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wedding prep part 1

ahhh..what a relief. thanks to cayang's brilliant mind that I managed to IMPORT my "make up pro" for kl's reception. I was at my wits end dah tadi. Sakit otak aku pikir nak cari "pak andam" kat kl ni kalau "pak andam" itu tak ikut. Luckily M managed to figure out the mess. ahahaha. Thanks yang. I owe you a *muahh*. hehe. :P

Boleh tak I am so worried about the "red carpet"? Cepatlah tiba hari sabtu and then I can start moving ahead..

And as for my side, hiv test checked. Pelamin thingie checked. Photographer checked. Baju and make-ups etc checked. Ah need to mentioned that our receptions baju will be sponsored. Both are new ones. And one of 'em will be is currently tailored and will complete within 3 weeks time. It's solely my own taste. It will be the one I'll be wearing during reception in KL.

Document nikah belum complete. Still waiting for his hiv test. KL sangat teruk ok?

I am currently using our apartment wireless. And at th…

sibuk nak raya ke.. kawin? :P

...I choose kawin. heheheheheh...
Hari raya is just a few days to go. I enjoyed the preparations. But the joy of my wedding preparation is on top of everything. Fiance and I bought the hantaran stuffs. We again decided to do the 5 versus 7, just like we did during the engagement. The items for me are Lancome makeup, Liz Claiborne tote bag, Aldo shoes, sireh junjung and duit hantaran included, make it 5 items.And for mukhlis, i bought the Valentino shoes, Polo long sleeve and tie, Wallet, Seiko watch, will add some fruits, famos amos cookies and another one...soon to be determined. Oh sangat2 buntu mahu cukupkan 7 itu. But luckily t'was only 7. Kalau 9? cemane? tak ke pening? huhuhu.
And anyways, loads of things to do after hari raya. The list will go long and longer...
- Need a visit to hasrul's boutique for bajus' fitting session and etc. (well i need a new baju of my desired design..) - tempah kad kawin ( i have few in mind. but let cayang decide on this) - kumpul adress jem…