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Hola Internet!

Wah. It's been a loooooong while. Yeah I know. I'm here and still here anyway. It is just that I was busy having a little bit of me time, I guess. idk! Oh indahnya kalau betul. Hahaha! Well tbh, I am busy having me-sara-mm-and-our-bonding-time sound like a better word. So yes! Better and likewise.
Life is such a hectic. Well, not really. But time seems to move very fast. Like whirlwind. Too many things to be done and is accomplished; good! To many to catch up. Nevertheless, some passes, though. :(

I am not going to spend much time here. Quite in a dash #gayakalut. In purpose to record some eventful captured moments of what has/had been happening few months past. Again, for record.

1. Alhamdulillah, in my two-freaking-final semester for Master. Being the 4-flat for two consecutive semesters was such a great achievement in my study life. And now working day and night (no no I might exaggerate at this point) too hard to think of how to banish the reverberate of com…