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short trip to Bukit Tinggi

Last saturday we had a trip to Bukit Tinggi Pahang. It was apparently a last minute decision since we have to include my little brother yang kejap on, kejap off trip. The main reason for the trip was to attend a kenduri of relatives' at Bentong. So alang-alang dah sampai sana kan, mcm agak penat utk pergi day-trip. So few days before the weekend, we have booked 2 rooms at Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi.

Colmar Tropicale is indeed a splendid location for relaxation. The ambiance and environment is different as we enter the hotel area. It has the French concept all over the places, from the building, decoration, rooms, restaurants foods and the park.

On the second day, after check-out around 12-ish, we heading off to Japanese Village. The buggy ride is provided from the hotel to places of interest such as Japanese Village, Botanical Garden, Rabbit Farm but we only opt to go to Japanese Village. Since we (MM and I) had been to the real Japanese Village during our stay in Japan, so it&…

twitter widget

Tak paham la twitter widget ni. At one time it can work well but the next I open it, the tweet list doesn't seem to appear. haish. menguji kesabaran betul.

Sara, getting more clingy as she gets older (old la sangat kan budak kecik ni). I like. I like. Even though sometimes mama wish to have a 'me' time but come to think of it, mama relakan Sara to cling with me. Ye la kan bila lagi nak manjakan anak. She's quite a crybaby nowadays (look who's talking ;p). Tak boleh tinggal mesti nak nangis. We (to be exact -mama) have to attend to her anytime she wants to be attended. Demanding kan these little princess? Hehe.
Oh btw, she will turn 1 year 3 months old tomorrow. Happy birthday again, Sara Hana :)

And my routine as her mama goes on and on. Wake up as early as 5a.m masak nasik, n then pukul 6plus gets her lauk to be cook and done. Pastu prepare her EBM, and make toast bread for her breakie - compulsory! Saya kasihan jika anak saya tidak makan breakfast. breakfast is a…

5 in 1 updates. There you go girl

It has been few days since our short trip to Kota Kinabalu. T'was indeed a very nice and relaxing trip. Relax sangat sampai nearly missed our boarding time. By the way, I still have not upload the pictures of our vacation. Will update very soon. With picture, promise!

By the way, will be heading back to Alor Star tomorrow. Another can't wait trip. Oh rindu hometown, Allah knows. So there will be a total relax weekend at my parent's. Best sangat ya Allah.

On another note, I am sooooo furious with the people at the ofc. Extremely furious to the extend that I can't work well but alhamdulillah masih rational thus I manages to finished the task assigned to me J.I.T! Look, think before you act la people. All of us are trying to work professionally here, for the sake of seeking for barakah and rezeki yang Halal. JUst manage your own selves before you try to manage others, so that will be well and fair. I am not talking about being fair, sebab its well-known there's nothin…