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Ok just a quick one. Finally an update. #bitingnails
Just so you know my viva date has been set and emailed to me last thursday. Urgh. How nice. I only have 1 week (TBE 5 days) to prepare for everything; including mental, brain, courage, and presentation slides of course. ATM I dont think I would have an ample time to prepare to perfection, but i'Allah I will definitely do my best. And now that I am working (read: stress jegil2 mata) on my ppt slides and taking a 15-min-break for 'pumping', i decided to blog. Yeah. A wise decision to de-stress.
But, tell u what? Finally, a VIVA!! What more can u ask for? After like almost--- 4 years? Haha. Yes. I do my masters for 4 years. Headache. Pls pray for me. And i will pray hard. And work hard for 3 more days. It will finally over.. Soon. With success. InshaAllah.
Ok. I will write more after viva.  Later peeps!
Viva voce : 24 mar 2016
Rindu sara adib ❤️

Gerhana matahari

Sara Hana and her friends perform solat sunat gerhana at school. MasyaAllah tabarakallah. Ya Allah bless them ya Allah. Jadikan mereka dan kami semua penghuni syurgamu Ya Allah. Aaminn.

Proud mama,

Dusty page

Oh blog blog blog.

Now that I am done with dissertation (submitted on 7 Feb 2016 for examiner) and waiting for viva voce, I presume that I will have more time to spend on reading and writing (read: blogging). But thing goes upside down. Work has been chaotic and disordered but I don't prefer to rant. One after another, or should I say more than one after another #taponmyback. Alhamdulillah things are now back in order.

Sara and Adib are doing well. At 10 month-old Adib weighted 8 kg. And Sara is now 14.9 kg (at 5 & half years old). Adib dah pandai duduk, and can stand up on his own. Belum menapak lagi. Tapi dah panjat2 katil, sofa, slide and cabinet. Dah pandai naik push car kakak, and the battery-operated motor tu. He loves to watch cartoon, and would moves (read: dance) when he hears his favorite song from cartoon show. He has the sweetest smile in the world, admiring his dimple. Very active and healthy alhamdulillah. Gigi je lambat sikit. Haish that tooth why you so stubbor…