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Long overdue post

Blog dah lawa tapi tak update jugak. I don't know what I have been busy with. I think the drive is just not there. Haha.

But I think blogging is still relevant, right. Because I still see people updating their blogs. So you've gotta blog walking read theirs.

Oklah nak update about Adib's 2nd birthday bash and our recent trip to Bukit Tinggi. Rasa rugi pulak kalau tak update. I should keep those memories for us reminisce later on.

1. We celebrated Adib's birthday few days after his exact birth date in Kedah. The little tyke turned 2 on 28th April 2017. I know I know. I still remember when he was still a tiny baby. Now he's almost a toddler.
So I ordered balloons from FB (ni jenuh Google), bought a cake and off we go to Nando's Aman Central to celebrate with our dear little family and my parents. Everything was impromptu, except the balloon lah. It was just a simple one. But Sara and Adib were so happy. Obviously Sara yang paling excited kan. Knowing her, she lov…
Recent posts

How do you feel being away from the kids?

Yay, my blog finally has a new face (read:theme). A motivation to keep me blogging more frequently, I suppose? ❤

So many things to write.

But today I will write abt my recent outstation.
But not focusing on the 'outstation'.

I have never been away from my kids. Oh, once before when Adib is 6 m.old. An overnight outstation to KL and that was it. So nak dijadikan cerita I had to attend another program in Png for 3 days from 28-30 Mar. Didn't see it coming. Turned out the date was after the school holiday break. So sempat la melayan the kids holiday dulu puas-puas.

Nothing much about the program. My attention was not 100% there though despite the course is so not related to me. I have too many concerns revolving in my mind at the moment especially that Sara has to school and I 'know' her, and Adib needed me when he wanted to sleep because he's still bf-ing, etc etc. So many things.

It feels bad to leave behind your "motherhood" duties to be carried out …

Hari ini..

Sedih sangat.

This happened early in the morning when I was on my way to send Sara to sekolah agama. Tiba-tiba ternampak sorang ayah dan anak tepi jalan, and i was wondering macam motor rosak atau habis minyak kot. Cakap kat Sara, "eh orang tu kesiannya. Kita bagi tumpang nak?" and I stopped nearby and offering for help. I asked the man, "nak pegi sekolah ke? nak tumpang?" And he replied "haah, sekolah mana?" I said "Sekolah Agama Kampung Rinching kan? Sama la anak saya." And then the girl pun stepped in our car and off we go to school. Masa dalam kereta sempat tanya, kakak darjah berapa. Rupanya dia pun sama kelas dengan Sara. And she recognized Sara. Tapi Sara tak cam dia. Sbbnye dia duduk meja belakang. That's the beginning of the story.

As we reached school, jalan memang becak sikit depan class Sara tu. So after I stopped the car, the girl  get off the car and quickly walk to the classroom. I'd accompanied them walking to t…

Holiday, anyone?

So Penang is on, as per planned. Yey!! We'll go on 21st March instead of 17th due to something that pop-up at work. Can't wait! I need holiday so badly. Dah tepu kot every weekend kat sini je. My mental view is not developing well. I have to go somewhere to keep my sanity intact. *lol* Haha.

So this whole week (6-10 Mar 2017) Sara is having 1st Assesment at Sekolah Agama. Clever girl sangat Sara ni. I know she can do well. InshaAllah. We have so much believe in her. She's excel, inshaAllah.

Sekolah keb pulak tak tau bila first assessment. No news from the school yet. But I know Sara is always well prepared. As long as she can cope with the lessons thought in school and understand the method, she will be fine. Mmg tip top lah.

This week we plan to complete off Adib's vacc. Normally our first option will be KPMC but it's getting harder after one of Adib's regular paed moved. Until today, we couldn't fix our schedule with the Docs. Let's see if we can make…

KL Tower Mini Zoo and Jonker Mamee House

Adib is unwell. He's down with fever since yesterday. He's active; as usual. Running and chasing away with kakak. But he's still not fully recovered from cough which caught into him since last 2 weeks. That makes me more worry.
Sara, on the other hand is okay.

Okay so this is a longgggg overdue update. Konon kan nak rajin update blog. I guess I have to be more istiqamah when I do something. =P
So it happened during the CNY 2017 long weekend. We didn't have anything planned for the little kiddos. But come to think of it, since Sara have almost 1 week school off so I made up a plan, or maybe more haha. I googled and googled for places of interest in KL and Selangor then we finally decided to opt for nature. Zoo tu nature la kan. Torn between Zoo Negara, KL Tower Zoo, Butterfly Farm, Aquaria (eh eh?). After much considering; weather, rajin ke tak nak jalan, location, etc etc, we opt for KL Tower Zoo. Besides, we've been to Zoo Negara and Aquaria. Takkan nak repeat. Na…

Kisah kasut sekolah Sara hehe

27.1.2017 Alhamdulillah for blessing. Allah beri nikmat sakit, hujan, panas, dan sihat. 😊 syukur..
Now tht fever is gone but somehow the tummy and tastebud is still not-so-cooperative, i manage to resume to the major abandoned housechores - laundry. 😭😭😭 Dgn kasut2 skolah sara mama dah siap kapur tau. Haha. I'm capable liddat. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ So speaking of kasut sekolah, i have my personal thoughts abt them. Dulu masa mula2 nak beli kasut sara, i thot it's easier to buy kasut yang tak payah kapur; meaning yg material dia semua pvc (yg licin2 tu) yang ada elsa frozen bagai tu--but i was wrong! ❌πŸ™…Kasut mcm tu kalau kena kotor mak ai lagi kematu nak sental. And it takes forever to dry (esp in this ☔️☁️ season). πŸ’†πŸ»πŸ’†πŸ»So couple of days ago, we decided to buy another pair of shoes for Sara sbb as a back up la kalau 2 pasang kasut dia tu tak sempat kering. So belilah jenis jazz yang mmg all canvas. To our surprise, sara super loves πŸ’•πŸ’•her new shoes. Sampai 3 hari dia request nak pakai the …