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wean off, first attempt

I have to blog about this, for my own personal record, and Sara's too. :)

To date, I have bfeed Sara for 2 years, 6months, 2 weeks and 6 days (refering to ticker).Had several thoughts of weaning off Sara from brst milk. But never put any real attempt. Not even once.

I gave it a try last night. She came to me, as usual, looking for susu mama. I told her, alamak susu mama patah, unintentionally. And she took a peek at it. Ulang lagi ckp,"patah la susu mama. tgk ni". And God, she believes it! Lepas tu tanya dia, nak ke tak? She said "tanak la susu mama patah, nanti kita beli yang baru ye" Hehe. What a super cute and concerned answer.

Bila dah masa nak tido, she still believes susu mama patah. Mulanya Sara takde mintak susu mama. tapi lepas guling-guling atas tilam and she looks unease. Mcm gelisah nak tido. Kejap2 peluk mama, tarik tangan mama suruh peluk Sara, kesian sangat masa tu. Then Sara ckp, nak susu mama sikiiit je. Dia pun minum, memang sekejap je. Pastu …

KUL-KIX Checklist

Flight ticket - booked and paid and confirmed!Hotel- booked and paid, via (IL Coure Namba Hotel)Airport transfer - to be confirmed with hotel Visa - waivedPassport - readyApply cuti (before mid September)Permission to oversea (for gov staff) - before mid Sept