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Happy 1st birthday Adib Naufal

Assalamualaikum Adib.

Happy birthday kesayangan mama. You are 1 today! U are a big boy! Dah boleh jalan few steps. Dah pandai mumble and talking in ur own words. Dah ada 2 batang gigi cenonet dah. Alhamdulillah that u are growing up healthily. Utk harini mama have nothing in store for your birthday. InshaAllah next week. We'll celebrate together with kakak n ayah, dkt rumah wan ok.  So, my dua's for you is a lot a lot a lot. I pray that Allah will grant you syurga al firdaus tanpa dihisab, a happy and meaningful and contented life, a great protection from any evilness, harm and sorrow, that u will always smile and laugh and happy, that Allah will guide your steps forever, surrounded by the good and nice people, jodoh yang baik, a strengthen iman and alot lot lot lot more. Doa yg baik2 semua ye sayang.
So, tunggu nanti suprise mama n kakak n ayah yeah. We love you so much baby. 
And again, happy 1st birthday my boy!
Tabarakallahu fiih.

Master Research. A story to tell.

So I am done with viva. It went as smooth as planned. Alhamdulillah.
And yesterday I went to Uniten again to resubmit the amended dissertation as per recommendation by examiners and panel. Managed to meet my SV and the IE. InshaAllah by next week I hope to submit the hard cover.

Just so you know, I took almost 4 years to complete master studies. This include maternity leave and few semester breaks (yes, Uniten is so kind to give you 3 months semester break after every 2 semesters). Alhamdulillah learnt and gained a lot throughout the years. New knowledge of course and valuable experience. And oh yes, accountable bunch of new friends too. Managed to present a conference paper in Natgrad, get published in proceeding, using new software and new devices. Honestly I love everything when it involves writing. Enjoy sangat walaupun mmg stress nya Allah je yang tau. MashaAllah. A blessing that counts.

And throughout the years, there were ups and downs. The chaos and "silence" at hom…