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Natgrad dan segalanya

1. Paper for Natgrad submitted. Finally. Alhamdulillah. My first attempt in writing technical paper;i.e conference paper. Have to admit it ain't easy. Ingat senang mcm tulis blog? oh. tulis blog pun tak senang tau. Ok so I finally got the green light from my sv, the Prof. to submit the paper on the 9th Feb. Legaaaa sangat. Now awaiting for the acceptance notification. Kena doa banyak2 ni so that my paper will be accepted and qualified for conference. InshaAllah ada rezeki dapat present paper during Natgrad Conference on 8 & 9 April 2015, right before the due date. Pray for me okay. :)

2. Now that I am in my 3rd trimester (to be exact 30 weeks). 10 weeks to go. InshaAllah. The baby inside is healthy alhamdulillah, kicking actively.

3. Now I am in the midst of pulun ganti puasa. 2 down, 6 more to go. #nangis

4. On another note, Sara skrg ada hobi baru. She likes to write: Alphabet. And started to learn to read. Go go Sara! And she's getting mature too, and clingy, and chatty…