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17 months and still counting

Alhamdulillah sara hana turns 1yr 5months today. She's still fully breastfeed and momma's still express milk for her. Grow up to be a bright, solehah and healthy kid, insyaAllah you will little girl :).

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Ordinary Spa at Penjara Wanita Kajang

Ordinary ke? Tak lah ordinary sangat. It is just a typical Balinese concept Spa. But what makes it ordinary is the location and the Spa therapist itself. It is the Penjara Wanita Kajang Spa I was mentioning about :)

Went to these spa last week because I need a back massage so badly. Luckily I have an old friend working at Penjara Wanita Kajang as warden. I did asked her the procedure and such. She offered to make a reservation for me instead. Easy peasy :). So, I just went there and waited for her to bring me to the spa.

I did not take photo at the spa (we are allowed to take pictures but I forgot to do so. Excited sangat). It is a beautiful place and the therapists were very nice to us. I had a splendid time and enjoyed the 1 hour full body massage of mine.My therapist was a 30-yrs-old Sulawesi-an and she's also a mother to a 6-yrs-old daughter. 

The price is way too cheaper compared to the common spa. I paid RM40 for full body massage (traditional massage) and the rest are all b…

Nursing the teething baby is..

Really challenging and scary. I have been bitten by Sara few times yesterday. Tak tau la apa yg dia geram sangat. It was not the first time but it was harder than before. I feel like my n mcm nak putus pun ada. Sakit sgt esp bila dia nak df. Bf-ing smbil menahan sakit huhu. And my B even sampai rasa berdenyut2 n pedih. Mujurlah tak sampai berdarah. Ni baru gigi 2 atas, 2 bwh. I cant imagine if she has mouthful of tooths. Dang! Pengsan. Dah la bila gigit pastu sengih. Adeii. Everytime she bite i will picit hidung dia last nite mama sampai nangis n dia pun nangis skali. Hehe. Poor little girl. So i went to the pharmacy and get this for myself! It works magic! And most importantly it is safe for baby, as prescribed. insyaallah.

I will be posting another entry abt this later.
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Travel with Sara, a must have! Part 1:Food

There I go again, post berangkai. Part 1 is here and believe me, part 2 will be coming over. Even though I wasn't pretty sure when would the Part 2 being published. Bytheway lets just focus on Part 1, as it is. ;)

We do lots of travel recently, with little Sara. I know travel with babies/kids is not easy. Especially when we travel abroad, or on a plane. But since Sara is one fully breastfed baby, I have no issue with regard to "milk". Which means I do not have to carry a flask of hot water, a formula milk, a feeding bottle, a sterilizer tablet or whats not. Just me, Sara and my nursing wear, and we are fine! Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah. It was a soothing yet entertaining trip for us. 3 of us.
She was 12 month old when we first bought her traveled abroad (it was Bandung je pun). It was our first time too. I did tonnes of research on how to do this and that, basically regarding her meal / food. Because she just started to eat "family food" and I was "tak …

Fun weekend :)

Genting 30-31st March 2012

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I think I had few things to update but I don't know where to start. Well, I better put in points so it is more remarkable.Sara is 16 months & 2 weeks old now and she's getting very bright. Dah pandai merajuk, lari masuk bilik and nangis dalam bilik. So cute. :)Been to Genting last weekend (30-31st Mar 2012) and had so much fun there, especially little munchkin.I'm still pumping for little Sara. I don't know what would I do if I stop pumping. I am nervous waiting. Ya Allah, waiting makes me sick! Ya Allah, please make things easier for me..I'm in the term of tawakal. I do lost it some times. But I know I should have #faith in God.Note to self: please avoid beriyani at Pelita Puchong. They mix the mutton in those beriyani. I'm allergic to mutton. It gives me headache.We're getting used to travelling with Sara. Bread, and biscuits is a must have. She's fine with most of the foods nowadays. Better kalau ada bubur ayam Mc Dee. Ok it's getting late I …

Macaroni soup

Macaroni with potato, cauliflower and chicken soup. She loves it! :)

Happy sunday morning everyone.
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