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The remedy :)

Sara at 16months-old

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Getting there..getting the vibes

Insyaallah we're almost there. Just theeeese tiny close to 'there'. :)

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A breaking news :  Postgraduate Application for May 2012 intake will be open on 5th March 2012 (Monday).
I am so excited about the whole idea of furthering to postgraduate studies. I am the happiest person if I can go back to univ.  Really. I'm into books, i love attending to classes, listen to lecture, do assignments (really?). It all make me feel like..somewhat 18, again, perhaps? Hehe. I'm so full of myself kan? Boo. Poyolah anda! But really, study time is the most worthwhile moment ever :)
Oh by the way, the application will be open next week. I can't help feeling anxious about all the process. Jitters. Hopefully everything will run smoothly for us (me and MM). Pray that we will be accepted by the univ. Pray that our application will encounter with NO difficulties at all. Pray that we could successfully enroll to univ on May 2012. Pray hard. Pray harder. Amin. 
As it is forthcoming, I think I (or we) need to remind ourselves of our aim and niat - "why are we determ…