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love uploading photos

I have my own concrete reasons why I love uploading photos, especially my little girl photos.

1. I wanted to make each and every moment to be memorable.
2. I don't have the hardcopy of ALL the photos so I don't want to lose any of 'em (especially those photos that I love most).
3. I'm afraid if my hard disk/external hd/ pen drive/memory card is corrupt / missing.
4. As for this moment, blogging is my interest so that explains.
5. If possible, I'd love Sara to see her photos and read stories of her when she grow up someday (when she able to understand words and able to read well). She must be happy, impress and understand how important she is to us, her parents.  (Hopefully Blogger will remain forever. Same goes to thehanalicious)
6. I like what I do. I always like. :) (mcm tak related kan? he he)

I've stated mine. So, what's your reason?

BB Cream

I have just received the BB cream that I ordered from styles4u. This is the first time I'm going to try the BB cream or whatever it is. I hope the outcome will be superb (oh so I wish ok), as its review.  I will post a review of it later, provided that I have time to experiment with this stuff (I normally don't. Ah sangat malas ok saya ini).

Ah bugger. This blogging thing has taken its toll on me. Boo. Get back to work Hana. Insaflah... There are piles of lab reports waiting to be assessed. 

Random post

I feel like writing but I have nothing in mind. So I might prolly write some recent updates of our activities. (mcm la banyak sangat activity)

Okay. Done with that. Sara here and Sara there. Hehe. So anyway, we're going to eat for iftar today. Since now we have these little girl of us, so we plan to go out right after iftar. Like berbuka puasa with some water and kurma first at home, solat and the off we go. That is much easier because we do not want to bore Sara waiting for buka puasa. Kesian dia, kan.
So today's plan would be Teppanyaki at Alamanda fc. Oh so yummy.
And for Sara, I have cook porridge with butter chicken, carrot and spinach. 
Here's the recipe.
Ingredients Rice (enough for 3x meal) 1/2 tbsp butter/margarine 2 tbsp chicken (chopped finely) 1 onion carrot spinach (ambil daun sahaja dan blend dengan 2tbsp air. can make frozen veg)
Methods Heat butter in non stick pan and fry the onion.When the onion have wilted, add chicken and let it cook. Cook the porridge as usual. When…


... the surprise is here!! Yada.yada.

Updating the updates. 

wordless friday

I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve fridays. In fact I love this friday even more. Love. Love. Love. Love!

Happy wknd all. Hope you have a great one because I will. :)

Sara is 9 month old

How time flies. These apple of my eyes is growing up well, alhamdulillah but feel like she's a little newborn baby to me. And syukur, she's still fully breastfeeding eventho she eat 3x solid food per day. She's been more clingy to me these days (obviously, I'm her only mom, aite), loves to clutter and "declutter" things and will laugh when we play peek-a-boo, so cute. She can cruises while holding to something (be it sofa or desk), and she crawl faster especially when she first saw me fetching her up at babysitter house and when someone run after her. She loves to pronounce "ka-ka" and can capture the last word she hears, let say "tuh" = jatuh, "duk"=duduk and "ma" for mama (only when she cries looking for her mama =D).

I'm yet to introduce the finger food to her. Have not started yet. I'm thinking of starting with raw fruit. We have apples at home so will make one out of it this afternoon before she's takin…

Treat and surprises

Remember I blog about my wish list the other day? I had two of 'em fulfilled since last Saturday. Great, aite?

Anyway, thanks to MM for such a wonderful birthday treat and surprises. I love you a whole lot bunch yang.

Happy birthday to me. I'm 29 years old d and I'm still feeling young.... ;)

crave vs sakit perut

Hari ini tiba-tiba je sakit perut plus diarrhea. Went to the loo like 3 times this morning. Boo. I don't know what did I eat last night or during sahur. I just ate the same thing like what MM had. Maybe his stomach was less sensitive compared to mine. I suppose.

I have a crave for dim sum (mohd chan's) and frappucino mocha for a very long time already. I'm also in a crave of ikea meatball so I decided to make some for today's iftar. Would be nice to have it with spaghetti bolognese. Ah so yummy. 
I'm also crave for nando's chicken and kenny rogers muffin. 
Oh gila gila. What a crave.
The conclusion is, I'm craving for a comfort yet yummilicious food.. not just for iftar, but for the taste of bud.

11th day

Today is the 11th day of Ramadhan and I am thankful that I am still able to fully fasting till today. Not just it, I am fasting, working, pumping and breastfeeding. Alhamdulillah. Allah has made things easier for me these Ramadhan, and I hope for the rest of you too (especially bf-ing mother).

My pumping schedule still follows the same routine. Once during morning session and another one is during afternoon session. I don't really feel hungry or thirsty. Just a normal feel like others who has been fasting. But undergoing the training for 12 days here, I have to adjust a bit the morning pumping session. If normal day I pump aroun 10-11 a.m, but these days I pump before the training starts at 9:30 a.m.

I am looking for a baby photography session for sara. Ideas?

Sara @ playground and Sara duduk


Aku tak paham betul. Asal aku nak pam sesi petang je ada je org yg ketuk, nak masuk solat. Asal aku pam je ada je yg nak masuk. Masalahnye orang yg sama pulak tu setiap kali. Tu yang aku hangeeeeeeeeen sangat. Aku dah timing baik punya time nak pam so that tak kacau orang punya time la sebab aku pam kat pantry merangkap tempat solat wanita di bilik ni. Bukan la aku marah dia kacau aku nak pam, orang nak solat kan. Ok. ok. Tapi adakah setiap hari kau solat ZUHUR pada pukul 4:15 ~ 4:30 petang????????????? Like what???????? She is not jamak ok... she just live nearby which is definately less than 90 km atau 2 marhalah. Zuhur at 4:15 pm setiap hari ok??? Bukan nyer dia busy pun- ni diberitahu sendiri oleh bossnya. Padahal sebelum tu dok beriya layan fb bagai, buang masa bercakap cakap cakap cakap like NON STOP talking ok.

Nampak tak apa masalah problemnya sekarang? Nampak tak? Patut tak kalau aku stress?

Lantaklah kauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Bukit Merah Getaway + Night Safari

Remember in my previous post, I blog about free pass to Bukit Merah Waterpark that my brother had? Ok. Apparently it was the Gempak Santai Harian Metro carnival and they were giving away lotsa free entry pass.  Anyway, we went there last weekend and spend 2days 1night. We stayed in Suria Service Apartment which is a 1 bedroom apartment.