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Sara, on the move

Alhamdulillah, finally anak mama dah mahu berjalan sendiri. It happen naturally, unexpected. The moment I know she's ready to walk on her own was when she refused to hold our hand. Best sangat. She looks very happy too. Tapi temanya si kecik ni bukan berjalan. Bukan main dia berlari. Haishh Sara..sara.

MM managed to record the video of her first time walking on her own but the video can't be rotate (he recorder it in portrait mode). But I will still upload the video for the sake of reminiscent.

Sara & Air Kotak

Last night Sara berjaya sedut air kotak and minum. She's been eyeing on me whenever I was drinking air kotak in front of her, muka tak puas hati je. Note, I don't give sebarang food or drinks to my daughter. And I hate when people give sebarang food to her without my permission.

Btw, last night, when I was having air kotak dutch lady fresh milk, she grabbed the drink from me and resist to release it. (di sini berlaku aksi rebut merebut air kotak, hehe) Finally, after few attemps she managed to sedut air kotak tu. Hehe. That is one more achievement of my little girl. 
Congratulations Sara! :)

Stand up little girl~!

At 13 months and 2 weeks old:
Sara has started learn to stand up on her own (without holding to anything). Looks like she is ready to walk.Nevertheless sometimes she seems comfortable with just cruising. But the good part is, when she starts walking (either with one hand holding to us) she's reluctant to be carried.

Not to missed the moment, I've taken loads of photos and recorded some videos on her progress. For the sake of memories. I hope she could watch it when as she grow :)