Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sara the Brainees :)

This is the final year Sara in BrainyBunch Semenyih. Time flies. My little girl is going to finish her preschool life soon. Being the state of mom, I realize how important the childhood (read:preschool) moments for my daughter to reminisce when she's grow up. I hope she will always remember her childhood experience and those happy moments she had especially during her preschool years. Alhamdulillah, as parents we are beyond happy knowing that she's having a great time at BBIM and honestly we never, not even once, regretted our decision of sending her off to BBIM. It is a wise decision indeed. Alhamdulillah.

Her aunties took loads and bunches of pictures of Sara and her friends during her years in BBIM. I am still keeping all of them because I love them. Who doesn't love seeing their kid's in action? Especially when they are away from us? I just love all her pics. Credit to the aunties.

Worrying I might lose those photos, so I think I should keep them all. Not just in phone, laptop (I have no confident with gadget I'm afraid I might lose them) so I choose to keep them in my blog instead. And my other plan is to create an email for Sara so I can write to her, send her pictures and videos and when she's 12, I will handover the email and password to her. I'm sure she will be pretty amazed! Sara kan loves suprises. :)

Okay enough of rambling. Here's the compilation of photos. I guess some of them are 2015's.

From the latest (Oct 2016: Doing Art)

Math class with Aryana

Precious moment. Get together with bff. Aunty Ain took both of them to KFC for lunch after extra class on  Sat 22.10.16

Extra class

Merdeka Day Celebration at school 2016
Dapat present from aunties sbb dpt jawab soalan quiz

Art. yes she loves art

Exam for 6 y.old (English)

Exam (math) SEP 2016

yuuuhuuuuuuuu exam is over

My battery is running low. Will continue in Part 2.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Our brave girl

Sara Hana is a brave girl. The story began like this. Last week her girl friend told her that there is a boy who like her. The boy apparently told the girl himself that he likes Sara. And of course, my daughter was gobsmacked. Haha. I know I know. The kind of feeling you have when you heard / know someone had a crush on you. Aww that was so sweet.

My daughter came home and told us (of course she has to). She told me first before her dad. I don't really remember when but I guess it is before we sleep because we normally "main cerita-cerita" when we are in the bed just before we sleep. The conversation was more likely macam ni,.

Sara  : Mama nak tau tak, Amirah kan dia bgtau Sara, A.H suka Sara...
Mama : Wahhhh ye ke? *super excited please*
Sara   : Ye la. Dia cakap kat amirah *senyum*
Mama : Ye ke dia cakap mcm mana?
Sara   : Ala, dia cakap suka sara la... Amirah ckp A.H bgtau dia "I suka Sara"
Mama : *Gelak2* Wahhh.. kenapa dia suka sara?
Sara   : Sara mana tau (her usual word). Dia tak cakap.
Mama : Ooo..  Mesti la sebab Sara cantik, comel, baik. Nanti Sara suruh la amirah tanya kenapa dia                suka Sara. hehe
Sara  : ye la esok sara tanya. 
Mama : Hehe. Wahhh A.H. 
Sara  : Sara rasa haritu dia nampak sara mekap. sbb tu la dia suka Sara. *dalam hati ada taman*
Mama : Sara kan suka AM. Sape yang suka A.H tu?
Sara : Ar_ suka A.H tapi AH tak suka dia. Sara tak suka A.H. 

Haha. So that's more less my conversation with Sara about the crush. 

And ever since the day she told us about the crush thingy, dia punya melawa nak pergi school tu is "intolerable". She wear lipstick and a light make up to school, and she became extra particular about her hair and appearance. 
And on Friday last week, I thought the crush thingy is almost sorted because she came to me and tell this.

Sara : Sara dah tanya dah A.H kenapa dia suka Sara.
Mama : Ye ke?? Dia kata apa dia kata apa??? *in shocking and super excited mode*
Sara : Dia tak tau kenapa dia suka Sara.
Mama : La ye ke? dia kata tak tau? Sara tanya camne?
Sara : Sara tanya la dia "Kenapa u suka I?" Dia jawab tak tau. Dia geleng kepala.
Mama : Ala dia malu la tu.. 
Sara : tu la Sara tak tau kenapa dia suka Sara. *still wondering tak puas hati*

Haha, you see. Don't mess with ma lil girl ok. She will go hunting for an answer until she's satisfied. But for now, no luck with the answer. 

And that's the 1st and 2nd episode. Apparently I heard more from her. I guess I am very lucky that my daughter shares her joy, stories and experience at school with us. And of course as parents, We have to be aware and look after her closely, physically and emotionally. She's growing up and she will experience more in the future.

And of course this post deserve a special entry on its own. I hope Sara will read it someday, when she's a grown up. 

Sara ooh Sara! this one is for you. mama nak sara baca nanti tau. hehe

I love you Baby girl!

Mama Sara

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Where do I start?

1. I have, in fact too many unpublished posts. I'd initiate the writing, but most of the posts ended up in a draft folder. I hope this one will get to be published.

2. I think I am a psychotic goth. Sara is only 6 and I have started to worry about how / where she will 'stay' when she starts secondary school. I don't think it is wrong to be worried right. I am her mom I have the right and reasons to be worried. My husband must have thinks I am weird. It's still years to go I know I know but I can't help it. Bummer.

3. I've settled for new shoes for my convocation. Tudung je belum ada. Tomorrow perhaps.

4. Oh yeah happy birthday to me. So I am 34, technically. But I feel I am way younger.

5. Mak and Abah is now in madinah since 9th Aug for pilgrimage (Haji) and inshaAllah they will be brought to Mekah tomorrow (Thursday) for Ihram. We pray that they will be in a good health to perform the hajj and that they will rewarded with 'haji mabrur'. Aamiin. And oh they will be back on 25th Sept. InshaAllah. Can't wait. I miss them. I think Sara misses her Wan too because she keeps on asking when wan will be back etc etc. Hehe.

6. A little update about the kids.
She's doing well. Her reading (english and bahasa) is mind-blown. Phew. Alhamdulillah the progress was pretty quick. She needs more practice on Math. Because I noticed dia mcm dah ada lupa2 sikit, Iqra pun ok. She's now in book 3. Catching up pretty fast too. Skrg dah nak masuk "dhommah".

This one little guy ni mmg lasak sangat but yet pretty much sweet and friendly. He is such a darling. Peramah dia ni. Kalau pegi makan ke apa ke semua orang lah dia nak sapa n tegur, of course in his own way. Going to 1 year 4 m soon, now he can eat family food. In fact he eats almost everything. But there is always a limit. Well you know me. I am food-freak like that. Still on mom's milk, alhamdulillah.

7. Our Disneyland trip is just around the corner. Few things need to be done before end of the month
    i. Hotel booking
    ii. Disneyland tickets

Ok I gotta go.

Publish! Hehe.

Friday, June 24, 2016


I have a confession to make.


I am a lousy mom!

I am not an early riser. 

My favorite word is "Cepat! Cepat!" 
Bcos I always almost late. And morning is always in a hurry. Morning at home is always a chaos. Especially now, with 2 kids! Ape ni???? Shame on you Suhana. Sigh!

I am nor a morning person neither a night person. I am only at my full pace during mid-day (after 9a.m) and early night. 

I always wanted to sleep early so that I can get up early. But I fail both! I just love to sleep. And so lazy to wake up. Sayang sangat tido tu hoih!

I was/am known as a committed person. My Master supervisor praised me (been told this by his phd student), he said I was his best student yada yada, my superior always labeled me as benchmark (when it comes to submission and dateline I mmg tip top phewwe), i can finish my task even before the due date, I (plan to) work to perfection and i will stressed out the latter. Haha!! See? How great was that?!

Great!?????!!?!??! Puihhhhhhhh

NO! Not great at all! Booo!!!

Because at the end of the day, too many to juggle between.

And I am still a lousy mom. Lousy lousy lousy!

I have to change! 

Change! Ubah! Sila berubah sebelum kena ketuk diri sendiri.

To a more productive, to efficiently manage time and work (stuff at home especially), to sleep less but still energetic, and most importantly to be an early riser!!!! Boleh boleh boleh mesti boleh! Kena paksa diri supaya boleh! 

Selamat berubah!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adib's milestone

There you go. Presenting our 1 year 1.5 month old tyke. He is such a sweet darling sangat kan. Senyum tu geram sangat.

Ala sebenarnya smlm dah add new entry. Tapi tak sempat save. So today I have to recall what I have written yesterday. Tough jugak tu. ;(

So this entry was intended to update Adib's development to date, for our own record. Nanti kalau agak2 tak ingat bila adib start boleh cakap, boleh jalan, boleh refer to blog je. Senang kan? Hehe.

1. Adib dah boleh jalan sepenuhnya, I mean without any support. Rajin berjalan dia ni. Kejap sana kejap sini. Dalam rumah tu mmg duduk tak diam langsung la. Jalan sikit + merangkak phase was over. Gaya berjalan pulak mcm berlari pun ada. Paling kelakar bila sambil nangis sambil jalan. So cute. Pastu sambil jalan hulur tangan nak suruh orang dukung,

2. Sangat clingy especially to mama. Ni bila balik rumah je mmg mama je la segala-galanya. Mama hilang sikit mula la nangis. Takut sangat mama dia hilang. Btw I've read somewhere bila baby dah 8months dia akan mula sedar yang he and his mother is no longer a sole entity. Sbb tu dia mcm risau bila diorang tak nampak mak diorang. I guess its true tho. Sbb dulu adib cam ok je kalau mama kat dapur ke mandi ke. Elok je dia. Adib oo Adib. 

3. Giginya sudah 3. Dua kat bawah, 1 atas. Yey!

4. Kesinambungan dari #3. Sejak2 ada gigi ni bukan main banyak dia makan. Almost most of the time he will ask for food. Kejap2 roti, pisang, biskut, kerepek ikan pun dia makan. Keropok ikan, roti bakar, etc. I had introduced whole egg since he was 1 year 1 month. Baru berani bagi whole egg. Sbb masa 1 year try egg yolk and he was ok with it, no reaction (rashes,etc). Oat pun baru try after 1 year. Tu pun organic oat. And now that he can eat oat, pasta, so he menu can be varies. He loves creamy pasta the most. Laju je makan. Kalau bubur, i still blend bagi hancur sikit. Kadang2 bagi bubur dgn sup. He ate everything. Not a fussy eater alhamdulillah. 

5. Still breastfeed. Alhamdulillah. Walaupun susu cukup2 makan alhamdulillah it is enough for him. Mama usahakan juga utk pam bagi cukup 4 botol sehari and nak top up frozen EBM. May Allah ease our breastfeeding journey sampai 2 tahun ye Adib.. InshaAllah. Bersyukur atas rezeki.

6. He has started to speak. His vocab is developing. I guess he picked up the word here and there. The common words tu dia dah faham. Such as
Duk - duduk
Nak - nak (ni bila nk minta apa2 atau food)
Tak - letak
tup - tutup
ish - fish
bird - bird
ball - ball
bah - refer to ayah
dede - didi and friends
kakak - kakak (amongst the earlier word discovered)
mama - mama
dap - sedap

..and thats all I can recall for now. Nanti tambah lagi.

7. Kalau tak nak pandai geleng kepala, and say no (sambil buat tangan no no no)

8. Ok ni kelakar. Haritu masa everyone stayed kat depan, Adib sorang2 pegi dapur. And came back with a piece of biscuit. Tak tau mcm mana dia pegi ambik biscuit tu, and mcm mana dia boleh bukak bekas tu. So clever.
Lagi satu, rajin sangat ni konon nak simpan baju dia dalam drawer. Dia ambik baju dalam bakul pastu masukkan dalam drawer. I was in the kitchen atm. Pastu dengar mcm dia jerit2. Masa nak tutup drawer tu dia tertutup dgn tangan dia skali. Mau tak jerit. Luckily the drawer jenis yang plastic tu. Haha. Kesian betul.

9. Pandai main dgn kakak. And suka kacau kakak doing her homework. Suka sangat rebut barang dengan kakak. Kuat pulak tu. Its like what's mine is mine! Haha.

Ok I guess I've write a lot. Disudahi dengan gambar subject utama entry ni. 

Salam Ramadhan ke 10. 

Mama Sara Adib.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Melt down

What would u feel?
Bila orang ckp straight to your face mcm ni
Kau sama je mcm org lain.
Takde beza satu pun.
Kau nak pleased org jugak.
Cakap konon tak suka itu tak suka ini tapi sebenarnya kau just sama mcm org lain.

It is like a shot in the head.
And u're dead.

Mungkin ye. Some ppl are typical. Perhaps we are all just the same. But I guess ya. Ada hati ada perasaan ada emosi ada rasa marah happy sedih frust kecewa etc etc etc. 
Apa yang tak sama nye?
Sama je kan?
Typical lah tu.

So, ok lah.
Maybe aku typical.
Pasni aku typical aje lah. Hehe.

Copy paste msg kat whatsapp
Tiru apa yg org lain buat
Bawak potluck 
Pegi "T"

Org yg non-typical tu sebenarnya mcm mana?
Ntah i can't differentiate. 
Kalau typical n typo tau lah nk diff.
Maybe dgn menjadi "loner"  or a non-mingle then yes u are non-typical.
Kalau camtu baik jadi loner je lah. So u wont be a typical.

Rather than being your own self.

Kalau typical tu means, takde identity ke?
Oh bugger.
The more u question the dumber u feel you are. Bcos the answer seems miles away of your reach.

In a nutshell, typical or not, yg penting org tak tau apa dlm hati kita. Allah knows best. Peace yo ✌🏻️✌🏻


Monday, May 16, 2016

Come quick, weekend!

Hello Monday.

Lamanya tak update blog. I presume once I am done with research and theses, I should be able to write more often. Konon macam dah free sikit la kan. Tapi tak jugak. Work is piling up. Things (read: human being) at home are.. developing?? Haha, I guess. Anak-anak ni makin membesar makin mencabar betul. Hoih, tiring sangat. Adib is growing now that he is a toddler. Rajin sangat aih si kecik ni. He just could not stay quiet or still at one particular place, and Sara, she is such a darling. But sometimes being too demanding I could not cope. Memang mencabar kesabaran yang senipis kulit bawang ni. hehehe. Hubster selalu cakap, nanti mama akan menjadi "mak---- lampir". Hampeh kan. Not helping. Nonetheless, this blog; being one of the source of "Our-memories-to-reminisce", will keep on updating. InshaAllah. I will not stop blogging. Selagi masih ada daya dan diIzinkan Allah.

Okay what should I write about.

Okay. Run out of words.

Can I just upload the photos instead?? ;p

Summing up pretty much of our activities during April and May 2016. Boleh gitu? Huhu.

And oh before I forgot, we are going for a short holiday to B. Looking fwd to it. Had our passport mode ON. Hehe. InshaAllah, Our flight would be an early flight on Saturday and will come back on Monday. Yeah, pretty short I tell you. Pray for a safe and happy journey, Amin..

Okay so back to here.

1. Celebrated Adib's 1st birthday dekat rumah Wan kat kedah. Just a simple celebration. Beli kek makan anak beranak pastu petangnya Wan & Tok tempah and hantar packed bihun goreng ke Masjid utk jemaah solat Asar, baca doa selamat for three of them cucu; Sara, Adib and Baby Kai (anak Acu).

2. Summing up weekend at Alamanda. Sara now is a big fan of Shopkins. She has total of 46 shopkins in her collection to date. Siap ada mini rak shopkins lagi. hehe. Adib pulak peminat balloon. Ala ballon yang cartoon2 tu. Kalau nampak mula la tunjuk2 sambil cakap "nak, nak"

3. Ambik gambar ni sebab nak tunjuk gigi. Nampak segala bijih Adib oih. Hehe. :P

4. Last weekend (14 Mei 2016). Masa ni nak pergi rumah atok and rumah Acu, visiting baby Kai.

5. Hari yang sama. Dekat IOI. Naik ni dah mcm acara wajib huhu. What a tiring day. Dari pagi sampai malam kat luar. Balik singgah IOI sbb Sara requested to buy Shopkins kakak. Sampai tertido2 dalam kereta. 

6. On sunday, which is yesterday decided to JUST STAY AT HOME sbb saturday dah keluar and penat. But MM pulak ajak brunch. Off we go to Bangi Gateway sebab nak makan dekat Teh Tarik Place. I had their signature Mee Goreng Mamak and MM had mee kari. Sara had mihun singapore and Adib, of course with his home made food. hehe. Tapi rasanya mihun singapore TT Place dekat Mines lagi sedap la. Kat sini mcm kering. Lepas tu pusing2 cari tudung. Sara dapat 1, mama beli instant tudung sarung at Qaira Hijab. 

7. Lepas tu petang sambung buat card for the aunties of BBIM. Sara had so much fun as she loves craft so much. Alhamdulillah, by 6 pm we're done with this Teacher's Day Card. =)

8. Malam, while waiting for MM to tapau milo ais, layan budak2 dua orang ni main kinetic sand. Haa sepah sepah japgi kemas eh!

Okay so that was it! 

16 May 2016. Sara is 6 years of and is in final year at BBIM TPS. Happy Teacher's Day to all aunties of BBIM!! With lotsa LOVE

Sara Hana

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sara & Adib


A quick one of them updates.

1. Sara had her final sports day with bbim (she's 6 this year) and next year onwards she'll be joining the primary school hari sukan inshaAllah. Here's some of the captured memories during her sports day. It was held at taman wetland putrajaya on 9th mar 2016.

Other than that, alhamdulillah she's healthy and doing good. She's indeed an awesome kakak and daughter. I love her so much.

With Ariana

Sara & amirah

Sara, Aunty Ain, Aunty Siti

Us :-)

2. Ok Adib pulak. So far at 11 month week 3, 
- gigi belum keluar tapi dah nampak dah 2 yg bawah tu
- he can stand up on his own and headed 2 steps (max)
- can feed himself (biscuit, steamed fruits)
- able to express his feeling; suka, marah, frustrated, geram, and excited. 
- had his first pool swimming duRing our stay at Bangi putrajaya hotel last month
- and oh recently he had his babysitter switched. Now he is with babysitter Umi. Alhamdulillah he's coping well. 
- suka senyum. Pandai berebut dgn kakak, esp books, toys and food
- pandai nak manja
- loves ballon. Kalau nampak ballon kat kedai mesti tunjuk2 haha
- playful sangat. Loves steering and suka sangat naik motor pagi2 n ptg dgn ayah.
- had his first hair cut
- suka panjat chair / sofa 
- suka pakai kasut n today i saw him trying to put his shoes on. Haha. So cute.

My handsome boy

I ended with the pictures of two of them. The bonded siblings. So much love. Tabarakallah anak2 mama.

Anak2 dah tido. Now its my turn.
"Mornite" world.

Urs truly