Thursday, October 1, 2015

afebrile soon kiddos!

So my two kids are down with fever and flu and cough. 3 in 1 combo package. Sara has been taking 2-days off from school and today I have to tumpangkan dia at babysitter's house. Adib has started coughing too and  I can hear some phlegmy sound when he coughs. So, I have these deep thoughts, discussed with MM and decided that I am going to take a-half-day off today to take Sara to doc (if she's still feverish) and look after 'em at home. I can work from home instead. No harm. I just feel uneasy to send my kids to school / babysitter when they are unwell. I always wanted to take care of my sick kids on my own, at home. idk, I am like that. Being the mother, I am sure we know our kids pretty well right. Besides, feverish kids normally a little cranky sometimes. Macam kesian kan. I cannot lah.  
Anyway, I will try percussion technique for Adib tonight if he's still coughing with phlegm.
So, ok then. It is well-nigh lunch time. I better off to tapau some foods for lunch and later go fetch the kids. Already miss them!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey guys? How was your weekend? Haha tetiba. Well mine was well spent. Sunday was spent at home. Nak kata lazing around pun tak jugak. I just feel like staying at home and do things at my own pace. Banyak laundry and house chores to be settled. Had nasi goreng for breakfast and bihun sup for lunch. Simple je. Anyhoo we're still tired form our recent trip to jb. Spent 3 days exploring legoland and hello kitty (for the 3rd time yo people). Tell you what legoland is super best. Zillions of legos to die for haha. Exaggerated. Bukan je the kids yang excited, mak pak pun sama haha. Sara had her whale of a time there. But then too many to write here about legoland i just dont have too much time at the moment. I'll blog about soon. Tapi serius best. Worth a single penny. Silalah bawa anak2 pegi legoland by chance.

Saturday we did go out for a while after brunch. Attended kenduri of my SIL's sister at bukit jalil and  later stopped by at Gulati's bangi to buy kain for sara's teacher, MIL for her upcoming bday and kain for sara for her graduation on october. And a quick stop beforehand at Serai Shaftbury Cyberjaya bcos I had this crave for their pavlova. Hehe. 

And since today is monday and 1 more working day before another long holiday of raya haji, takde la nak rasa monday blues sangat. And plus there's something abt today we are hyped abt, especially le hubs la kan haha. My lips are sealed for now. lol.

Ok lah gotta dash. 

Monday, September 14, 2015


Entahlah nak tulis apa.
But I know I need to jot a few things down.
Okay just a quick one.

1. For record, Adib took his first dose of pneumococcal last Saturday, 12th September 2015. We opt for Dr Afifah of KPMC this time around. He had his previous jab (1m, 2m and 3m vacc) from Dr. Amaluddin of An-Nur Jalan Reko. He was 4m 2w+ at times. 3 more doses to go.

2. At 4m 2w+ his weight is 6.5 kg. Way to go my healthy boy! 7kg at 5 1/2 months please!

3. Took Sara to her school's program- Brainy Walk on Saturday albeit the haze was pretty bad but alhamdulillah the weather was okay that day. She had a blast playing with her friends. Glad to see her having fun at her own pace.

4. My MEE yada yada. What's new? Haha. Today, I resume digging the papers and sources and inshaallah the simulation will start soooooooooooooooon. Good work. My aim is to finish whatsoever simulation within 1 month. *cough cough*. Boleh, mesti boleh.  *tap on my back* Btw, lets get it over and done with! Haip!! Selagi tak siap ni tak habis2 feeling guilty bila lalu Uniten. Nampak apartment murni tu pun teringat antenna. Asal lalu je guilty. Kronik dah ni.

5. Skrg ni since Adib can remotely move around the house, yes, he literally moves around so we think it is quite risky to leave him unattended. Selalunye when I have to do the chores or cooking or had bath I would ask Sara to look for Adib, in case MM is not around la. Boleh harap la Sara ni. Hehe. She, being a 5 yrs old sister, camtu2 je la tgk adik dia. Kuat bebel gak Sara when she babysitting her brother. So cute.

6. The haze was pretty bad today and yesterday. Takde nampak kurang pun. How la our Legoland trip Thursday ni? Hmm.. takpe la dapat masuk kejap je pun ok. We still have other option kan, such as Hello Kitty town pun okay kan? Walaupun dah 3 kali pegi bahahaha. Yang paling excited ni sbb nak stay dekat Legoland Hotel. Ni mmg excited to the brim. Bukan anak je excited, mak pak pun sama lol.

Ok la gtg. Gonna fetch Sara from school and Adib from bbsitter. And later tonite, am gonna cook for dinner bebeh.

Bye peepols!

p/s: layan gambar the kids before (x)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

No more

Ranting and raving about none of my business.


Tomorrow is Friday and I am super glad about it. Can't stop thinking about the long weekend ahead. Will make sure the weekend will be well spent. I promise.

I feel a bit lethargic. And sleepy. I don't know. Perhaps I have few things to juggle in a short period of time. Banyak fikir sangat kot haha. My to-do-list is piling up. From work to house chores. Semua nak masuk dalam list. Ye lah nanti lupa pulak. The thing is when I have so many things to do I don't know where to start. Which part I should start with. Yes. I am like that. Think I need to sort things out and get going. Kalau tak sampai ke sudah kerja tak siap.

So I shall start with.
1. Buang kasut2 lama dekat shoe rack.
2. Sort out Sara's old clothes to make room for her new clothes. Penuh dah her closet sampai tak muat nak masuk baju2 baru. Box dah beli dah.
3. Buat filing << W
4. Continue simulation and writing << M

I am pestering MM to take us somewhere outside KL & Selangor. A real holiday. Kalau setakat 1-2 nights stay in hotel dekat2 tu tanak la. I want to go somewhere to rejuvenate. Somewhere fun. Somewhere nice. Ah. Just somewhere.

I miss retail therapy. Dah lama kot tak shopping betul2. Erk? Ye ke? Ye la kalau setakat beli groceries, pampers, books, toys etc bukan la retail therapy kan namanye. Pastu asyik shop online je. Literally all my baju termasuk baju raya came from online shopping. Ah baru tersedar! Tbh, retail therapy in my definition is beli baju, seluar, kasut, etc2. I like that. Macam dulu-dulu. Macam zaman shop til you drop gitu. Tapi skrg nak buat camtu tak boleh la. You crazy? Mau kena sekeh ngan MM. Haha.
Btw, weekend ni nak beli seluar. Murah je 2 for 80. Pastu nak beli new car seat for Adib. He's been using Sara's car seat for a while and it has outgrown him. Dah besar si comel tu.

And off course, lova lova pavlova!

Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Oh ini kelakar.
Like orang cakap "funny-funny thing"? Yikes.
But not for me.
Apa yang orang CAKAP BEHIND MY BACK is not a funny thing to me. It matters.
Like, apehal?

I don't remember ever mention ANY ONE or ANY SPECIFIC NAME in my blog. Except MM, Sara and Adib. I write random stuff.

Yes I did curse in my blog.
I write what I think. I write what I feel. I write what I wanted to.
Because, we are all entitled to our own opinion.
It is how you expressed your opinion.
Tapi aku tak mengumpat.
Aku tak pergi cerita kat orang.
Takde keje.
Bcos I know very well bila kita cerita kat orang, the tendency untuk satu dunia tahu itu sangat tinggi. Even those people swear to God tak cerita kat orang, u can count on me, I am the most trusted person on earth, I am your bestest buddy kan takkan la mesti la I simpan rahsia you bla bla bla all bluff. And knowing some ppl, will simply add in sugar salt pepper to spice up the taste.
It happens la.
Tapi bukan semua mcm tu. Some people, I said S O M E.

Tak sangka kan? Ada orang perasan I write about dia. Dia cakap I said dia is gemuk? Ah pulak. Did I mention the name? Kalau ye pun aku tulis, kenapa nak berperasangka kalau anda bukan orang itu? Kenapa nak terasa and accuse and make it a point to pick a fight? Hoh?

Of how certain people think.

Again, I write what I write.
You read if you like. You puke lah if you dislike.
Oh come on. Grow up.

Pastu you spread the negative saying and words to the others. So that people will be on your side.
Tak kisah la. It works nothing to me. Takde kesan.
Kesian la.
Seriusly kesian.

I ne'er talk bad about ppl. Not that I knew of. Sebabnya satu je. I don't want the same thing to happen to me.
Tapi Alhamdulillah sangat. Maybe sbb ada yang tak suka kita and suka umpat2 kita tu la Allah dah mudahkan my life. Limpahkan kami rezeki yang melimpah ruah. Tiap2 tahun holiday oversea. Setahun berapa kali dapat bawak anak2 naik flight, pegi sana sini. Hidup pun happy je. Allah permudahkan semua urusan. Because yes, we don't bother about others. We are grateful for what we have. Mungkin sebab tu orang dengki kita. Well, take it on the positive side.

Ape2 je la. Tak pernah fikir pun. Tapi since dah dengar ni, nak kena clarify lah sikit. Mana lah tau tuan punya badan yang buat cerita tu baca blog ni. Sbb katanya datang kutuk2 dia dari blog ni. Sebab tu dia gaduh dengan I.

Tapi sebenarnya BUKAN!

Ha. Lainkali nak tau cerita sebenar kena dengar dari dua2 belah pihak. Lagi elok kalau dua2 orang tu duduk berdepan. I like that!
Truth be told, i pun tak tau sebab apa. Cos i never pick a fight with anyone. I kawan je semua. 

Aku transparent je. I like what I like. Kalau tak suka mmg aku tunjuk. And mmg aku cakap.

Cuba audit sikit. Kenapa kita tak suka orang?
As far as I am concern, aku takde pun tak suka kau. Tak de pun cari pasal. Mcm tiba2 kau tak suka. Kan? Dah kenape?

Ha ni mmg kelakar.

Mungkin camtu kot. We'll never know why people dislikes us. Or hate us? or loathe. Whatever the level of tak suka is. Kan? Cam tetiba tak kawan.
Suka hati la. Masing-masing dah besar. Ngeh.

By the way, Allah knows best.
Kau jawap la di akhirat nanti fitnah2 yang kau dah buat kat orang. Cerita2 tak betul yang dah kau spread kat orang.
Its you, and Allah.
On my side, I consider it as done. Aku redha.

Kalau mcm I, tak puas hati ke I prefer to confront and tanya depan2. Pastu solve. Done. Buatpe nak leret2. Pastu after years, masih lagi nak bercerita dengan orang.

Prinsip aku senang je.
Aku tak kacau orang, and i expect ppl do the same.

And alasan tak boleh terima satu lagi yang diberitahu, sebab suka dekat seseorang yang rapat dengan aku? yikes. That! Ha ni yang nak tanya ni betul ke tak?
Ini memangggggggggggggggggggggggggg beyond my imagination.
Biar betul, with your status and that?
Oh. Aduh!

Yang ni mmg tak boleh diterima akal.

Terkedu kami dengar.


Nursing cover VS nursing blouse

Okay how to start with?

Harini kan gaji. Eh semalam. Haha. Buat-buat lupa pulak. I always have this kind of "love-hate" relationship with payday, as a matter of fact ramai kot orang macam tu. Perasan tak apparently our pay cheque ni macam transit je dekat acc kita pastu ntah mana2 dia pegi. Or mungkin aku sorang je kot. Haha. #sosad. Sebab tu selalu mcm buat2 tak tau bila hari gaji. Sebab konon nak bagi duit tu lama sikit la dalam account. Boleh ke gitu? Ape2 je lah. So my common practice is I do not straight away pay the bills. So merasalah kaya sekejap. Cam poyo je kan. #bitingnails

Speaking of which, sebenarnya ternampak nursing blouse yang cantik ni. Online. Since I am a "full-time-nursing-mom" and I bf in public so I think why don't I buy more nursing blouse. It is a good investment anyway. I have 4 pieces to date. And I have a nursing cover too, which I rarely use. But the thing is I already have a nursing cover kan pastu nak lagi nursing blouse dah kenape? Motif? Saja la tu nak membazir. Haha. But in my defense, the blouse in on sale now and it is not pricey, not at all. Tapi kalau asyik pakai nursing blouse je what would happen to my other baju? Bila nak pakai? Hah sudah.

Fidgety sangat nih.

Camne eh?

Fikir lagi.

Ok bye.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hv settled everything needed to be done. Baju dah basuh n sidai, lunch is ready. Sara je dah makan while hubs n me waiting for adib to have his nap baru nk makan. I dont feel like going out today. I want to just stay at home and laze around. Sbb its sunday and tmrw we'll be working. Lagipun smlm dah keluar. Neway, Mak and abah hd been staying with us for 2 weeks+ when MM was nor around so during the duration asyik bangun lambat je. Sbb adib will be stay at home. Hantar sara je pegi school. But tmrw back to routine. Before 7:30 dah kena keluar rumah dah. Oh. That.

Nothing much. Nak upload gambar adib and sara during yestrday's outing sebenarnya. My initial plan was to try out pavlova dkt coffee planet tapi pegi pun dah lambat, sempat dinner at the usual place little penang pastu take away roti kopi at papparich n some pancake at PHOP while sara had 2 rounds of little dino ride, train n carousel with adib pastu headed home. Slalu pegi ioi dkt2 nak tutup dah ��. Tak sempat beli apa2. Btw smlm ada nampak a brown pant 2 for rm80 cantik tp dah nak tutup jugak. Tak kira next week nak beli juga! Heh. 
Tak sabar nak tunggu next week. Rejuvenate time! Hehe.

Ok these are the photos from yesterday.

Adib yang cool and ceria

Sara n her lil dino. Acara wajib ni.

My 2 heroes. Ni pun acara wajib

Mama & Sara

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jumbled up

Tomorrow MM will arrive from Sao Paulo. Can't wait. After two weeks, inshaAllah he's finally home. He is now on his way from SP to London, transit for 5 hrs and proceed frm London to KLIA for another 14 hours. InshaAllah will arrive soon at 7:35a.m the next morning. Pray for a safe flight. Amin.
And since last night, we texted each other right until before his boarding sampai masuk dalam plane. Around 3 am jugaklah i managed to sleep !_! Btw I can feel his "impatientness" to be home. Nak jumpa sara n adib lagi. Hehe. So cute.

Now that Sara is in the phase of reading, almost every night i do phonics exercise with her. Idk. Knowing sara, dia mmg kuat ingatan. She can easily remember things / people / kejadian. Tapi part alphabet ni, kadang2 ada few words yang dia tak ingat. Kalau math senang je ajar. Maybe she's not into alphabet. But somehow we could not skip and take it not seriously because she has to know the 3Ms before she starts primary school. So i teach her phonics and sit with her to do homework. Boleh nampak la kalau dia tak minat, after like 10-15 minutes, even a tiny little thing pun can attract or astray her attention. Sabar je la. Takpe, learning takes time and energy. Tapi sara ni cerdik and fast learner. Cantik pulak tu. (motif? Sesi memuji hehe). she's just a wee bit shy. 

Adib pulak dah pandai suka2 bila orang agah dia. He can now grab things using his hand. N at 3 months n 2 weeks dia dah boleh meniarap. Oh boy. Alhamdulillah for the progress. Comel sangat budak ni. Habis la puji anak sendiri lagi. And oh for record, at 3rd month he is 6.3 kg. wahaha. So my decision on ssc purchase (i managed a slot for BES sesame street pre order) is a wise one. Tak sabar nya nak tunggu ssc tu sampai. 

And me? Nothing much perhaps. Just that i have grown another year older, andhopefully another year wiser and nicer and prettier haha. My aim for this year is to finish my master soon and if possible by this year. Lets get it over and done with. Next year ke nak sambung phD inshaAllah.. *impian tu*

Ok lah tu je. 
I will write more soon.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

From a tiny little thing

Marah sangat harini. I couldnt help it. I wanna scream and write so many unkind word right now on someone's fb status but its not appropriate to do such thing. I know. It will not look nice especially with that I am a lady, a wife and mother, and such.

I need someone to talk to. I need to tell the whole story to someone. I wish. Tapi tak boleh. I am tired of keeping it to myself. Letih. Psycho aku rasa. 

Kat sini pun i dont know what to write. I am so depressed i wanna cry. 

Knowing my husband, dia mmg sgt gigih, especially with the things yang dia suka. Mcm electronics ni lah. Its his favorite stuff. Its his passion. Berapa kali nak suruh quit tapi tak juga berjaya. Macam masa awal2 dia join benda ni during yesteryears i lah yang paling menyampah sekali. Asal topic ni je mula la nak perang. Benci sangat lah. As time flies, i am sort of getting used to it. Most likely getting used to the situation. Sbb it surely takes up ur time and energy. Lama lama dah malas nak layan rasa tak suka tu, and i begin to accept it unconditionally. 

Bila dah start my hubster involved with asc, wsc ni it requires him to travel, a lot. Pegi bengkel la, competition la, etc etc. jauh pulak tu. mmg kami kena tinggal la. Its hard to comprehend at first. Tapi slow2 dah boleh accept. Dah boleh faham. And so sara pun dah faham bila ayah pergi work jauh and mama, i have to handle the kids.

Tapi kesian my husband. These thing that he favor the most has taken its toll on him. Bukan sebab apa yg dia buat, but the person surrounded him itself. Banyak sangat politic and people who simply like to take advantage on others. People like this, mmg wujud and ramai kan?  Pastu org lain pulak mcm tak tau apa2 but nak jugak cakap. U crazy? Benda ni yang driving me insane for these past few days. Sometimes i went berserk because of this. Sebab kesian sangat looking at my husband's punya workload padahal he is not supposed to be the one to do the particular task. Patut kerja tu orang lain buat tapi dia yang kena buat sbb the fella did not know and dont bother to ask but the work has to be done. And those fella pulak mmg takde pun rasa guilty ke ape.

Ntah lah i dont know what to say. There's nothing i could do pun. I dont want to act  to harm anyone. I am not like that. But this is matters to me and surely i cant easily forgive and forget. 

I rest my case.

Skrg ni all hail to my husband and his student je. Kalau menang pun it is solely my husband and his student's effort. No other .

I think i should end this post instantly. It is not nice to curse, i know i know. But i couldnt help it ya allah. This is my only source, after my husband. And this is my 'shoulder to cry on', after my husband.

After all, i miss my hubster. A lot.
Come back soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Oh blog

Lama tak update blog kan? It has been 22th day of Ramadhan. How's yours so far? Mine was great. Alhamdulillah everything goes well, as you know this year I am fasting with a toddler and a baby, breastfeeding and expressing milk at the same time. I hope my milk supply would maintain sbb skrg dah mcm malas2 nak pam. Huhu. Sekali je pam. Kalau rajin 2 kali. And the rest, direct feeding adib je. Oh boi pray hard pray hard lps raya ni kena power pumping la before get back to work. Susu drop is one of the biggest nightmare for bf mom. No No. 
I have no special tips. So far alhamdulillah susu cukup. Adib minum pun kenyang. I had 5 pcs of kurma during sahur, performance drink+esp, makan nasi berlauk, drink milo or tamar cocoa and plenty of plain water.
For breaking fast pun sama. Mkn nasi or anything, with kurma, tamar cocoa / milo and plenty of plain water.
Tahun ni 2 kali berbuka dgn buffet ramadhan. 1st with my brother n SIL dkt Bangi Golf Resort. RM 55/pax is consider the cheapest buffet ramadhan compared to others. They've got variety of choices. Ada satay, kambing golek tu wajib la kan, and many more. Puas hati lah. Tapi orang pun ramai sangat n dishes yang best2 cepat je habis. The queue was long enough. Affordable price aint it, its what you can expect.

And last week we went for another buffet at PICC for RM 88/pax. Its only 4 of us. Our small family. Lebih tenang, and tak hustle mcm dkt BGR. Orang pun tak ramai sangat. Meja pun tak full. I
Like it even more here. Sesuai la utk yg bawa anak kecil. The food were varies from western, noodle soups, kampung cravers, too many to mention. I read somewhere they have 300 types of dishes. Banyak kan. Haha. Kambing, satay, haruslah ada kan. Had their signature nasi beriani and it was good!

Ok. Food checked. Now the kids.

She had her first hari raya photo session yesterday at school. So cute. I'd love to see her amongst her friends. she's always the petite one in her classes that makes her noticable. Obviously la kan she's my daughter. 

Looks healthy and I presumed he is gaining another kg. haritu 2 months he was 5.3kg. Next jab would be on the 27th july (save the date) and can't wait to weight him. 
I am saving up for the jumpsac i've been drooling on. We need one, for Adib. Sebab all the gears he's been using are from his sisters'. Stroller kakak punya, car seat kakak punya, bouncer kakak punya. Poor little tyke. So mama decided you could have one which is solidly yours. Jumpsac jumpsac be mine :)

My maternity leave is less than 3 weeks to over. Rasa mcm nak cuti je lagi. Aduh. Be able to stay at home with your kids is every mom's dream. Mine as well. I hope to do so, one day. One fine day. 

Ok dah. Ptg ni gonna pick up kuih raya n iftar kat luar. I requested ioi citymall but Sara insists on going to Jusco. Ada apa di jusco tu nak oi.. Tiap2 minggu nak gi jusco nih. 

Ok till then.