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Shopping trip to Bandung Part 1

Oh finally tergerak gak hati nak update entry Bandung kat blog ni. Berhabuk dah entry ni sbnrnya.

So ok. I'll just gonna make these Bandung entry short and sweet, as possible.
Our trip was on 8th December 2011 (Thursday). It was a 4 days trip overall but the first day we arrive around 10pm so that particular day does not take into account. We booked AirAsiaGo Promo return tickets for 2adults and 1 infant altogether with a 4 nights stay at Hotel Sukajadi.

First day
We woke up a bit early, sebab culture shock kot. Ye la kat sana pukul 5 pagi dah cerah. Pukul 4 lebih tu dah subuh dah. By 7:30a.m kami dah siap2 nak breakfast di hotel cafe. There are plenty of menus for breakfast. You can choose from bubur nasi, fried rice, plain rice with 1 or 2 choices of lauk, mee / bihun goreng to the variety of deserts, kuihs and fruits. Ok la kan ada variety of foods.

As soon as we finished our breakfast, we wait for our supir at the lobby. Masa tu dah pukul 8 dah. Tapi supir belum sampai. After …

Sara's first tooth B)

Breaking news
Finally, her very first teeth (or tooth? whatever ) appear at 13 months old. It is very likely what most babies get; the bottom middle ones. That makes her smile and giggle looks pretty much attractive than before =)


Sara Hana is 13months-old today!

10 nutrients that every child needsCalcium: Builds strong bones and teeth, promotes healthy nerve and muscle function, helps blood clot, and helps the body convert food into energy.
How much your child needs, the best sources, and more > Tips for maximizing your child's calcium intake Some experts believe that many children are falling short of their calcium requirement, in part because juice and other nondairy drinks are so popular that kids are drinking less milk. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your child gets enough calcium: Use milk instead of water when making cereals, hot cocoa, and soups.Use evaporated milk in place of regular milk in recipes – it has twice the calcium of regular milk.Add yogurt to fruit salads; nonfat milk powder to pancake batter, sauces, and smoothies; and cheese to vegetables, sauces, and mashed potatoes.Buy calcium-fortified juice, bread, and cereal.Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, so make sure your child is getting enough…

Bandung Trip: Flight do's and don'ts (part 1)

When do I need to check-in for my flight?

AirAsia (AK, FD and QZ Flights)

AirAsia's check-in counters are open two (2) hours and close forty-five (45) minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time . Please produce the booking number/printed itinerary upon check-in together with your identification card or passport. Failure to present yourself at the counter before counter closure will result in denial for check-in.

What is the allowable dimension for hand carry baggage?

Your hand carry baggage should be the 56 x 36 x 23 cm in dimension and should weigh less than 7 kg. It should fit under the seat in front of you or in the enclosed storage compartment.

Unchecked Baggage: Passengers (except infants) are allowed two (2) items of baggage to be carried on board. The items of baggage may be a combination of any two of the following: cabin bag or a laptop bag or a handbag.

I myself will bring one cabin bag and small back pack (nappies bag)

Is there a checked baggage allowance for infa…