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Melt down

What would u feel?Bila orang ckp straight to your face mcm ni Kau sama je mcm org lain. Takde beza satu pun. Kau nak pleased org jugak. Cakap konon tak suka itu tak suka ini tapi sebenarnya kau just sama mcm org lain.
Haha! It is like a shot in the head. And u're dead.
Hmm. Mungkin ye. Some ppl are typical. Perhaps we are all just the same. But I guess ya. Ada hati ada perasaan ada emosi ada rasa marah happy sedih frust kecewa etc etc etc.  Apa yang tak sama nye? Sama je kan? Typical lah tu.
So, ok lah. Maybe aku typical. Pasni aku typical aje lah. Hehe.
Macam; Copy paste msg kat whatsapp Tiru apa yg org lain buat Bawak potluck  Pegi "T"
Org yg non-typical tu sebenarnya mcm mana? Ntah i can't differentiate.  Kalau typical n typo tau lah nk diff. Maybe dgn menjadi "loner"  or a non-mingle then yes u are non-typical. Kalau camtu baik jadi loner je lah. So u wont be a typical.
Rather than being your own self.
Kalau typical tu means, takde identity ke? Gitu? Oh bugger. The more u question t…

Come quick, weekend!

Hello Monday.

Lamanya tak update blog. I presume once I am done with research and theses, I should be able to write more often. Konon macam dah free sikit la kan. Tapi tak jugak. Work is piling up. Things (read: human being) at home are.. developing?? Haha, I guess. Anak-anak ni makin membesar makin mencabar betul. Hoih, tiring sangat. Adib is growing now that he is a toddler. Rajin sangat aih si kecik ni. He just could not stay quiet or still at one particular place, and Sara, she is such a darling. But sometimes being too demanding I could not cope. Memang mencabar kesabaran yang senipis kulit bawang ni. hehehe. Hubster selalu cakap, nanti mama akan menjadi "mak---- lampir". Hampeh kan. Not helping. Nonetheless, this blog; being one of the source of "Our-memories-to-reminisce", will keep on updating. InshaAllah. I will not stop blogging. Selagi masih ada daya dan diIzinkan Allah.

Okay what should I write about.

Okay. Run out of words.

Can I jus…

Sara & Adib

A quick one of them updates.
1. Sara had her final sports day with bbim (she's 6 this year) and next year onwards she'll be joining the primary school hari sukan inshaAllah. Here's some of the captured memories during her sports day. It was held at taman wetland putrajaya on 9th mar 2016.
Other than that, alhamdulillah she's healthy and doing good. She's indeed an awesome kakak and daughter. I love her so much.

With Ariana
Sara & amirah

Sara, Aunty Ain, Aunty Siti
Us :-)
2. Ok Adib pulak. So far at 11 month week 3,  - gigi belum keluar tapi dah nampak dah 2 yg bawah tu - he can stand up on his own and headed 2 steps (max) - can feed himself (biscuit, steamed fruits) - able to express his feeling; suka, marah, frustrated, geram, and excited.  - had his first pool swimming duRing our stay at Bangi putrajaya hotel last month - and oh recently he had his babysitter switched. Now he is with babysitter Umi. Alhamdulillah he's coping well.  - suka senyum. Pan…

Short getaway

Okay so we are in Penang!! Yeay! And still in penang. Our trip this time is more to a relaxing, Free and easy trip. Mmg purposely nak spend time with the kids. We choose to stay by the beach so we opt for Rainbow Paradise Hotel at Tanjung Bungah. Hassle free. I prefer tanjung bungah instead of Feringghi Beach sbb dekat sikit to town area and less crowded. 
Yesterday took Sara to Perangin Mall for Kidland's and spent almost 5 hours inside the Kidland. Sblm tu had nasi kandar for lunch at the usual Ketapang. Mula2 ingat nak lunch dkt Deen Maju sbb ada one of MM's friend ni suggested. Sampai2 dkt dpn Deen Maju around 2:35 pm tgk2 org dah beratur panjang dah sampai kat jalan. Padahal kedai tu baru je buka 2:30. So we diverted our plan to ketapang and decided to come back later to tapau for dinner. Sbb kalau nak makan kat situ mmg susah juga la. So after lunch, off we go to Perangin Mall.
Apparently this is our 2nd time to Kidland's cuma yg 1st haritu tak blog pun…