Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hari ini..

Sedih sangat.

This happened early in the morning when I was on my way to send Sara to sekolah agama. Tiba-tiba ternampak sorang ayah dan anak tepi jalan, and i was wondering macam motor rosak atau habis minyak kot. Cakap kat Sara, "eh orang tu kesiannya. Kita bagi tumpang nak?" and I stopped nearby and offering for help. I asked the man, "nak pegi sekolah ke? nak tumpang?" And he replied "haah, sekolah mana?" I said "Sekolah Agama Kampung Rinching kan? Sama la anak saya." And then the girl pun stepped in our car and off we go to school. Masa dalam kereta sempat tanya, kakak darjah berapa. Rupanya dia pun sama kelas dengan Sara. And she recognized Sara. Tapi Sara tak cam dia. Sbbnye dia duduk meja belakang. That's the beginning of the story.

As we reached school, jalan memang becak sikit depan class Sara tu. So after I stopped the car, the girl  get off the car and quickly walk to the classroom. I'd accompanied them walking to the classroom as well. Maybe sebab dia nampak ustazah dah nak masuk kot, so dia nak cepat-cepat. And suddenly she fell down, sbb licin. Tapi dia bangun balik and terus jalan lagi, pijak tempat becak lagi, and fell down lagi. Mmg tak sempat nak capai. I helped her to get up, n masa tu tgk2 baju dia dah kotor kena lumpur. Ya Allah. And she started to burst into tears. Tanya dia "Sakit ke?" dia geleng kepala. Mungkin dia sedih sebab jatuh, n baju kotor sangat. Terus hantar dia masuk dalam kelas. Nampak masa tu sambil dia jalan nak ke meja dia sambil dia menangis. Ya Allah. It really broke my heart tho. I can't bear looking at her like that. I didn't wait long to tell ustazah yang dia jatuh n baju dia kotor. Alhamdulillah, ustazah is such a nice person. Terus dia pergi dkt budak tu and tengok baju dia kotor. Ustazah suruh dia letak beg and bawa dia pegi pejabat, I guess tukar baju la kot. I didn't get to wait. But I managed to see her after she's changed her baju and return to class with ustazah (nampak dari jalan while waiting for the traffic light to turn into green).

I don't know how to describe the feeling. Till now, I can't still move on from the 'incident'. I was glad that I can help her by offering her a ride to school. But, I am at guilt that I was not able to so-called send her properly, or "perfectly". I hope to apologize to her and her father if I have been given a chance to do so. I hope Allah will give me a chance to do so.

And thinking of it, it really break my heart and I feel like I'm having a meltdown.

Ya Allah. Please ease it for that girl.
And for my daughter too.



Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Holiday, anyone?

So Penang is on, as per planned. Yey!! We'll go on 21st March instead of 17th due to something that pop-up at work. Can't wait! I need holiday so badly. Dah tepu kot every weekend kat sini je. My mental view is not developing well. I have to go somewhere to keep my sanity intact. *lol* Haha.

So this whole week (6-10 Mar 2017) Sara is having 1st Assesment at Sekolah Agama. Clever girl sangat Sara ni. I know she can do well. InshaAllah. We have so much believe in her. She's excel, inshaAllah.

Sekolah keb pulak tak tau bila first assessment. No news from the school yet. But I know Sara is always well prepared. As long as she can cope with the lessons thought in school and understand the method, she will be fine. Mmg tip top lah.

This week we plan to complete off Adib's vacc. Normally our first option will be KPMC but it's getting harder after one of Adib's regular paed moved. Until today, we couldn't fix our schedule with the Docs. Let's see if we can make it this Saturday. Apa2 hal pun kena juga cucuk this saturday.

Hope all is well for us.
Alhamdulillah for the blessed and rezeki.

Til then.

Mama Sara & Adib

Thursday, February 16, 2017

KL Tower Mini Zoo and Jonker Mamee House

Adib is unwell. He's down with fever since yesterday. He's active; as usual. Running and chasing away with kakak. But he's still not fully recovered from cough which caught into him since last 2 weeks. That makes me more worry.
Sara, on the other hand is okay.

Okay so this is a longgggg overdue update. Konon kan nak rajin update blog. I guess I have to be more istiqamah when I do something. =P

So it happened during the CNY 2017 long weekend. We didn't have anything planned for the little kiddos. But come to think of it, since Sara have almost 1 week school off so I made up a plan, or maybe more haha. I googled and googled for places of interest in KL and Selangor then we finally decided to opt for nature. Zoo tu nature la kan. Torn between Zoo Negara, KL Tower Zoo, Butterfly Farm, Aquaria (eh eh?). After much considering; weather, rajin ke tak nak jalan, location, etc etc, we opt for KL Tower Zoo. Besides, we've been to Zoo Negara and Aquaria. Takkan nak repeat. Nanti cam boring pulak kan.

So we visited those place on Saturday Jan,28. This place is not huge, highly recommended for those who does not fancy walking - like me *lol. But the best thing about this place is that you will have the chance to touch and feed the animals. Pastu animals dia adalah pelik-pelik tau. Aside the rare, they also have common types like rabbits, parrot, snakes, pastu ada biawak juga tau. Haha. Sara's favorite. And they also have the hugeeeeee ular sawa. Omaigod its huge and geli ok. There's also ayam jantan, betina and anak2 ayam. At least anak2 kita dapat la bezakan ayam jantan n betina kan? And oh you can also feed the monkey, parrots, and turtle. Cute je semua. Tapi Sara being the penggeli, asyik menyorok kat belakang je. Penakut habis dia tu. Nak feed rabbit & turtle pun takut haha. Adib on the other side, punyala geli sampai he refused to walk. Masa family photo dkt entrance with parrots pun dia mcm nak nangis. Haha. Hey young man! Be brave.
Gambar from my phone tak banyak. So sad. I think my phone need a storage upgrade. (hint: iphone7)
My current phone (iP5s) suffers from extremely low storage. Amik video sikit>> insufficient storage. Ambil gambar lebih sikit >> insufficient storage. Whatspp msges lupa clear je >> insufficient storage. Oh! Bummer.

So this is all I got. More on my Instagram.

And then 2 days before the long weekend ends, we went to melaka to visit the in laws. Dahnye alang2 kat melaka we plan an activity for the kids. So off we went to Jonker Street on Monday after cny. Selama ni tak pernah tau pun ada Mamee House kat situ. But location-wise was a turn-off due to certain reasons. 1. congested traffic 2. crowds 3. doesn't feel like you are in your own country though. #sosad. The traffic heading to town was unbelievably bad it took almost 30-40 minutes to even reach 10km. Cray cray sangat.

Sara had fun at Mamee House. Adib pun kemain dia happy. We registered for "Mamee chef" to experience the mamee noodle making process. They teach us how to make mamee from preparing the dough, designing your own noodle package (scribble), then prepare the noodle (cut it into slices using specific machine/tool), season the noodle and tadaaa>> u'll get your own mamee noodle hehe.  It took around 90 minutes per session. And oh tell you what. We finally got to taste the famous Jonker88 cendol!! walaupun tak dapat meja. dapat duduk je. takpelah yg penting we ols dah rasa ok the famous and yummyyyy cendol and ais kacang. Mmg sedap. Cant beat the sweetness of gula melaka in your cendol. Mmg terbaiklah. Oh boi I'm salivating while I'm writing this. Kecur liur teringat cendol tu hoih huhu~~

Ok I ended with phots. Till then!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Kisah kasut sekolah Sara hehe

Alhamdulillah for blessing. Allah beri nikmat sakit, hujan, panas, dan sihat. 😊 syukur..

Now tht fever is gone but somehow the tummy and tastebud is still not-so-cooperative, i manage to resume to the major abandoned housechores - laundry. 😭😭😭 Dgn kasut2 skolah sara mama dah siap kapur tau. Haha. I'm capable liddat.
So speaking of kasut sekolah, i have my personal thoughts abt them. Dulu masa mula2 nak beli kasut sara, i thot it's easier to buy kasut yang tak payah kapur; meaning yg material dia semua pvc (yg licin2 tu) yang ada elsa frozen bagai tu--but i was wrong! ❌πŸ™…Kasut mcm tu kalau kena kotor mak ai lagi kematu nak sental. And it takes forever to dry (esp in this ☔️☁️ season). πŸ’†πŸ»πŸ’†πŸ»So couple of days ago, we decided to buy another pair of shoes for Sara sbb as a back up la kalau 2 pasang kasut dia tu tak sempat kering. So belilah jenis jazz yang mmg all canvas. To our surprise, sara super loves πŸ’•πŸ’•her new shoes. Sampai 3 hari dia request nak pakai the same shoes. Tanak pulak pakai lagi 2 kasut tu. amboih. ❌❌ but somehow sorry la nak sbb the 2nd day kasut nye basah. And oh it dries faster yo! I super like it too. Haha over kan?? Plus it's super soft too. Rasa lembut je dikaki..that how i thot la hehe. 
So, ok sekian kisah kasut sara.
Nanti will write about her baju skolah πŸ‘šbeg skolah πŸŽ’ buku πŸ“š bentou 🍱 pulak hehe.
Each of 'em has different stories. 
But it is so special yet it deserves a special post. Hahaha.
Such a princess my little girl πŸ‘‘

So i end with yesterday's photo masa eating kfc. Lama tak bawak diorang g kfc. It was so much fun seeing them  eating. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Planning for school holidays

Planning for a trip during school holiday is not pleasant at all. The accommodations rate is freaking hike up. Ye la masa ni la the hoteliers taking over advantages nak untung kan, knowing malaysians ni kalau ada cuti sikit mesti nak holiday (termasuk diri sendiri) pfft!! hehe. Ok2. There's always a reason for a holiday. But on top of that, the quality time we spend with the loved ones that count. And oh, we also regard holiday as a reward. So there it is. Reward :)

Dah tiba2 pagi ni boleh terrr booking pulak accommodation in penang for 17-19 March. Eh eh. Apparently I've got a good deal from Agoda for *this* hotel, inclusive of bfast, pay later and free cancellation before 14th March options at lowest rate. The hotel of our choice must have swimming pool for the kids. N they have a huge pool. What's there to lose? Hehe.  So being a wise planner, I guess, why not? It's a great deal among the list. Ni kalau MM tau ni habislah aiii. huhu. It's not our regular hotel n area but I'm pretty sure he will love the location though. Haha.

The initial plan was to go to Legoland on March. Mama la plan kan.. konon nak reward Sara for being such a good girl when she's in standard 1. Indeed, she's doing great since the first day of schooling.  Acah-acah MM will agree terus la. Haha. Kau hingat dia cop duit ke ape? =p But come to think of it march kan mcm fast approaching je pejam celik dah nak habis January and nak saving pun macam tak sempat so we decided to make way to other places yang reasonable sikit. Legoland inshaAllah akan pergi juga this year but we plan it around Aug school break. Dah plan where to stay etc etc (yes I'm very smart like that lol). Ye la kalau dh pegi JB tu haruslah pegi Hello Kitty Town skali kalau tak mmg muncung sedepa je la. So penang it is. A place like no other- good foods; nasik kandaq pasemboq hoih sedapnya, hassle-free (tapi jem jugak), ada Kidland yg sara suka and it's not that far. And a plus point, dekat dengan kedah kihkih. And oh next trip ni I'll make sure we go to Butterfly Farm. Dulu nak pergi tapi tutup.

So  lets hope and pray that this "secretly-planned" trip will happen. May Allah ease our plan and give us (esp the kids) the best of health. Aamiin..

Hello (in advance) penang and legoland! hehe. Ooppss!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thinking of 2017

This is a scheduled post. Haha.
Eh extra rajin pulak harini (yesterday). 
Okay let's go straight to the point.

I foresee 2017 will be a great year (trying to be positive!). InshaAllah. So in 2017, I hope to unlock few of my personal aims and lucky charms. 

1. To always be early. 

2. Fast, quick and efficient esp at HOME

3. To love more and to hate null.

4. To read more. and more. and more.

5. To write more.

6. To explore my expertise (i love CST)

7. To start working on my studies (future). To look for (sungguh2) any opportunities may come. 

8. To put my time on writing technical paper. To at least present 1 conference paper. At LEAST.

9. To start saving. I mean to save more money.

10. To go to more places with my family. (read: holiday)

11. To be more patient and wise. 

12. To cook dinner at least 4 days/ week.

13. To spend more QUALITY time with the kids and fam.

14. To be a better person, better muslimah

15. To avoid conflict (eh ada ke? )

16. To be a supermom and superwife to my children and hubster

17. To achieve all the above and extra extra extra (yang tersirat)



Monday, January 16, 2017

So much in January 2017

2017 is a meaningful year. 

It is a year of beginning.

It's a year of change.

It's a year of transformation.

Sara Hana is now 7 years old by year. She's now in Standard 1. Time flies.Yup I noticed. My little princess is growing up and now she's a primary school student.

So the first two weeks at school went smoothly. Alhamdulillah. It was beyond our expectation. Sara, she didn't cry a bit. She was all smiles. The school organized a two weeks transition for newly enrolled students; to get the students familiarized with school environment, to get used to the dedicated assembly area for each groups, to get to know with their classmates and teachers, to 'teach' them how to buy foods at the canteen, etc etc. So being such a "worry and anxious" parents, we were there for the whole first week. We were there when she had her first assembly before she off to classroom, and during her recess too. Of course we have to be there. We want to witness our first child's first experience's of every new phase in her life (and our first experience too-as parents). And on top of that, we want to make her feel secure and confident with our presence. We were just monitoring her from afar. Just to make sure everything is okay for her, and alhamdulillah she can handle things on her own. Oh c'mon. That's what every parents do right! Haha.

Now that we are involved, I totally agree with having transition weeks. At least they have an ample time to adapt to the school environment which is totally new to them. And also, knowing that going to primary school may somehow might gives some 'nerve' to the children, so I believe they have to be taken care of very well, that we parents have to serve them with extra love and extra attention so that they will not feel demotivated or down. Ye la why not first or 2nd day jengah2 tengok ok ke tak dia kat canteen, makan ke tak, kot sesat ke kan. Hehe. So during first two weeks tu tak boleh la marah2 dia, layan je apa dia nak albeit it makes you furious. Hahah. Swallow it and you'll be fine.

So Sara is going to two school. Morning she goes to sekolah Kafa until around 11. And the she's home for lunch and shower and a little rest and off to primary school aroun 12:35 and back at around 6:40 and reach home around 7. Tu pun termasuk singgah kedai beli crackers or singgah beli uncle bob. The routine will go round and round until she's in standard 3. Lepas tu standard 4 primary school pagi pulak. And then the story will still continue but it differs.

And then after 1 week, Sara came home telling us she has friends named this and that. And stuff she did at school with her friends, etc etc. Now that she has friends in class, they eat together, and they walk together, it gives us a HUGEEEEEE relieve. But then, knowing her..Sara ni rileks je kalau tgk dia makan bekal dia sorang2 she'll still chill. Bila kita tanya Sara tadi makan duduk dengan siapa. She said "Sara dok dgn kawan Sara la.Tapi Sara tak tau nama dia. Dia bukan class Sara". or sometimes she will answer "Sara duduk meja boys. Tapi ada kawan sara la class sama." and "Tadi Sara beli air laici dengan kawan Sara. Senang je beli. 1 ringgit je" Hahaha. Okay. So chill and brave! That's my girl. Thumbs up. :)

So that's more or less about it. Apparently I have a lot to tell but so little time. I will write more this year. More about Sara, Adib, and us. InshaAllah.

So I ended with pictures of Sara during the first week at school.

First day

During recess (1st day)

Sport attire of Friday

Sekolah KAFA - recess

Acara membeli ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hello December. Opps!

What a misleading title.
I should write hello January instead.
Ha ha.

Okay where do I start? Hmmm...

We had our long holiday last week and all of us feel super fresh back from the hols, I suppose. Not to mention the works at the ofc (never ending). What we need is just a get together time and alhamdulillah all went well. We took 3 days of leave and got to spend all 9 days in total of holidays. We went to penang to chill for 3 days (2 days spent at Kidland) and the rest lepak dekat my hometown. Our parents joined the penang trip during day 1. You can't imagine the traffic in Penang during school holiday. Jammed! Took us hours to reach hotel. Dah la nak naik feri beratur pun almost more than 1 hour. But it's worth it and the kids mmg enjoyed it! Even my mom pun ckp dah berapa puluh tahun dia tak naik ferry. So ok la. Dapat makan kari kepala ikan batu maung, and tetiba ter'stay pulak overnight dekat hotel. Hahaha. The initial plan is my parents takde la nak stay pun, but the the traffic was super crazy so we think it is impossible they will reach ferry and catch train on time. So stay je la. The next morning after breakfast we sent them off to ferry.

So our so-called lonngggg holiday was super best! So homely, lazing around, fed our tummy with yummy foods, pastu sara & adib dapat pulak tengok tangkapan musang wan. 2 ekor u'ols. Musang ni rare kan. I don't remember when is the last time I saw one. It looks like a fox from the face tapi badan mmg tak sama sbb ekor dia panjang. And to our surprise sara said she likes the musang. haha. Dia siap tulis dekat buku "sara sayang musang" lol. So cute. And during the day we're leaving kedah she was a bit sad sbb dia nak tgk orang perhilitan datang ambil musang for the second time. But when I told her tok will send their photos later she was okay. Back to chill.

During our stay in aloq staq we went to Kuala Perlis for seafood. Dekat area Hotel Brasmana. Was okay. The food was okay. The price-wise I wasn't pretty sure sebab mak belanja hehe. Thanks mom! *spoiled daughter*. Kuala perlis dah. Langkawi je the kids belum sampai. InshaAllah soon hehe.

Ok gotta go. Will write more later!

See ya!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November..December 2016..January 2017

Ntah la idk why. But I feel like January is fast approaching. And it's kinda sad that 2016 is leaving us very very soon.

2016 has been a great year for all of us. For mama, ayah, Sara, Adib and our family too. It is a remarkable year for us. I can say 2016 marks a sweet and lovely memories in our mind and heart. Among them are:

~ Aug 2016 : Me and MM graduated and convo for Master
~ Aug 2016 : Mak & Abah went to Makkah for Hajj
~ Aug 2016 : Sara joined her school trip to Kidzania and it was so much fun!
~ Nov 2016 : Sara's convocation. Alhamdulillah she has graduated preschool.
~ Nov 2016 : Highlight of the year >> Sara has been awarded the Child of The Year 2016. It's a major surprise and we are beyond grateful.
~ in 2016 : Adib shows a good progress and development.
~ Oct 2016 : Holiday in Hong Kong Disneyland!! This is like a dream come true for Sara. And it's Adib 2nd trip to oversea
~ Somewhere in June or May 2016 : Short trip to Bandung. Adib's first 'luar negara' trip.
~ Sep 2016 : MM's first '2' golds in ASC 2016. Hats off. The hard work is paid off. Syukur.
~ Nov 2016 : Adib's first movie. Upin Ipin jeng jeng jeng

Okay apparently this post is not about the highlight of 2016 tapi ok la dah teringat ni baik tulis je. Ok since december is approaching, we had plan for our little family. Baru je plan sebab kan baru balik from Hong Kong so I dare not plan something big (not another 'highly expensed' trip) so I guess penang is a great choice because : 1. it has kidland (Sara's favorite), 2. Hotel + Beach + Swimming pool is enough 3. nasik kandaqqqq, 4. Near to Aloq Staq. 5. MM approved! Ni yang paling penting hehe.

Ok so we will go to penang on 11th Dec which is on Sunday. Plan asal nak check in on Saturday but most of the hotels are fully booked and kalau ada pun mmg what-the-heck the price is super hike up! So MM suggested that we go back to Kedah first on Friday night, pastu ahad baru gerak to penang from Kedah. After spend 2 days in Penang balik kedah balik. Haha so funny kan. But so interesting. Cuti seminggu oiii. Sara must be super happy. InshaAllah. May Allah ease our plan and trip this time.

Ok so I got to go. Nak update tu je pun. But I still have few pending items to update. Mcm Sara at BBIM Part 2.. and the about our HK Trip. Oh banyak..banyak. But that's all for now.