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get away!

Currently in love-hate relationship with stuff at work! this is what I need the most. couldn't wait!!!!

Pat a 'cake'

Aktiviti kami anak beranak. Buat puding roti.

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Nap vs chores

A mom will always have something to do, even on nap time.
Hv a sweet nap sweetie :)

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I am lying beside sara in bed the moment I am posting this.
I'd rather make this short, yet sweet and meaningful.

This is for you, sara hana. Our little princess.

It breaks my heart to not be able to fulfill your requests such as ajak teman masak, nak layan sara buat itu ini, etc.

It breaks my heart even more to turn down your demand; nak "awak-awak" (ipad),especially.

you made my day after a tiring n hectic 8-5, and after mind boggling session at master class. Looking at your face wipes away all those tiredness n problems.

I might be busy with stuffs, I might not be a good mother some time but I want u to know that u are my life, you are my world. Mama will always try to do, give my best to you. That's my promise.

Sara, I know you might be reading this someday. Please keep in mind, n in the deep of ur heart that mama sayang sgt sara. I love u bunch, I love u endlessly, I love u eternally. Always kee it to your heart.

Xoxo, mama
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First Haircut

Sara got her first saloon haircut. She behaves very well, to our surprised. Off course she was sitting on my lap n I hv to hold her. And she loves her new hair cut, senyum je tgk cermin. She even said "mama jgn kacau rambut sara" when I purposedly touched her hair. Hehe. That's our ever so bubbly sara hana.

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Do you realize that? At one particular moment, when we relishes, there are people who suffers?  And the other way round, definitely.
Do you know that? When some parents irrationally ignoring or idly paying attention to their kids prolly because they are busy with something or someone or..whatsoever, some other fighting their emotions due to the losses of their kids?
Will you regret? When you lose something or someone that you have taken for granted over something else that has no impact to you at all, in such a good way?
Does it ever come to you?
Does it ever occurred to you?
Have you ever take a second to thoroughly think about it?
Yes, it is one full of emotions post. It's just that, I read a blog of a mother who lost her 10-months-old baby girl (today is the 6th day, if I'm not mistaken) and Allah knows best how hard the burden, the sadness, the whatever emotions she had to face. She had these b-engorgement for few days since her little angle left, and she's asking for…

long holiday?

Horay! I am back, alive and kicking!

Oh okay what a tagline.

So, I have a story of the good and bad.

And to release the bad one first, buang yang kurang ONG dulu :P

Will be having a loooooooooooong mid term break (from master studies). Hmm, suprising is it?
Apparently there will be no subject offered for the special semester (Feb-March 2013). In other words, will be having the break from end of January until May 2013. Oh that was long enough and kind of frustrating ok? I was planning to register for another subject during the semester, so that I can finish my master earlier *eyes rolling*. Kalau ku tahu akan ada coti lama begini, baik makcik plan beranak time ini. Huh. Ok ok back to reality and back to where I am! next conceive planned on 2014 or dekat2 nak habis master, insya Allah, Amiin. Oh boleh ke gitu? Hehe.. =P

Okay done with the ramblings.

There comes the good one. Long break, means more relax, more time, more jalan-jalan hehe, more time to be spent with Sara, and more holiday…

Dear Husband

It's been three years of our marriage today. You are always the one I dearly love, wholeheartedly. You are, nevertheless, still the one I turned to first in crisis or celebration, sorrow and joy.

By all means, happy 3rd anniversary, dear. I love you!