Friday, February 5, 2016

To rejuvenate

Too hectic here
Too tense
Too much of negativity
I need to recharge
I need to rejuvenate
I need another side of view
I need a break

Perhaps a short vacay to reward the hard work would be nice
With le hubster n kids
A reward for:
Succesful submission of dissertation (part 1)

Hm anyway do i need many reasons to set back n relax?
Idt so.

Holiday jom kejap?

Mama to SaraAdib

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My 2015

Being a mom of two, they wifey, an employee and student at the same time is not an easy task. And that's me, no joke.

And that explains the long hiatus.

Too many things to do. But too little time.

So in this post, I made an attempt to summarize 2015 in my kind of way. As quick and short as possible.

1. 28 April 2015 - my sweetheart, Adib Naufal was born. And automatically upgraded Sara to Kakak Sara. Mama love both of you sayang.

2. April 2015 - could recall the date tho. Unlock my personal aim. Presented paper in conference (3rd Natgrad of Uniten). Paper published in proceeding. Alhamdulillah.

3. Enjoying 3months-maternity-leave with no worries of research progress haha (living in denial) lol

4. Adib's first hotel stay - cyberview lodge after day 44 he was born. 

5. Adib's first on board experience. Klia- Aor at plus minus 2 month old. Sara's 8th trip.

6. September 2015 - took the kids to JB for Legoland and Hello Kitty (unplanned). Stayed at Legoland Hotel.

7. August 2015 - MM went to sao paolo brazil for his world skill comp as expert. Well done on ur achievement sayang.

8. October - Adib started solid food at 6m.o. Still fully bfeed. Alhamdulillah dor rezeki.

9. 15 November 2015 - Sara turns 5 y.o. This year around she requested for hello kitty cake. Happy birthday sayang. U are still a baby to mama tau. And will always be my baby. 

10. October - my antenna research simulation succeed. Proceed with fabrication n prototyping. Alhamdulillah it went well. 

11. Adib warded few days due to asalnya batuk kahak pastu doc detect rsv (ada blog pasal ni). Tu before my simulation really works. Minggu tu la baru bercadang nk resume simulation dah adib pulak tak sihat. 3 days in kpmc. Tu la kan every cloud has a silver lining. Mcm dpt ilham pulak lepas adib keluar hospital. Berkat doa , sabar n tawakal. Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan jalan dan urusanku. 

12. December - took 4 days leave and get 11 days off from work during the last week of december. Cuti sakan. Holiday  in Penang!! Sara had so much fun at Kidland @ Perangin Mall. Belum blog lagi pasal tempat ni. Will blog later for record.

12. Adhoc plan. Jb hello kitty lagi. Oh ni dah new year. 2.1.2016 masa tu.

13. Submitted first dissertation draf on 30th dec 2015. Target tercapai. Harap minggu dpn boleh submit final copies to cogs.

14. 11.12.15 - hanamus 6 years anniversaries. Alhamdulillah. 

For 2016??

Next post please..

Now dah 4:55 am hari jumaat nak ke sabtu. Baru siap repair draft. Nak hantar monday ni. Ya allah pls easy my work. Aaamiin

Hello saturday
Jom ioi esok

Sayang MM, sara n adib

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy 5th birthday Sara Hana


Happy birthday sayang. You are 5! But no matter how old are you, you will always be my little girl and my no.1. Mama ❤️ you wholeheartedly. I pray that Allah will protect you, will grant you with success in life, in this world and hereafter, grant u the best of health, the bountiful prosperity, a blessed long-happy-meaningful-life, the smooth journey, and that Allah will bless u and guide your steps forever. I pray that you will grow up to be a wise person, amanah and among the greatest person during your time. I pray that Allah will grant you the greatest Syurga tanpa dihisab. Aamiin ya rabbal 'alamin.

Tau tak Sara ni anak yang baik. Rajin. Bijak. Manja. Kakak yang penyayang. Adib is such a lucky person to have you as a sister. And we are indeed very proud to have you as a child. You have all the good values and qualities gifted from Allah.

Thank you sayang from bringing such a joy into our (read mama ayah) life and my heart.

Thank you sayang sebab selalu sayang mama.

Thank you sayang rajin tolong mama.

Thank you sayang sbb memahami mama.

Always remember, Mama & ayah kasih sayang Sara.

Happy 5th birthday Sara
InshaAllah we will celebrate many more birthday together. 

Yours truly,
Mama Suhana
Sunday, 0204
Location: disebelah sara n adib yg sedang tido ^_^

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Siblings ❤️ [read:love]

Alahai melting ❤️ (insert love love love emoji)
Tabarakallah anak2 mama Sara & Adib

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nak update sikit je

Ah title pun dah tahapehape

1. Sara's bday is just around the corner. Friday ni she will be celebrate her bday at school for the 2nd time. Last year dah. Cake tema hi-5. This year around she requested a Hello Kitty theme cake. Layan je. Knowing her, a bigg fan of HK. So i ordered her cake from Lynn_babycake from instag. Will pickup the cake tomorrow (Thursday) in Bangi around 8:30 pm

2. So ysterday, in conjunction with here bday we went to ioi to shop for party pack for her bday. budak skrg ni kemain, birthday je nak kena ada party pack la goodies la haish mcm2. I still remember during my yesteryears kalau kawan ajak kita pegi bday party kat rumah dia mesti kita yang bawa hadiah. beli hadiah kat kedai runcit je pun balut dengan kertas minyak. pencil sebatang pun jadi. hehe. how time flies. and zaman pun berubah. sigh.

3. And still, her bday. Tadi tghari me and le hubs ni went shopping for the ITEMS inside party pack. beli air, jajan sikit.Tu je la pun.

4. Adib dah start his solid food for 3 weeks tak silap. since he's 6months la. started with apple puree (checked ok), carrot pureer (checked ok) and now tgh try sweet potato puree. Haritu ada la 2 hari bagi dia bubur kosong+ebm. poo poo ada sedikit liat but still ok. no major issue. Next month (7m) boleh la kot start add vege in bubur. Suka makan si kecik ni. Pandai dah berebut sudu dgn kakak/mama. sibuk je dia nak suap jugak hehe. Comel.

5. Today remarks my starting day of WRITING mode. Means harini baru start betul2 tulis; abstratc, chapter 3. Chap 1 and 2 tu nanti2 la. I think it is easier to start with result and discussion. Tapi saya start method dulu la sbb design semua kat methodology tu. Pastu terus je sambung result. Easier that way, I guess. Its my way afterall.

6. So, haa yang ni nak kena tulih besaq2 ni. Nak bagi masuk dalam subconscious mind. Ha gitu.







7. Ok la tu je. Busy ni. Bai.

Thursday, November 5, 2015



Write up!
Let's start. No more dilly-dally.
Your submission is due on December.

Start counting days. For the sake of 70,000 words.


May Allah ease my writing journey and grant me success. and a scroll.

Believe in yourself.

Jom tulis
Ok bai

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oh antenna

Its today!
Pray for the best
Hopefully the measurement result will be in a good agreement with simulation result.
Dah habis fikir dah ni mcm mana nak design
Letih sangat dah ni
I just want to get it over and done with. Thats it.
Ya Allah pls make it easy for me. 
Ya Allah pls grant me with the success 
Ya Allah. Help me

Antenna pls be good to me

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Had her ear pierced! And more..

I have to blog about this. So that when Sara read this (i hope she eventually will when she's grow up) she knows that she had her ear pierced when she is only 5! Yes. Very young at age. Even yours truly had her ear piercing at 20yrs old, i guess. Couldnt really recall but I am pretty sure I had it during my uni time at Sg. Wang Plaza to be exact. Dah besar baru ada the guts untuk pierce kat telinga. Haha. Talking about me being chickened out, lol. 
So Sara, there you are. Yes u had a little sob right after the process but they only lastrrr for few minutes and then you were okay and all smiled. Proud of you my brave little girl. 

So Adib had his follow up check up with his Paeds, Dr Afifah of KPMC yesterday and alhamdulillah the result was good, except he had lost around 200gram. He is now 6.7kg, compared to 6.9kg last week (before admitted on 5/10/15). Aim for next check up is 7kg. InshaAllah. Adib, mama doa Allah will grant to the best of health. Same goes to Sara. And everyone of us. Aamiin.

Nothing much today. Pagi tadi after bfast we send abah off to bus station at jalan reko and off we went to ioi city mall. Dah lama kot tak hit the mall. We had lunch at usual place, Little Penang and Sara had 2 rounds of carousel ride after train ride. Sama je aktiviti kami setiap kali pegi ioi tu haha. Nothing fancy. Hehe. Pastu tapau some roti kopi at pappa roti and headed home. I rasa tak sampai 3 jam kot dekat sana. 

Ok lah. Til then. Happy sunday people! Daa.

Mama SaraAdib

Friday, October 9, 2015

Thank you Allah

Learned these tenets from my lil one today. 
It feels like a 'pang' on my face that wakes me up somehow. 
She said, 
Show me
1. Courtesy
2. Integrity
3. Perseverance
4. Self-control
5. Indomitable spirit

With ur guidance O'Allah, I am so blessed!

Again, thank you Allah.
For sending me 'malaikat kecil' ini. I am beyond thankful. She makes me a person that I wanted to be. She saved me from astray, far from you. She saves me whenever I feel lost. She gives me hope whenever I am hopeless. She's the one who took my hand to the righteous path. She's always there for me, abide with me. 
She; is my little girl. 
She; is my beloved daughter.

Terima kasih sayang. For giving me a new hope, a new breathe, a new determination.
Terima kasih anak mama. For giving me strength thro the hardest time.
Terima kasih sayang mama. For being there for me, thro thick and thin. 
You are only 5 but, i owe you a lot! Really a lot til i lost count and think i could not repay.

Mama sayang Sara. Sangat. I dont know how to describe it. There's no such word to describe you, sayang. You are very special, in fact too special for me.
And sometimes, I think i no deserve to be your mother. And i think I am not good enough to be your mother.
But NO! I would not say so. Never. Because we are made for each other, to COMPLETE one another. Yes. We'll stick together. InshaAllah.

Ya Allah. Terima kasih atas kurniaan-Mu yang sangat berharga ini. Di saat aku hilang arah, Allah hantarkan petunjuk buatku melalui anak kecil ini. Allahu Akbar. Ya Allah, kau berikanlah kesihatan, kebahagiaan, perlindungan dan keselamatan yang terbaik buat anak-anakku. Jadikan lah mereka anak2 syurga. Panjangkanlah usia mereka. Jadikanlah mereka orang yang kau redhai dan kau kurniakan nikmat. Masukkan lah mereka ke dalam syurgamu tanpa dihisab.
Amiin ya rabb.

Mama sayang Sara
Mama sayang Adib
Mama sayang anak-anak mama

Thursday, October 8, 2015

One of this moment

I feel lost
So lost
And afraid
I dont know where to start
I dont know where to go
I dont know what to do
I dont know how to react
I dont know what to respond
I am still afraid
I am still traumatized

Ya Allah please guide me
I am so weak i couldnt even speak
I feel so numb
And dumb
And useless

Of a black moment in your life