Thursday, April 3, 2014


Alhamdulillah. #happytears

1. Dah pandai guna CST. Pandaipandaipandai!
2. Dah pandai buat design! Learn more, learn a lot more.
3. Accomplished - 3 microstrip patch design at 2.4GHz in 2 weeks. Mind-blowing!!
4. Dah dapat formulate the parameters. Them, a headache ok !!!
5. Have gathered relevant contents to whip off the progress report
6. Managed an appoinment with SV. Welcoming the new inputs.
7. Ready for the next phase of research and design
8. Catch a sight of a brighter future >> to put through master in 9/14
9. It is a total brain stimulating and it is very tough yet very lethargic indeed but very grateful Ya Allah it goes smoothly Syukran Ya Rabbi.
10. CST takes up most of my daytime, notwithstanding the work at the offc is piling up (yeah work is always piling up, who says it doesn't?). But my leisure time and night time belongs to Sara the most. Completely!

For those fully vouch for me, I love you CST. I love you Antenna. I love you VAIO. I love you Sara and MM. I love you family. I love you little-yet-meaningful boogers tremendously!

Thank you Allah.
I love You, Allah.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola Internet!

Wah. It's been a loooooong while. Yeah I know. I'm here and still here anyway. It is just that I was busy having a little bit of me time, I guess. idk! Oh indahnya kalau betul. Hahaha! Well tbh, I am busy having me-sara-mm-and-our-bonding-time sound like a better word. So yes! Better and likewise.
Life is such a hectic. Well, not really. But time seems to move very fast. Like whirlwind. Too many things to be done and is accomplished; good! To many to catch up. Nevertheless, some passes, though. :(

I am not going to spend much time here. Quite in a dash #gayakalut. In purpose to record some eventful captured moments of what has/had been happening few months past. Again, for record.

1. Alhamdulillah, in my two-freaking-final semester for Master. Being the 4-flat for two consecutive semesters was such a great achievement in my study life. And now working day and night (no no I might exaggerate at this point) too hard to think of how to banish the reverberate of completing the research; the most difficult, crucial and challenging part in Master. The 'echo' of bila nak start design ni? Bila nak write down and write up ni? bila nak jumpa sv ni? mana progress ni oi??" seem way too annoying and it's getting louder and louder these days hoh adoilaaa!

2. Younger brother get hitched last month (February 2014). So now all my siblings (well being only 2 siblings we are) heading a married life of our own. Congrats boi. I hope your life would be more manageable, meaningful and blessed by Allah. Cherish! Insya Allah!

3. Paid a visit to Hello Kitty Land in Nusajaya, Johor last few weeks. It was a spectacular. Sara was the most happiest person amongst. It was simply a reasonable and not-very-large-and-tiresome building makes it perfect for a short holiday trip with the families. We loved it too. There were hello kitty and friends, thomas the train, pingu (but we didn't get to see the pingu instead, what a dissapointment), and Barneys too. Sara loves Kitty the most (especially the shows we watched it twice), but likes Barneys the least. She said Barneys jahat. Hahaha. And oh lunch at Lat's place was simple amazing and splendid. Love the ayam pandan and daging hitam to bit. The ambience apt for every bit as relaxing.

4. Heard about the MH370? yeah who doesn't? To date it has missing for 17 days (frm 8th March 2014) and yet to be found. It is sad, especially for those who has families and the loved ones on board. It is indescribable. In spite of the too many things, too many theories and assumptions, we, as the Malaysian and Muslim will always have faith in whatever Allah's plans. Allah, knows very well. Despite the incident, MAS is still my favourite. 

OMG I took so long! apa ni design tak siap lagi oioi!! dah dah i'm better off now for another brain work ok bye

P/s: ttyl!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

3yrs 3mths old munchkin

Assalamualaikum anak mama
check out this video. its on youtube.
yu look so comel in those purple dress.

an oh,
finally we managed to get an apron that suits you very well from daiso. and again, you chose purple of all the colors.
you are, likewise mama.
we both love purple, and we would definitely choose purple, most of the time. ;-)

bye sayang.

yours, mama

in this photo u were actually saying "cik nak order ape?"
heheh ;p

Thursday, February 13, 2014

cacar air? chicken pox?

ahah yg ni confusing. nk kena tanya 'doctor makcik'. hehe.

ok sbnrnya nk cerita pasal Sara.
Sara tau tak? at the age of 3 yrs 2 months & 28 days Sara kena chicken pox. Weeks before, kawan sara kat rumah mama cham, afif kena chicken pox. lps tu sara ckp kesian afif, kena chicken pox. n u asked mama, kat rumah kita ada chicken pox tak? kenapa mama tak beli? sara nak chicken pox. masa tu i was thinking 'do you know what exactly chicken pox is?'. mama ckp tak boleh beli. chicken pox tu kan sakit. pastu sara sedih. then mama pun ckp ok la ok. 
n smlm, dpt lah sara betul2 chicken pox. mujurlah mild je, tak demam n sara pun rileks je kan. 
itulah kisahnye. in case one day u might gonna read this, Sara. N for record, sara dah kena chicken pox tau. 
Get well soon my dear sweetheart! 


Monday, January 20, 2014

final exam fuh fuh fuh

tuesday 21 jan 14. final paper of final subject of master. oh serius ya ampun sungguh letih sem ni. it looks easy. 1 subject but the hardness and difficulties are perghhhhh.. indescribable! i suppose this is the MOST challenging subject of all. sungguh sungguh. super stress. supper mind cracking. supper mind torturing. n super time killing. apa yg mampu dibuat, usaha usaha usaha, endlessly and at the same time, pray hard and finally, harus redha. but deeeeeeeep inside, i am still hoping to see a good 'sight' regardless of whatever the efforts are. Masya Allah. Betulkanlah niatku. Semua ini Lillahi Ta'ala. 

N sara sangat kasihan ok. i know she misses me, a lot. she waited for me patiently and impatiently hehe. She'd accompanied me with my revision and busied herself with colouring works. Sampai tertido. i've tried and always will prioritize her regardless of any situation. most of my/our decision will take her accounted, and atm, i am trying to prioritize the most important and meaningful 3S my life. Them. Sara. Study. Suami. oh on top of that, Solat. 
Ya Allah pls ease me. Make things easier for me and husband (mm has exams kn 22nd and 27th) and sara and the persons i love and care.
I hope tuesday will pass very quick. but sometimes i wish time doesnot flies. 
but it doesnt. :(


mama sayang sara.
i love yu husband. thanks hadiahkan beg paris hilton yang cantik dan mahal. suka suka suka. thanks for the understanding. thanks for lifting me up when i was in total down. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sara kena gegata

Ya Allah sungguh hatiku tak tenang and at ease sekali. Sara kena gegata (hives) masa ambik kat rumah bs. seketul gedabak kat pipi kiri, n merah2 kat pipi kanan. terus bawak jumpa doc klinik panel depan rumah ni. dapat ubat sapu Elomet. balik sapu kat pipi and alhamdulillah it works magic. tak smpai stgh jam gegata tu dah hilang. Sara happy, mama happy happy, ayah happy, we are all happy. alhamdulillah.
pagi ni bangun tido, terkejut, tgk penuh pulak kat peha sampai kaki. both sides. ya allah. kesiannya. tapi sara takde garu pun. terus sapu lagi krim smlm. hoping and praying for magic to happen. but it seem hours to heal. smpai hantar kat rumah bs still merah2.
tadi called bs, katanya dah surut. ada sikit2 je.
lega sikit.
try focus study utk exam malam ni.
masa ni dah tak fikir exam. she's the only matter keep on loitering in my mind.
masih risau sebenarnya.
takut merebak ke badan.
n sara tak tahan gatal.
harap2 cepat baik. 
mama skrg mode pasrah tapi masih study.
study cepat2. 
nak ambik sara awal harini.
test paper? sesungguhnya saya sudah usaha, maka saya redha dan berserah. 
akan cuba yg terbaik malam ni.
tapi apa2 pun sara will comes first. 

Ya Allah. sembuhkanlah Sara. Kasihanilah Sara. Aminn.

Friday, January 3, 2014

haha whattttt??

feeling (refer to above sentence) atm.
okay had mid term last nite. 
the very final one and only subject this sem, for master
first time in my life, kira history la ni. hv to re-sit the test.
omg omg omg that is soooooo discouraging
and very much demotivated
and scary?
what should I do...cry? 
I laugh.laugh.laugh lah. 
what else
well, it turned out everyone in class have to re-sit
all of us means both of us
fact is there's only 2 students in the class
me and the other guy
lets both of us re-sit and score A+++
okay got it.

2014 is indeed a great year. Pray for it. and have faith. Insya Allah.

Ya Allah please make things easier for me, for my spouse, my kid, my parents and sibling, my life, and everything. 
Insya Allah. Have faith. Always believe in a positive way.

P/s : I aim to read more and write more in 2014
Pss: Be nice

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


i feel lost
i have test too
i have loads to do too
i am juggling between stuffs too
i am tired too
i feel like.. drop everything and sit
i feel dumb
i have no time
i have not enough time
ok bye

Monday, December 23, 2013

our junior photog

Sara has recently developed a new skill: photography. Well known, she loves posing to camera and suka cam-ho (of course who doesnt? :p) Well, Her previous trademark was peace yg tk berapa menjadi tu. hehe. then comes jelir lidah. haish. but she's too cute regardless of any style she pose. mesti lah kan. 
Skrg ni suka ambik gambar pulak. she's like "meh sara ambik gamba". And there goes snap snap and here are some of her masterpiece. Great job, at least..for a junior photographer :)

all kudos to the photog.

and presenting our junior photographer.... 

*drum***** and jeng!!!!!!!

the ever so bubbly Cik Sara Hana!!

ok bye!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013