finger food, able to hold it and hand-feed herself.
She loves french fries so I make homemade fries for her.
She can drink using sippy cup.
She can stand alone for couple of seconds.
She can wear size 3(US) shoes / sandal
She can now call me "ma" and "aaya" to her dad
She has become even more chattier when she's with us, but shy when surrounded by strangers
She can wave goodbye and will clap her hands when we sing "tepuk amai-amai"
She can stoop from standing position.
She loves making weird sound, such as "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound.
She is getting more emotional. She laughs, she's clingy, she cries and she manage to show her anger.

She has not :
Been tested with egg yolk. Saya tak berani ok.. :S

Word of the day

Camouflage Behavior that is deliberately meant to hide the truth

losing my 'memories'

I am very much disappointed. My eternal hard disk is not working properly. The last time I used it, it was still okay. I might not say it is corrupted or something similar. Oh no. Please. How can it be corrupted. It can't be. Not in a million years. It has been with me since year of 2007. It has been used to store all the memories ever since. So many data. I mean, countless of meaningful. I am extremely sad. No one could help me. I am alone. I feel so alone. If I know about these thing, I would not bother to ask anybody to help. I would willingly do by myself. I hate asking people doing things for me. 
Hard disk, do you know how much you mean to me? A lot. Like so hell a lot, I couldn't tell. Lotsa stuffs, things, data and memories. 
Where do I go to seek help?
I am at lost.

i need a therapy

to get rid of the frustration, anger and the feeling of being insulted.

A retail therapy would be nice. At least. I suppose. ;(

Mahu ke DAISO minggu ini. I need to buy few things :
1. Kitchen scissor
2. Boxes for medicine and stuffs

IKEA, where to splurge on :
1. meatballs
2. bekas sudu
3. rak pinggan kayu (I don't fancy the plastic one. Senang kotor and susah dibersihkan)
4. photo frame

another splurge, on
1. CHARLES & KEITH shoes
2. Sara's long sleeve top (mothercare or any)
3. Sara's pre-walker shoe or sandal


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Bandung Trip

I am looking for a pleasing package for Bandung trip. Yes. We'll be having our spree in Bandung this year, (I wish. heheh ;D) Insyaallah. So right now I am busy-ing myself google for the hotels, where to shop, eat, the transportation, the flight schedule and stuffs.


Allergic to antibiotic

Poor Sara. The raya holidays had been not a so happy moment for her. She was down with fever since Saturday. She's been so weak and clingy. She would even cry at anything and sit still and silently. The way she act makes me worried sick. Alhamdulillah the fever reduce on Sunday and she's back with her active mode. Playing and smiling as usual. :)

But another things happen. After taken the medication prescribed by the doctor, including the antibiotics. I was kinda curious why doctor give antibiotic to a baby? She's not even 1 year old. Recall that she had high fever, which is 39.5 degree, I dreadfully follow the instructions. Hoping for the best for my little girl. After taking few dose of the antibiotic, her body and face started to developed rashes. Previously the doctor has remind us that she might be having viral rashes due to the high fever. But mak said it looks like campak. Oh so edgy I became.

Yesterday (Tuesday), we brought Sara to her paediatrician, Dr Afifah @Kpm…