Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sara & Adib


A quick one of them updates.

1. Sara had her final sports day with bbim (she's 6 this year) and next year onwards she'll be joining the primary school hari sukan inshaAllah. Here's some of the captured memories during her sports day. It was held at taman wetland putrajaya on 9th mar 2016.

Other than that, alhamdulillah she's healthy and doing good. She's indeed an awesome kakak and daughter. I love her so much.

With Ariana

Sara & amirah

Sara, Aunty Ain, Aunty Siti

Us :-)

2. Ok Adib pulak. So far at 11 month week 3, 
- gigi belum keluar tapi dah nampak dah 2 yg bawah tu
- he can stand up on his own and headed 2 steps (max)
- can feed himself (biscuit, steamed fruits)
- able to express his feeling; suka, marah, frustrated, geram, and excited. 
- had his first pool swimming duRing our stay at Bangi putrajaya hotel last month
- and oh recently he had his babysitter switched. Now he is with babysitter Umi. Alhamdulillah he's coping well. 
- suka senyum. Pandai berebut dgn kakak, esp books, toys and food
- pandai nak manja
- loves ballon. Kalau nampak ballon kat kedai mesti tunjuk2 haha
- playful sangat. Loves steering and suka sangat naik motor pagi2 n ptg dgn ayah.
- had his first hair cut
- suka panjat chair / sofa 
- suka pakai kasut n today i saw him trying to put his shoes on. Haha. So cute.

My handsome boy

I ended with the pictures of two of them. The bonded siblings. So much love. Tabarakallah anak2 mama.

Anak2 dah tido. Now its my turn.
"Mornite" world.

Urs truly

Short getaway


Okay so we are in Penang!! Yeay! And still in penang. Our trip this time is more to a relaxing, Free and easy trip. Mmg purposely nak spend time with the kids. We choose to stay by the beach so we opt for Rainbow Paradise Hotel at Tanjung Bungah. Hassle free. I prefer tanjung bungah instead of Feringghi Beach sbb dekat sikit to town area and less crowded. 

Yesterday took Sara to Perangin Mall for Kidland's and spent almost 5 hours inside the Kidland. Sblm tu had nasi kandar for lunch at the usual Ketapang. Mula2 ingat nak lunch dkt Deen Maju sbb ada one of MM's friend ni suggested. Sampai2 dkt dpn Deen Maju around 2:35 pm tgk2 org dah beratur panjang dah sampai kat jalan. Padahal kedai tu baru je buka 2:30. So we diverted our plan to ketapang and decided to come back later to tapau for dinner. Sbb kalau nak makan kat situ mmg susah juga la. So after lunch, off we go to Perangin Mall.

Apparently this is our 2nd time to Kidland's cuma yg 1st haritu tak blog pun haha. Never knew of those place until one day I saw an old friend posted in fb. Kebetulan we're on the way to penang. Terus tanya dia kat mana and ho google. Tempat ni ok la. I think this place is inspired by Kidzania but the mini version. Game/activities pun tak banyak tapi ok la. And the best part abt this place is mmg tak ramai org so u dont hv to queue kalau nak main/masuk mana2 studios. Cuma kena tunggu slot dia la. You can google for more info hehe. 

Today sara rquested for a repeat at Kidland. Tak boleh lama sgt la harini sbb Adib is not so well. That little tyke is down with flu n mild fever. Poor him. Lps ni sambung cuti kat Aloq Staq pulak. Kita pekena yasmeen malam ni ok bro! Haha.

So here's some of the photos from yesterday. Tak banyak sgt sbb my battery was low. 

Had her face painted at Beauty Studio 

"Spiderman" Menyamar jadi Polis hehe

And next she is a Baby Doctor hehe

Masak baked macaroni in Masterchef Studio

Taken during breakfast at the hotel. Adib made an attempt to suap kakak. Mama pun dia suap gak hehe. Clever Adib.

Morning view. Sunrise!! Ocean!! Mountain. And yes, buildings.

And last but not least, depa ni dok playing around with new monopod haha.

Have a great holiday peeps! ❤️

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy 1st birthday Adib Naufal

Assalamualaikum Adib.

Happy birthday kesayangan mama. You are 1 today! U are a big boy! Dah boleh jalan few steps. Dah pandai mumble and talking in ur own words. Dah ada 2 batang gigi cenonet dah. Alhamdulillah that u are growing up healthily. Utk harini mama have nothing in store for your birthday. InshaAllah next week. We'll celebrate together with kakak n ayah, dkt rumah wan ok. 
So, my dua's for you is a lot a lot a lot. I pray that Allah will grant you syurga al firdaus tanpa dihisab, a happy and meaningful and contented life, a great protection from any evilness, harm and sorrow, that u will always smile and laugh and happy, that Allah will guide your steps forever, surrounded by the good and nice people, jodoh yang baik, a strengthen iman and alot lot lot lot more. Doa yg baik2 semua ye sayang.

So, tunggu nanti suprise mama n kakak n ayah yeah. We love you so much baby. 

And again, happy 1st birthday my boy!

Tabarakallahu fiih.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Master Research. A story to tell.

So I am done with viva. It went as smooth as planned. Alhamdulillah.
And yesterday I went to Uniten again to resubmit the amended dissertation as per recommendation by examiners and panel. Managed to meet my SV and the IE. InshaAllah by next week I hope to submit the hard cover.

Just so you know, I took almost 4 years to complete master studies. This include maternity leave and few semester breaks (yes, Uniten is so kind to give you 3 months semester break after every 2 semesters). Alhamdulillah learnt and gained a lot throughout the years. New knowledge of course and valuable experience. And oh yes, accountable bunch of new friends too. Managed to present a conference paper in Natgrad, get published in proceeding, using new software and new devices. Honestly I love everything when it involves writing. Enjoy sangat walaupun mmg stress nya Allah je yang tau. MashaAllah. A blessing that counts.

And throughout the years, there were ups and downs. The chaos and "silence" at home due to my tight schedule of being a deadline junkie, the screaming and shouting and tears (ni selalunya anak2 la melalak2 demanding for mama) esp during exam week or bila mama has class at night, the late night sleep (or shall I say "mornite" sleep?) boo!, etc etc too many to mention haha. Tu belum kira work commitment lagi. #Sigh. The thing abt work is, selalunya time kita sibuk time tu jugak la work is piling up. Serius menyampah. Mmg kadang2 tak terkejar sampai to the extend it feds me up. Knowing me, my level of kesabaran is not that high. Apparently its very low, to be honest. My uttermost weakness. And I am easily annoyed when my plans are not going the way it should be. And when I am annoyed I will be a bugger. And if you noticed, I am pretty much annoying when I am annoyed. Muka tu menyakitkan hati sangat. Mmg tak semenggah. Haha. Seriously? Yes. Hubs told me that. Despicable sangat rasa. Benci tau ;(

But above all, family is always my priority. I would try to leave or pause when it is necessary, or when the demand is out of control, bahaha. Rasanya I took too many pause I lost count. I would love to declare that research is the most difficult part of my studies. It took me almost 2 and half years to get the piece of the stub. Masa tu mmg in love-hate relationship je dengan antenna, dengan CST. Sampai malu nak jumpa Prof. Mujur la my SV was very understanding and flexible. Bersyukur sangat, Allah ease my way, showed me the correct path and lead me through. Masa tu terasa cerahnya masa depan. Allah is the best planner after all. Syukur.

Ok lah. dah tak tau dah nak cerita apa pasal master ni. There was a lot to story. Tapi tau je lah I ni kan short term memory. I tend to forget the things that I dislike, atau benda2 yang tak best. Mmg tak simpan dalam memori. I keep only the best and happy moments to be cherished. Yg tak best syoh syoh buang jauh-jauh hehe.

I hope everything will be as smooth as planned. I hope our life now and in the future will be as good and even better. Pray for me, the hubs, children (Sara & Adib) and our family. Doakan yang baik2 je. InshaAllah.


Yours truly.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Ok just a quick one. Finally an update. #bitingnails

Just so you know my viva date has been set and emailed to me last thursday. Urgh. How nice. I only have 1 week (TBE 5 days) to prepare for everything; including mental, brain, courage, and presentation slides of course. ATM I dont think I would have an ample time to prepare to perfection, but i'Allah I will definitely do my best.
And now that I am working (read: stress jegil2 mata) on my ppt slides and taking a 15-min-break for 'pumping', i decided to blog. Yeah. A wise decision to de-stress.

But, tell u what? Finally, a VIVA!! What more can u ask for? After like almost--- 4 years? Haha. Yes. I do my masters for 4 years. Headache. Pls pray for me. And i will pray hard. And work hard for 3 more days. It will finally over.. Soon. With success. InshaAllah.

Ok. I will write more after viva. 
Later peeps!

Viva voce : 24 mar 2016

Rindu sara adib ❤️

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gerhana matahari


Sara Hana and her friends perform solat sunat gerhana at school. MasyaAllah tabarakallah. Ya Allah bless them ya Allah. Jadikan mereka dan kami semua penghuni syurgamu Ya Allah. Aaminn.

Proud mama,

Monday, March 7, 2016

Dusty page

Oh blog blog blog.

Now that I am done with dissertation (submitted on 7 Feb 2016 for examiner) and waiting for viva voce, I presume that I will have more time to spend on reading and writing (read: blogging). But thing goes upside down. Work has been chaotic and disordered but I don't prefer to rant. One after another, or should I say more than one after another #taponmyback. Alhamdulillah things are now back in order.

Sara and Adib are doing well. At 10 month-old Adib weighted 8 kg. And Sara is now 14.9 kg (at 5 & half years old). Adib dah pandai duduk, and can stand up on his own. Belum menapak lagi. Tapi dah panjat2 katil, sofa, slide and cabinet. Dah pandai naik push car kakak, and the battery-operated motor tu. He loves to watch cartoon, and would moves (read: dance) when he hears his favorite song from cartoon show. He has the sweetest smile in the world, admiring his dimple. Very active and healthy alhamdulillah. Gigi je lambat sikit. Haish that tooth why you so stubborn? *lol*

Sara, on the other hand has achieved a lot in her preschool progress. She can now read in English and Bahasa. She masters Math (Addition and Subtraction) and has started multiplication end of December 2015. She learned iqra' with me at home. Recently she received a hello kitty watch from aunty Ain as a token of her achievement in math game. Well done sayang. Her interests in shopping is certain; as if "shopaholic" is in her middle name haha. Joking. She has become more independent and dependable. My little girl, you are a star.

Ok tak tau nak tulis apa dah. My brain is freezing. Guess I need to read a lot in order to write a lot.

Nite peepols!

Friday, February 5, 2016

To rejuvenate

Too hectic here
Too tense
Too much of negativity
I need to recharge
I need to rejuvenate
I need another side of view
I need a break

Perhaps a short vacay to reward the hard work would be nice
With le hubster n kids
A reward for:
Succesful submission of dissertation (part 1)

Hm anyway do i need many reasons to set back n relax?
Idt so.

Holiday jom kejap?

Mama to SaraAdib

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My 2015

Being a mom of two, they wifey, an employee and student at the same time is not an easy task. And that's me, no joke.

And that explains the long hiatus.

Too many things to do. But too little time.

So in this post, I made an attempt to summarize 2015 in my kind of way. As quick and short as possible.

1. 28 April 2015 - my sweetheart, Adib Naufal was born. And automatically upgraded Sara to Kakak Sara. Mama love both of you sayang.

2. April 2015 - could recall the date tho. Unlock my personal aim. Presented paper in conference (3rd Natgrad of Uniten). Paper published in proceeding. Alhamdulillah.

3. Enjoying 3months-maternity-leave with no worries of research progress haha (living in denial) lol

4. Adib's first hotel stay - cyberview lodge after day 44 he was born. 

5. Adib's first on board experience. Klia- Aor at plus minus 2 month old. Sara's 8th trip.

6. September 2015 - took the kids to JB for Legoland and Hello Kitty (unplanned). Stayed at Legoland Hotel.

7. August 2015 - MM went to sao paolo brazil for his world skill comp as expert. Well done on ur achievement sayang.

8. October - Adib started solid food at 6m.o. Still fully bfeed. Alhamdulillah dor rezeki.

9. 15 November 2015 - Sara turns 5 y.o. This year around she requested for hello kitty cake. Happy birthday sayang. U are still a baby to mama tau. And will always be my baby. 

10. October - my antenna research simulation succeed. Proceed with fabrication n prototyping. Alhamdulillah it went well. 

11. Adib warded few days due to asalnya batuk kahak pastu doc detect rsv (ada blog pasal ni). Tu before my simulation really works. Minggu tu la baru bercadang nk resume simulation dah adib pulak tak sihat. 3 days in kpmc. Tu la kan every cloud has a silver lining. Mcm dpt ilham pulak lepas adib keluar hospital. Berkat doa , sabar n tawakal. Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan jalan dan urusanku. 

12. December - took 4 days leave and get 11 days off from work during the last week of december. Cuti sakan. Holiday  in Penang!! Sara had so much fun at Kidland @ Perangin Mall. Belum blog lagi pasal tempat ni. Will blog later for record.

12. Adhoc plan. Jb hello kitty lagi. Oh ni dah new year. 2.1.2016 masa tu.

13. Submitted first dissertation draf on 30th dec 2015. Target tercapai. Harap minggu dpn boleh submit final copies to cogs.

14. 11.12.15 - hanamus 6 years anniversaries. Alhamdulillah. 

For 2016??

Next post please..

Now dah 4:55 am hari jumaat nak ke sabtu. Baru siap repair draft. Nak hantar monday ni. Ya allah pls easy my work. Aaamiin

Hello saturday
Jom ioi esok

Sayang MM, sara n adib

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy 5th birthday Sara Hana


Happy birthday sayang. You are 5! But no matter how old are you, you will always be my little girl and my no.1. Mama ❤️ you wholeheartedly. I pray that Allah will protect you, will grant you with success in life, in this world and hereafter, grant u the best of health, the bountiful prosperity, a blessed long-happy-meaningful-life, the smooth journey, and that Allah will bless u and guide your steps forever. I pray that you will grow up to be a wise person, amanah and among the greatest person during your time. I pray that Allah will grant you the greatest Syurga tanpa dihisab. Aamiin ya rabbal 'alamin.

Tau tak Sara ni anak yang baik. Rajin. Bijak. Manja. Kakak yang penyayang. Adib is such a lucky person to have you as a sister. And we are indeed very proud to have you as a child. You have all the good values and qualities gifted from Allah.

Thank you sayang from bringing such a joy into our (read mama ayah) life and my heart.

Thank you sayang sebab selalu sayang mama.

Thank you sayang rajin tolong mama.

Thank you sayang sbb memahami mama.

Always remember, Mama & ayah kasih sayang Sara.

Happy 5th birthday Sara
InshaAllah we will celebrate many more birthday together. 

Yours truly,
Mama Suhana
Sunday, 0204
Location: disebelah sara n adib yg sedang tido ^_^