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Ayra Hana birth story

I have the urge to write the birth story of our 3rd baby since the earlier days of her life.
But keep on procrastinating. 
I had experience induced labour during both Sara and Adib's delivery. The pain was - bearable but really was so strong I couldn't put them in words. I never had the chance to feel the "normal" contraction with these two so I was hoping and praying for a natural and smooth delivery for Ayra.  No more induced labour.
and Alhamdulillah Allah has answered my prayers. 
It was Friday after lunch where I started to feel like sakit perut memulas. It was unlikely period pain as described by many, it's more to rasa nak membuang camtu la, senang explain kan haha. But the pain was repeating. Sakit, lepas tu hilang, lepas 5 mins dtg balik. But no sign is shown. Tpi bila rasa baby dah asyik mengeras, I know it was almost - time. So I pun bersiap, peluk sayang Adib (he stayed at home with my mom n dad), salam everyone asking for dua' (sedih pulak time n…
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Finally a post after 5 months

Ya I know it's already september and dah lama tak update.
Don't where to start.
Semua pun nak update but in the end, nothing came out.

Sorry blog.
I am not a frequent blogger anymore.
I know I have to keep the mojo working.

So I have safely gave birth to a beautiful girl on 4.5.2018 at 7.55 pm in KPMC Kajang.
We name her Ayra Hana, a compulsory "label" to Hana's clan.
because I believe the mother does deserve credit for the pain she endured during labour.
A tiny label won't hurt right?
Haha. Thank you :)

And I have as well completed my 3 months maternity leave. She's 4month old yesterday (4.9.2018). Time flew by very fast. Alhamdulillah she's healthy and growing up well. And oh she's a quite a chatty too. At 2m+ she can roll over her body, raised her head, smiles and response to us, babytalk, and has good neck control. At 3m she can hold her own bottle during feeding (with a little help), raise her bump, roll over sampai almost fell down from the …


I am excited to update this dusty blog.
But what shall I write about? - I don't know.

Being in the third trimester - 36 weeks to be exact is no kidding. I guess when you're aging and pregnant you feel lethargic very easily. Maybe I am not FIT enough?
But still, you have to deal with what you have to do at work and home instead. You could not complain much. Errands have to be run. I still cook for dinner, almost every day. Laundry, no exception. Cleaning, yes but once in a while though.

Sara has been busy. I think she's still adapting to her new schedule. Previous 2-3 weeks was hectic for her. Despite a tight schedule at school, she had to attend numbers of rehearsal sessions for her first and second #TARI show. She looks tired, or so I think. But I can see that she had a pleasant time. You know the feeling when you've got the chance to do things that you fond of. That's more like it.

Counting days to Adib's 3rd birthday. It's on April 28th. May this little …

Kids absorb like a SPONGE!

And it's true!
Last night I discover Adib's new ability. He is actually a fast learner and has strong memories. Walaupun dalam main-main he apparently absorbs things very quickly. Yeah, like a sponge. MasyaAllah.
It started like this. You know it has been our routine for Sara & mama to recite dua' sebelum tidur, Surah Al-Fatihah plus surah Hafazan (now Surah Al-Fiil) which Sara is currently or has learned in school. Normally Adib won't bother to baca with us. Dia either gelak2 bila kita suruh or pretended to focus on his 'lagu'. Saja tau. Geram kadang. But once in a while he will also baca with us. Normally lepas habis kakak baca, mama will turn to him and ask him to at least say "bismillah..." before he dozed off. Ok la ni dia layan. Last night, I do the usual stuff to him. Pastu lepas "bismillahirrohmanirrohim" tu tiba-tiba dia sambung "Allohumma.." which was the beginning of dua' before sleep. So I proceed phrase by phr…

Happy Sticker

We have successfully set up our first and foremost so-called "family business". Though it is running under small scale, we have faith in this venture and we are 100% positive this is going to be a 'boom' one day. Talking about being an optimistic.

As for now,Happy Sticker is running on part time-home-basis. We have a "studio" set in our home-sweet-home where MM do all the design, printing and packaging. I, mostly in charge of the marketing and delivery part. And oh, not to mention the QC part. Haha. I haven't tried printing and designing myself, but soon inshaAllah. Everyone has their role. Sara also have fun showing-off in front of her friends hence she ended up brought home so many orders from school. #sigh But we prefer the proper way to order. Not through the kids. Order must be placed by an adult; i.e parents.

So that's how we run our Happy Sticker, at the moment. Basically, we get orders from colleagues, parent's of friends …

Mid of Jan 2018


1. Say Hello to Week 24 of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah. My pregnancy went well so far. Cuma alahan air liur tu ada lagi. this time around my saliva is more than usual. Mmg banyak. Setiap masa nak kena ludah. Kalau telan, rasa mual je tekak. Allahu.. Tak pasti la apa punca and bila akan ok. I have never experience these kind of alahan during the past two pregnancies. Maybe when you are ageing and pregnant, your hormones are unpredictable. But anyhow, syukur Ya Allah. Baby inside is the most importance. Yang lain-lain tu anggaplah dugaan dari Allah untuk hapuskan dosa-dosa. Semoga baby sihat-sihat dan sejahtera sahaja. Amin..

2. How was your weekend. Mine was superb. 2018 ni our weekend (Sat,Sun) is merely different from previous years. Kalau dulu our santai day was Sat and Sun. But now, outing has to be on Saturday because Sara has Tari class every Sunday. So normally Saturday, after the kids had their breakfast, shower, lepak2 kejap I will insist (sit with) Sara to finish up her ho…

Salam.. 2018

So how's your new year?
Any new resolutions?
Speaking of which, tahun ni macam tak nampak sangat orang update post pasal new year resolution. Or is it just me yang tak alert?

Mine is simply to improve for better and better and hope 2018 will be a better year for each one of us; me, le'hubs and our kids.

Nothing much happening in 2018.
Kalau in 2017 yes, sebab Sara started her primary school so pretty much excited about it.
2018, presumed into Standard 2. Alhamdulillah dapat maintain being in the first rank class. She's got 10As during her final exam during Standard 1. Overall ranking was 21 / 399. So proud of her.

Adib is still with babysitter. InshaAllah we will send him to BrainyBunch end of this year for trial session because he will start full-day session in 2019. Aunties pun semua dah kenal dah dia. Sebab selalu bawa dia jumpa aunties dengan Sara kan. I think it is a great exposure for him. At least he gets the idea and get used to the environment. InshaAllah he will …