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cayang's pre-birthday treat

today both of us off to mid valley after work. fiance initially had no idea where I am intend to brought him to. Since I was the one who drove the car, I kept my mouth shut and let him do all the guessing. Hehe. Sangat seronok buat org tu tertanya2. Well anyway, that's suppose to be a surprise treat for him so mana boleh bagitau kan, kan?

neways, happy birthday in advance yang. i lov u loads! super-extremely load!! muahh.

p/s: hora. chilis's lamb shoulder best kan??

p/s2: and... pls let me buy those charles n keith wedges? lambat la nak tunggu hadiah b'day next year :S :S

-- toddless with full of hopes ------


Mukhlis and Hana's Wedding Card. God, looking at it makes me full of excitement. Blimey... it's such an amazing feeling seeing your own name and your other half's (husband-to-be) printed on the beautiful yet adorable wedding card. Awesome!! Blossom!! thehehee... => ;> ;>

anyways, we haven't done with the sorting and stuffs just yet. Hence, i promise the card will be "spread out" by november. ah.. the wedding day is just a few blinks away... so many things to be done.

wedding part 3

ahh.. pening2. I am actually at my wit ends in the midst of looking for tudung for akad nikah. I intend to wear something like this. Look sweet kan? But I wonder how it will look on me. Bahhh!!

or how about this? cantik kan? tapi kalau yang ni... mana nak cari aaa????

(pic courtesy: thanks to owner)

Atau perlu ke pakai tudung mcm ekin tu? belum pegi survey lagi but I'm sure the pieces that I want is definately gonna cost me a bomb. huh.

do i need to make something like this? tapi sesuai ke kalau aku pakai mcm ni?? hmmmm...

(patung ni muka kecik. mmg la cantik je nampak...)

or pakai mcm during engagement dulu?

mcm ni...??

Despites all that, i dont want to wear common tudung bawal.. dah tiap2 hari pakai. We sure need something different and special for our big day kan?

aaa... buntu nye.

Ladies..any ideas??
please share

wedding prep part 2


hari ni telah berjaya tempah invit. card. scheduled done by 13th oct.
managed to bought the novelle comforter at 80% off at Sogo. Unplanned but its a worth buying. *Thanks to* Really adore the colour. So, bedsheet more worries.
accidentally bought the hush puppies sandal of 100 bucks. another impulse buys. hehe... mengada kan?

saturday.. kene pegi medan ma*ra skali lagi to confirm the card draft. and I'm hoping to buy my baju nikah.. and matching tudung.

off to sleep. nite