Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adib Sara of the Day

Adib Naufal day 20
3.8 kg
Alhamdulillah for a healthy baby

And presenting this beautiful yet adorable girl..

4y.o Sara Hana 

Cantik sangat :)

Adib Sara of the Day

Adib Naufal day 20
3.8 kg
Alhamdulillah for a healthy baby

And presenting this beautiful yet adorable girl..

4y.o Sara Hana 

Cantik sangat :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alhamdulillah. A baby boy :)

Alhamdulillah 'alaa kulli haal.
I have safely delivered a baby boy on 28th April 2015 in Kpmc Kajang. Baby weights is 3.2 kg, 51 cm length. A normal delivery with vacuum execution.


Now we are a parent of two!! Subhanallah. A beautiful daughter and a wonderful son. It was an amazing feeling. These whole 2nd pregnancy and labor process was totally different from the first. I'll blog about it later anyhoot. I am a mom of two now, so I am pretty occupied! Hehe, just kidding. 

But honestly, despites dealing with the pain of being induced and labor, I still love being pregnant, again, yes I do and childbirth is a bless Ya Allah. Thank you Allah. 

To cope with two kids in early days seems to be the hardest things ever.  EVER! But i believe we manage. Yes we will. Slowly we managed. And things are suprisingly working pretty well atm. 

Alhamdulillah. All praises are to Allah swt.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love, Rosie

So I "sneaked out" to watch Love, Rosie last night. Yeah, seriously! :)

Managed to send Sara to bed around 11:30 and without dilly-dallying I wrapped myself around in front of the telly and waited patiently for the 12 midnight show of L,R on Astro Best which I purchased earlier that day. How adventurous was that? Cool huh? Yeah I know it's hard for us, mom, to have our so-called "me-time" albeit once in a while. Ain't no easy man! In my defense I used to (have to) stay up after midnight to complete my assignments, study for exams or even whip off papers ever since I have Sara. Have no guts to do all those things during her presence I'd rather put off my 'work' aside and enjoy a good cuddle with her which to me is priceless! Ala, all those works can wait kan?

So back to Love,Rosie. Omaigod I love the movie tremendously it was really sweet and adorable and amazing Lily and Sam are just nothing but perfect casts for the movie, just like how I imagined the character would be in the novel. I adore Alex *insert love love love emoticon here* and Rosie is amazingly cute and I just love the whole part of the movie it bores me NOT. Not at all. I've read the book apparently but well u'know it took me some time to finish (because I kinda like to switch my current reads from one to another now I have 3 books unfinished; the L,R, Shopaholic to the Stars and Now You Are a Mother) yeah I know I know my bad but after watching Love,Rosie last night I have some kind of a high motivation to finish the book. As if *lol*

So here's the trailer if you haven't watch it It is highly recommended! 5/5 rating! Not overrated I suppose.

But why on earth I just happened to know it recently? Pretty sure the movie is out for quite some time d. Whatevs, Better late than ne'er. ;)


Love, Hana :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Mom's weight : 57.5kg
Baby A's weight : 2.9kg
Amniotic level : 9.5
Baby position : close to engaged ��
CTG result : Good
Next check up : 27.4.15 (my EDD!! ��)

So yay. InshaAllah masih sempat untuk:
1. Mee goreng mamak @ orchid jusco cheras selatan
2. Sports day Sara 25.4.15

InshaAllah ada rezeki..

Monday, April 20, 2015


Did you noticed the ticker? It is 7 days to go and I suddenly have the nerves in my stomach. I don't know what to feel; instead of feeling heavier. I can't think of anything. I have no specific plan when it comes to labor. Guess I just go with the flow and tawakal and doa banyak pray for the best out of the best, aaminn. That's the only thing I can afford to, atm pun kan.
Well, during the last check up my OBG suggested for a CTG on the 39th week and most probably an induced delivery (again?) tomorrow if the baby's weight is stagnant for another week. To date, baby A has a weight of 2.8 kg which is fine with me. Sara was 2.7kg je pun dulu. Sebab tomorrow is too soon la I don't think I am mentally prepared enough (ada ke org ready nak bersalin?). Uwaaaaa!! Ya Allah takut pulak dah rasanya *cries and scream in my heart*. Tolong lah bertambah berat kamu baby A. Kita kan nak pegi sports day kakak on this 25th. InshaAllah... everything will be fine kan kan. 27th April won't be a long wait right. Speaking to my sub-conscious mind :)

On another note, I am a little worry about how Sara will react when the baby arrives. She has been very sensitive ever since. And pretty much clingy. She used to tell me that she likes to be having adik around tapi Sara sedih, tsk, tsk. *cries some more* I feel you sayang. Mama paham sangat. I yet foresee a major challenge; SCHOOL! Yes. She's never been to school without mama. Mesti nak mama hantar. Camane ni? Confinement lama kot 44 hari. And mama will be on maternity leave for 3 months. Hence we've gotta think of something. We have to find a way anyhoo. Just think! Think!

Nothing much on weekend. Since my parents arrive last Thursday I am glad I have an ample time to rest and lazing around. Not to mention, eat a lot. Habis la. Kalau berat baby tak naik, berat mamanya la yang naik. Noticing the "kembangness" in me so I make a hasty purchase of bengkung moden dengan harapan I will get my butt back in shape hahaha *lol* very soon after confinement. I used to wear the traditional bengkung yang lilit2 (Amway) tu during confinement of Sara but I found it was difficult to move around wearing it especially bila nak ke toilet. Terkial-kial kau. Haha. So modern that's it, should be easier. zap zap je and done!

Ok so work checked! Submitted everything. Tinggal nak cuti je ni haha. Master studies checked. Alhamdulillah my paper is on proceeding. Still loads to be completed but once the conference presentation was done it is a huge relieved yo! Glad I made it.

Happy monday! Have a day ahead =)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Her cuteness is so irresistable. I ❤️ yu sweetheart ��

Uploaded this earlier in my Youtube Channel. Dedicated to her overload cuteness. Mama adore you so much sweetheart! <<insert love icons here ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

38 and counting

Oh Don't get me wrong. I am not 38 years old. I am 38 weeks-pregnant to date. 2 more weeks to go.
Today nothing much. Did 3 round of laundry, sambil2 whipped up breakfast nasi goreng+sardin+telur as requested by Sara, daging masa hitam for lunch and vacuum the house. See, i feel like an octopus. Very multi tasking indeed. By 2pm most of the chores were done. MM was so kind today he helped me with the dishes and tolong sidai kain. Hehe. Lepas tu I suap Sara lunch and had lunch with MM the latter. Now that everyone is having a nap, I have a me time to indulge with before joining 'em. Blogging time! Yey!

So I'm done with the national conference. Alhamdulillah. It went well and I am glad that I decided to submit my paper at the first place and managed to get accepted for the conference. Conference-Checked! The major part of my master studies has been fulfilled. Now I can focus on phase 2 simulation, prototyping and testing, and..write up..pfft and finally Viva voce. Nah gambar kenangan. There was no photo during the presentation. Sbb pegi sorang2 je.

Oh Sara has almost recover from fever, flu and cough. It was heartbreaking to see your kid gets sick. She skipped school 3 days last week and inshaAllah she's fit and healthy to be going to school tomorrow. 
I've been reading this book to her since last 2 months. I belief we couldn't rely 100% to school so I we took the initiative to do it on our own. Yes, it takes a little time, energy, effort and mostly, patience. But it somehow works brilliantly. I read these book to her every night without fails (aloud) and now she managed to read it on her own! It was great. Brilliant. I dont really get the idea of how to teach kids to read; using phonics or sounding etc. kudos to the teachers. But I can say kids can recognise and memorize the word and the sound. So I bought some from the whole series and Sara loves it. Now we progressed with 2 books, and more to go. But the thing is it has to be consistent. Positive, together we will do it! Ok Sara. ��

Hmm i think i need a short nap too, before asar ni. Japgi nak pegi ioi city mall kot sbb i am a little crave for pancake with ice cream. Yummy! I am salivating yo. And dinner kat sana terus kot. 

Okbye from us!