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Pls ignore the title above. Takde kaitan. Its the song I've been listening to ulang2 kali smpai nak muntah. Hahahaha.

I am soooo pissed of with the creep @theoff. I don't know. Everything about him seems not right to me. Its like thers always SAGA between us. Weird hoh? I cant barely had an eye to eye conv wit him. Not even once. God. I dont wanna be a mean person. I know its not nice to despise someone so badly. I knew it. But I just.. cant. Mebbe I need help. *sigh*

On another note, 'he' will be working @"happyhour" for this whole coming Apr. One bummer thing is am so gonna miss the "dateS". No more late nite supper or teh-ais-lounging, etc.etc.bla bla. uhuh. But the good part is tht I will be having pleasure time lazying at home which is wht am really good at :p , shopping spree or goss & biatchin' session wit tha besties. Yada.yada. :D

Ok. I really.really hv to take my butt off this comfy couch and do something yg lebih bermanfaat. Off noww…

i.need.u.b :)

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Omg am so head over heal for this song. With every kiss and every hug,,you make me fall in love..So schweeeeeeeet for a guy to sing or dedicate this song to a lady. Dont you think so? I mean.. Really.really.really sweet. Ohhh shites. I yam a hopeless romantic.again?? Wek.wek.muntah :p. And oh bythway, if dont believe me.. check out the lyrics yoh. I'm sure you are gonna hv my kinda hope too. at leasssssttt. Ahahahaha. Bummer. Dream on baby. Enjoy the song ;)

Lyrics: Chris Brown - With You lyrics

I need you boo
I gotta see you boo
And there's hearts all over the world tonight
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight
I need you boo
I gotta see you boo
And there's hearts all over the world tonight
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight

Hey lil mama, ooh you're a stunner
Hot little figure, yes you a winner, and
I'm so glad to be yours
You're a class of your own and
Ooh little cutie, when you talk to me
I swear the whol…

hpy.strday ppl

I've seen the 27 dresses!! First thing in this saturdy mornin. Gigih boo hoooo. A sweet, farny and delightful chick-flick muvee. Not a bad film by any means, but there's just not so many things special going on here either. Nway girls,, theres no harm spending ur 10bucks for dis movie bcos its worth it. And oh.. i am soo fall for James Marsden who plays Kevin in tht mvie. Goshh he is soooooo predictably dreamy. and yummy!! *oww*

Had our lunch at rojak-rojak. And after tht go for a quickie shopping at th*ecurve street market wher i bought 3 bangles for rm10 and a vest-top. Yess ppl. its such a great bargain especially for the bangles. Walaupun tangan ku kecil dan kurus nak jugak pakai bangles. Gigih betul. :p

Speaking of shopping, hopped into mango mv yesterday during lunchtime with colleague. Bought a white top and a matching sleeveless top. tak pegi pun the*gardens sbb grumpiness gara2 hi heel aku yg menyakitkan kaki yg mengundang kepada kesakitan hati. egh. egh. keji.

Its ra…

Things to do tonite:-

- Dinner nasi lemak@kelanajaya wit tha babe ~Accomplished
- Clean out kipas yg dah mcm "nak hidup segan, mati tak mau" tu. (p/s:housmate know wht i mean :p) ~Done
- Laundry! Laundry!! ~Procrastinating uhuh :(
- Watch desperate housewife season 4 first episode yippieeee glad its backkk!!!!!!

ok.ok. am goin to watch the DH now. Dont wanna miss this very 1st episode ;>

taa darlin'

blissssssssssssssful ;)

nanait ppl. hv a nice dream. muah**

Im sleepy. blardy sleepy. adakah kerana char hor fun tadi ada dadah? ohhhh no way. or was it just a lame excuse of me malas nak blajar? keji. keji. ok?

im still thinking of going or not going to kelanajaya tonite. malassss sgt. and sleepy too. drat. but if i hv to sleep there I hv to bring all my stuffs yg byk dan berbagai2 itu ke sana juga. Am not gonna allow myself to miss any of it. But unfortunately I always end up tertinggal a thing or two. eghhh. dilema nya saya.

Nak tido petang kejap.


stila.baju kurung*grin*.>=3"high heels.resipi kari ikan saya


ahh how blisssss. lazying at home. chilling.watching tv.doin nothing at all. bestnya in the sense of you dont hv to burden ur mind to think of wht, where and when to eat. Mm.. Anyway mom cooked nasik lemak this early morning but I only had my bfast at 1000am. Mmm..not so late i suppose for a saturday :P

I finally bought the watermelon seed (which i like to pronounced it as "seseme seed"). Oh fyi its some kind of ubat serbuk untuk "ulser" yang berkawah mcm gunung berapi dalam mulut anda itu dan boleh didapati di kedai herba cina dengan harga rm3 per tube. Work quite well for ulser compared to bonjela yang mahal and ntah ape2 rase tu. Neway Ive been suffering from this ulser for 3 freaking days. heck. Tak boleh tahan d. Really spoiled my eating desire. Buergh!!

Yesterdy drove off to png to settle the passport and stuff. All the way from alorstar. Terpaksa lah since alorstar branch closed on friday and I need those thing as quick as possible, at least bfore I go back to…



I will start blogging using this web blog. You guys so gonna like this web blog since I might want to do some IT thingy which is posting the videos or some html blogthing coding somewht was limitation with w*ordpress. So hang in there and pls bookmark this url y'all :)

And the bub*blyd0lly will be closing soon....