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3yrs 3mths old munchkin

Assalamualaikum anak mama check out this video. its on youtube. yu look so comel in those purple dress.
an oh, finally we managed to get an apron that suits you very well from daiso. and again, you chose purple of all the colors. you are, likewise mama. we both love purple, and we would definitely choose purple, most of the time. ;-)
bye sayang. ttyl.
yours, mama

in this photo u were actually saying "cik nak order ape?" heheh ;p

cacar air? chicken pox?

ahah yg ni confusing. nk kena tanya 'doctor makcik'. hehe.

ok sbnrnya nk cerita pasal Sara. Sara tau tak? at the age of 3 yrs 2 months & 28 days Sara kena chicken pox. Weeks before, kawan sara kat rumah mama cham, afif kena chicken pox. lps tu sara ckp kesian afif, kena chicken pox. n u asked mama, kat rumah kita ada chicken pox tak? kenapa mama tak beli? sara nak chicken pox. masa tu i was thinking 'do you know what exactly chicken pox is?'. mama ckp tak boleh beli. chicken pox tu kan sakit. pastu sara sedih. then mama pun ckp ok la ok.  n smlm, dpt lah sara betul2 chicken pox. mujurlah mild je, tak demam n sara pun rileks je kan.  itulah kisahnye. in case one day u might gonna read this, Sara. N for record, sara dah kena chicken pox tau.  Get well soon my dear sweetheart! 
love, mama