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Our brave girl

Sara Hana is a brave girl. The story began like this. Last week her girl friend told her that there is a boy who like her. The boy apparently told the girl himself that he likes Sara. And of course, my daughter was gobsmacked. Haha. I know I know. The kind of feeling you have when you heard / know someone had a crush on you. Aww that was so sweet.

My daughter came home and told us (of course she has to). She told me first before her dad. I don't really remember when but I guess it is before we sleep because we normally "main cerita-cerita" when we are in the bed just before we sleep. The conversation was more likely macam ni,.
Sara  : Mama nak tau tak, Amirah kan dia bgtau Sara, A.H suka Sara... Mama : Wahhhh ye ke? *super excited please* Sara   : Ye la. Dia cakap kat amirah *senyum* Mama : Ye ke dia cakap mcm mana? Sara   : Ala, dia cakap suka sara la... Amirah ckp A.H bgtau dia "I suka Sara" Mama : *Gelak2* Wahhh.. kenapa dia suka sara? Sara   : Sara mana tau…

Where do I start?

1. I have, in fact too many unpublished posts. I'd initiate the writing, but most of the posts ended up in a draft folder. I hope this one will get to be published.

2. I think I am a psychotic goth. Sara is only 6 and I have started to worry about how / where she will 'stay' when she starts secondary school. I don't think it is wrong to be worried right. I am her mom I have the right and reasons to be worried. My husband must have thinks I am weird. It's still years to go I know I know but I can't help it. Bummer.

3. I've settled for new shoes for my convocation. Tudung je belum ada. Tomorrow perhaps.

4. Oh yeah happy birthday to me. So I am 34, technically. But I feel I am way younger.

5. Mak and Abah is now in madinah since 9th Aug for pilgrimage (Haji) and inshaAllah they will be brought to Mekah tomorrow (Thursday) for Ihram. We pray that they will be in a good health to perform the hajj and that they will rewarded with 'haji mabrur'. Aamiin. An…