Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love, Rosie

So I "sneaked out" to watch Love, Rosie last night. Yeah, seriously! :)

Managed to send Sara to bed around 11:30 and without dilly-dallying I wrapped myself around in front of the telly and waited patiently for the 12 midnight show of L,R on Astro Best which I purchased earlier that day. How adventurous was that? Cool huh? Yeah I know it's hard for us, mom, to have our so-called "me-time" albeit once in a while. Ain't no easy man! In my defense I used to (have to) stay up after midnight to complete my assignments, study for exams or even whip off papers ever since I have Sara. Have no guts to do all those things during her presence I'd rather put off my 'work' aside and enjoy a good cuddle with her which to me is priceless! Ala, all those works can wait kan?

So back to Love,Rosie. Omaigod I love the movie tremendously it was really sweet and adorable and amazing Lily and Sam are just nothing but perfect casts for the movie, just like how I imagined the character would be in the novel. I adore Alex *insert love love love emoticon here* and Rosie is amazingly cute and I just love the whole part of the movie it bores me NOT. Not at all. I've read the book apparently but well u'know it took me some time to finish (because I kinda like to switch my current reads from one to another now I have 3 books unfinished; the L,R, Shopaholic to the Stars and Now You Are a Mother) yeah I know I know my bad but after watching Love,Rosie last night I have some kind of a high motivation to finish the book. As if *lol*

So here's the trailer if you haven't watch it It is highly recommended! 5/5 rating! Not overrated I suppose.

But why on earth I just happened to know it recently? Pretty sure the movie is out for quite some time d. Whatevs, Better late than ne'er. ;)


Love, Hana :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Mom's weight : 57.5kg
Baby A's weight : 2.9kg
Amniotic level : 9.5
Baby position : close to engaged ��
CTG result : Good
Next check up : 27.4.15 (my EDD!! ��)

So yay. InshaAllah masih sempat untuk:
1. Mee goreng mamak @ orchid jusco cheras selatan
2. Sports day Sara 25.4.15

InshaAllah ada rezeki..

Monday, April 20, 2015


Did you noticed the ticker? It is 7 days to go and I suddenly have the nerves in my stomach. I don't know what to feel; instead of feeling heavier. I can't think of anything. I have no specific plan when it comes to labor. Guess I just go with the flow and tawakal and doa banyak pray for the best out of the best, aaminn. That's the only thing I can afford to, atm pun kan.
Well, during the last check up my OBG suggested for a CTG on the 39th week and most probably an induced delivery (again?) tomorrow if the baby's weight is stagnant for another week. To date, baby A has a weight of 2.8 kg which is fine with me. Sara was 2.7kg je pun dulu. Sebab tomorrow is too soon la I don't think I am mentally prepared enough (ada ke org ready nak bersalin?). Uwaaaaa!! Ya Allah takut pulak dah rasanya *cries and scream in my heart*. Tolong lah bertambah berat kamu baby A. Kita kan nak pegi sports day kakak on this 25th. InshaAllah... everything will be fine kan kan. 27th April won't be a long wait right. Speaking to my sub-conscious mind :)

On another note, I am a little worry about how Sara will react when the baby arrives. She has been very sensitive ever since. And pretty much clingy. She used to tell me that she likes to be having adik around tapi Sara sedih, tsk, tsk. *cries some more* I feel you sayang. Mama paham sangat. I yet foresee a major challenge; SCHOOL! Yes. She's never been to school without mama. Mesti nak mama hantar. Camane ni? Confinement lama kot 44 hari. And mama will be on maternity leave for 3 months. Hence we've gotta think of something. We have to find a way anyhoo. Just think! Think!

Nothing much on weekend. Since my parents arrive last Thursday I am glad I have an ample time to rest and lazing around. Not to mention, eat a lot. Habis la. Kalau berat baby tak naik, berat mamanya la yang naik. Noticing the "kembangness" in me so I make a hasty purchase of bengkung moden dengan harapan I will get my butt back in shape hahaha *lol* very soon after confinement. I used to wear the traditional bengkung yang lilit2 (Amway) tu during confinement of Sara but I found it was difficult to move around wearing it especially bila nak ke toilet. Terkial-kial kau. Haha. So modern that's it, should be easier. zap zap je and done!

Ok so work checked! Submitted everything. Tinggal nak cuti je ni haha. Master studies checked. Alhamdulillah my paper is on proceeding. Still loads to be completed but once the conference presentation was done it is a huge relieved yo! Glad I made it.

Happy monday! Have a day ahead =)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Her cuteness is so irresistable. I ❤️ yu sweetheart ��

Uploaded this earlier in my Youtube Channel. Dedicated to her overload cuteness. Mama adore you so much sweetheart! <<insert love icons here ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

38 and counting

Oh Don't get me wrong. I am not 38 years old. I am 38 weeks-pregnant to date. 2 more weeks to go.
Today nothing much. Did 3 round of laundry, sambil2 whipped up breakfast nasi goreng+sardin+telur as requested by Sara, daging masa hitam for lunch and vacuum the house. See, i feel like an octopus. Very multi tasking indeed. By 2pm most of the chores were done. MM was so kind today he helped me with the dishes and tolong sidai kain. Hehe. Lepas tu I suap Sara lunch and had lunch with MM the latter. Now that everyone is having a nap, I have a me time to indulge with before joining 'em. Blogging time! Yey!

So I'm done with the national conference. Alhamdulillah. It went well and I am glad that I decided to submit my paper at the first place and managed to get accepted for the conference. Conference-Checked! The major part of my master studies has been fulfilled. Now I can focus on phase 2 simulation, prototyping and testing, and..write up..pfft and finally Viva voce. Nah gambar kenangan. There was no photo during the presentation. Sbb pegi sorang2 je.

Oh Sara has almost recover from fever, flu and cough. It was heartbreaking to see your kid gets sick. She skipped school 3 days last week and inshaAllah she's fit and healthy to be going to school tomorrow. 
I've been reading this book to her since last 2 months. I belief we couldn't rely 100% to school so I we took the initiative to do it on our own. Yes, it takes a little time, energy, effort and mostly, patience. But it somehow works brilliantly. I read these book to her every night without fails (aloud) and now she managed to read it on her own! It was great. Brilliant. I dont really get the idea of how to teach kids to read; using phonics or sounding etc. kudos to the teachers. But I can say kids can recognise and memorize the word and the sound. So I bought some from the whole series and Sara loves it. Now we progressed with 2 books, and more to go. But the thing is it has to be consistent. Positive, together we will do it! Ok Sara. ��

Hmm i think i need a short nap too, before asar ni. Japgi nak pegi ioi city mall kot sbb i am a little crave for pancake with ice cream. Yummy! I am salivating yo. And dinner kat sana terus kot. 

Okbye from us! 

Monday, March 30, 2015


I feel lethargic recently. A lot heavier as baby A reaches 36 weeks. Didn't get enough sleep as I supposed to. By 11 a.m I feel like walking zombie dah menahan mata yang mengantuk ni. Sleepy head. Blame the hormones.

Last nite had a quickie shopping at IOI puchong. Nothing much. We had dinner at Pelita beforehand and then as we reached IOI Sara insisted that we go to Toys'r'us first. Ayat dia tak boleh tahan.. "Sara tak beli apa pun nak tengok je". How smart. She ended up buying her favorite Robocar figurine Amber and Roy. And then boleh pulak berkenan T-shirt Elsa+Anna from frozen dkt booth depan Toys'r'us tu.

We spend most of our time at Popular Bookstore. I still have my RM 250 book voucher whilst MM still have a balance of RM 100 so we thought we could splurge those bit. Sara was always the most excited when it comes to books. So we ended up with 5 books for her, a Love, Rosie for me and 1 for MM. Fair enough huh? Hahaha. That's what you can expect, more or less when you have a 'mini shopaholic'.

My one and only purchase tsk tsk

Oh, so we did went to cinema on Saturday. Had nasi lemak sambal udang for breakfast, which I prepared, pastu around 12 baru keluar rumah sebab movie pun start pukul 2. Booked the movie tickets via GSC online few days before. Guess what, those Cinderella movie was awesome. Cute je hero & heroin. Plus you get the10 minutes bonus of Frozen Fever at the beginning of the movie (that's the main reason we took her to the movie). The hall was full house in spite of the fact that everyone knows the whole Cinderella story and so the-happy-ending fairy tale. Twas fun though. Sara behaves very well indeed as we keep her occupied with popcorn and chicken meatball and iced milo until the scene yang Cinderella's stepmom broke her glass shoes and Sara started to cry towards the end of the show. Sebabnye nak tengok lagi. Dia memang cam gitu. Kalau cerita yang dia suka habis, mesti nangis sebab nak tengok lagi. Dia ingat mcm vcd kot boleh ulang tayang hehe.

Nasi lemak+sambal udang+telur dadar

Ni masa beratur nak beli popcorn
Home Living. Kalau datang IOI city mall wajib masuk sini. Feeling2 shopping perabut.

Then we chilled herself the latter with merry-go-round and mini train ride at the 3rd floor ke tak ingat. Apparently there are small amusement area for kids kat atas ioi citymall tu. Ok la. Lagi ada ice skating, bowling, rock climbing etc. And then had early dinner at Little Penang Cafe and quick shopping at Home Living and H&M. Sara beli kasut Elsa size 27 which is a wee big for her. Tapi nak jugak ;p. We reached home around 9pm like that. Penat.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tiara>>Satria>>Swift>>what's next? la la la

Finally. Kenderaan tiara telah kembali kepada tuannya. Sob sob. Hehe. What a statement. Apparently my dad took our Tiara back to kedah today. Tiara pun balik kedah yo. It's been soooo sooo long. Years. Sangat legend lah kereta tu. Dad bought the car when I was in Form 4 (back in 1998) during its first launch. Sebelum tu kereta kami hanyalah Fiat aje. Ala fiat petak the old school car that has the 'motorboat' kind of exhaust sound. Kuat gila bunyi ekzos fiat tu. Berdesing telinga kau. So merasalah kami kereta baru. Yay! Merasa juga lah datang KL interview scholar TNB sampai tercabut bumper depan tu ha. Haha. Memories.
And then after 4 years, the car bertukar tangan to me when I was in my 3rd year of studies at Uniten. Haha. Oldies jugak la. Masa tu tiara was very rare at Uniten (dan atas jalan). There were only 4 tiaras in Uniten at the moment, or so I thought. 3 of them owned by hot babes including yours truly *ehem ehem* and the other one was a guy. We recognized each other pulak tu tho we were not in the same batch / courses. Ya la kan dah kereta tu rare, ofcos la it was easy to be recognized. lol. So the car was with me throughout my 4 & half years of studies. And oh my dad bought another car; wira 1.6 beforehand.
So when I started working in Penang, I used my dad's car for 1 month plus camtu before I managed to get my very own car. My dream car; a Satria. I always love satria. When I was in Uni I have been drooling for satria. I pictured myself driving a satria and wow, it looks cool and chic. A girl in satria. Awesome! So tiara was passed to my brother when he studied in Shah Alam. Tapi sangat benci ok! Masa dia guna tiara tu he modified here and there so the car ain't no more in default condition. Dengan tukar ekzos bunyi kuat la ape la. Stress!! There was one time when we balik kampung driving those car dengan ekzos bising gila sampai migrain rasa. Bising sangat. Merasalah kau kena bebel dengan kakak all the way from KL to Kedah. 6 freaking hours yang gila annoying kot. Balik sampai kedah terus dia tukar balik to the original ekzos. I guess he either gets annoyed with the noise or dengar aku bebel haha. Nasib la.

Then after I got married, me n MM were still using those Satria sampai we decided to change for the better car. Nak merasa kereta import la pulak kan, since you are economically stable sikit. Alhamdulillah. so we stick to those swift kesayangan sampai la sekarang and decided to retain the car sampai habis bayar and bila-bila lah. InshaAllah ada rezeki lebih nanti we plan for a MPV or family car. Satria? Oh satria bertukar tangan lagi. It belongs to my brother now. Dia ambik and sambung bayar. And now the car is almost 1-year installment-free. Tapi tu la. Dah ape kebentuk aku tengok satria tu. Geraaaaaam je tengok. Modified sana-sini. Tak default langsung dah. He passed the tiara to me so MM and I were the unofficial "guardian" for tiara until yesterday.

So that was the whole story about tiara. Sayang sangat ni. Safe journey back home my tiara n abah with Amin. Semoga selamat sampai ke kedah. Gonna miss you. Pasni balik kedah boleh la mentiara di kedah pula :)

P/S: For record, our tiara is 17 years old to date. #legend =)

Monday, March 23, 2015


Adoi punya la malas harini ya ampun. I feel very sleepy, had backache and not-so-productive today. Ye la class dah habis I have no reason to rush things over and tak payah nak prepare teaching materials and whatnot lagi dah. Had heavy breakfast this morning tho; our favorite nasi kerabu perhaps it was one of contributor to the sleepiness. Ye ye je. So we decided to delay our lunch a bit late later on.

Padahal Friday haritu was so highly motivated and determined konon Monday would look into the reviewers comments and edit the conference paper accordingly. End up sampai half day I didn't do anything as per planned. Hampeh! Turned out because I wasn't able to access to the submission link since this morning. Nak masuk website COGS pun tak lepas-lepas ha apa cite? Banyak sangat kot orang nak access link tu sampai it is congested like that. After countless attempts using 3 different laptops finally I managed to access the link. Baru je pun around 12 tadi. Alhamdulillah. So I promptly print the documents that I was looking for and browsing thoroughly. At least ada jugak la progress harini. Harap2 petang or malam ni I could work it out and esok boleh resubmit. Positif!

Sara went to bed pretty late last night sebab she had 1hour+ nap in the evening. Managed to woke her up before 7. Kalau tak mau cranky and grumpy all night long. Boleh pulak she was so up and awake malam tadi macam2 nak ajak main pukul 11 malam. Lps tu by 12 nak pulak makan nasi. Adoi la. She's been acting like this for almost 1 month she wanted to eat nasi like every time before she go to sleep. Kalau tido tu pukul 10 ok la jugak kan. Sabar aje la.

Petang ni macam nak makan kueyteaw kung fu je. Dah lama kan tak masak kueytw kungfu. Teringin dah pulak.

Hubs ajak bawa Sara tgk Cinderella because he found out apparently there were appearance of Elsa & Anna from Frozen in the beginning of the movie. What a great idea. Sara has never been to cinema so this would be a great experience for her. And I love Cinderella tho. Boleh lah weekend ni. Geez. Can't wait! Boleh shopping buku skali since tomorrow we'll go to collect our voucher buku 1 malaysia at uni. Haha. best2. Belief it or not? Kami masih dapat voucher buku and kad siswa tau. Talking about being a student. Hehe...

Ok la later!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hari sabtu kami

Today as promised we took sara to avenue k for dinosaur at discoveria and later to blue coral aquarium at kl tower. Had fun. Tapi makcik kecik tu biasa la takut dinosaur gigit dia she refused to walk nak kena dukung je. But tell u what, the dinosaur looks real since they make it kind of moving and almost the same size of the real ones. 

Lepas tu pergi blue coral tgk fishes pulak. Found nemo omg it is so cute. But the place is pretty small but still plenty of fishes and hidupan laut can be seen. Ok la not bad. Kalau aquaria tu mcm penat kot nak berjalan. 

Had lunch in pelita. Pastu ingat nak tapau donuts at big apple tapi takde big apple dkt avenue k tu. H&m pun tak sempat masuk sbb sara tiba2 cranky perhaps she's a lil sleepy d. So dari avenue k terus kita ke kl tower. 

Before balik sempat tapau dinner at royale ampang. Been a while since we last had nasi royale ni. Didnt fancy much. Kalau kat kedah mmg tak layan la nasi royale we prefer yasmeen instead. Longing for nasi yasmeen sobsob. 

Otw home, hujan. Sara sleep all the way from kl sampai rumah. Puas la dia. Pastu sampai rumah she's so up and fresh request nak makan nasi. Nasib la dah tapau. Pas makan nasi request nak megi goreng mcm pagi tadi pulak. Oh mama is so dreaming la nak resting and lazing around. Takpelah anak. Nak makan punya pasal.. 

Esok, no specific plan. I imagine tmrw i would get big breakfast from mcd for bfast (i wish!!), cook nasi daging and dalca ayam with air asam for lunch and review conference paper sikit kot. 

Ok layan gambar harini. 


Ok harini (read Friday) bestnya. Alhamdulillah received the email from natgrad saying that my paper is accepted. Syukur sangat. Nonetheless few things need to be done before the final submission which is before the 26th which is next week ok?? The comments from 3 reviewers need to be addressed. Takpe lah so long my paper is accepted and i have the chance to present my work before baby A comes out. InshaAllah.
Harini nothing much. Everyone in the ofc attended the kursus whatever but I am down with fever and flu so decided to skip. So I just stay at home, did 2 round of laundry, whipped up something simple for lunch and chilling at home with Sara. Managed to take a nap and lazing around. Oh bliss. N later in the evening masak nasik goreng for dinner and fry some eggs. Sara makan bertambah2. Hubs pun suka. I just love the fact that my hub n daughter loves to eat at home. masak simple2 pun takpe. Satu lauk je pun ok. Sara even had another 2 plates of nasi goreng on bed just now. Ok the thing about Sara is supper is a must! Pengsan mama. She sleep pretty late, around 11:30 or 12 so normally pukul 11 she would feel hungry and would ask for food. Dah makan dinner beforehand pun nak jugak supper. Dan supper nye wajib nasik ye kawan-kawan. Light meal I tak layan. So we could not finished off out food during dinner, atau erti kata lain mama ni kena la pandai bajet banyak mana nak masak nasi to make it sufficient for all.

Esok saturday, we planned to take her to avenue K for dinosaur and later to menara kl aquarium. Its school holiday yo kesian budak kecik ni we didnt get to cuti since me is struggling to finish class so feel a bit guilty for her. I've got a great deal of ticket from groupon for menara kl aquarium and -10rm  less on kids tix for dinosaur. Cant wait. I hope sara will be having fun tmrw. Hubs said we shall go early in the morning well lets see how early we can move on saturday. Its lazeee day ppl. Hehe. So toddless and gdnite!

Have a nice weekend peeps!