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KL Tower Mini Zoo and Jonker Mamee House

Adib is unwell. He's down with fever since yesterday. He's active; as usual. Running and chasing away with kakak. But he's still not fully recovered from cough which caught into him since last 2 weeks. That makes me more worry.
Sara, on the other hand is okay.

Okay so this is a longgggg overdue update. Konon kan nak rajin update blog. I guess I have to be more istiqamah when I do something. =P
So it happened during the CNY 2017 long weekend. We didn't have anything planned for the little kiddos. But come to think of it, since Sara have almost 1 week school off so I made up a plan, or maybe more haha. I googled and googled for places of interest in KL and Selangor then we finally decided to opt for nature. Zoo tu nature la kan. Torn between Zoo Negara, KL Tower Zoo, Butterfly Farm, Aquaria (eh eh?). After much considering; weather, rajin ke tak nak jalan, location, etc etc, we opt for KL Tower Zoo. Besides, we've been to Zoo Negara and Aquaria. Takkan nak repeat. Na…