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insyaAllah wie're going to japan in few months time. To be honest I am super excited. But yeah, i know for many certain reasons we have to keep it low bcos there are way too many things undone;visa, hotels etc. But again, insyaallah we'll go to japan insyaallah.
It's booked, paid and confirmed

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Look! New shades. B-)

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Pixajoy Photo book

Oh by the way received the Pixajoy photo book of Sara last week. T'was the one that I purchased on Groupon few months ago, which I have been procrastinated on the design part.
Was contented with the book itself because all of the designed pages and photos were there, not one of it have been removed of repaired or modified. Superb printing and outcome I must say, thus credited to Pixajoy. And oh the customer service was also good. At first I submitted 20 pages of design, because that was so I thought. They emailed me and inform that I have 40 pages of photo book so I still have another 20 pages which is so wow, banyak ok. Well it took me almost 2 days to design the books, only for 20 pages and for another 20 pages, it was kind of tiring. But to waste the 20 pages is a NO-NO kan? So there I go again, design lah saya another 20 pages itu. Have to dig the photos of Sara here and there, despite the zillions photos of her since newborn (okay I might be exaggerate thing here). But the m…

Hot and water

These is a conversation between a daughter and her mama
Sara was playing with her toys near our balcony sliding door and mama was tidying up books

Sara : mama, panas
Sara : hot
Mama : ya, hot
Sara : zis(this) is hot
Mama : oh ok this is hot

Mind blown.
My daughter can put up a sentense now.

Last night
Sara : mama, sara nak air
Mama : mana air sara?
Sara : water water

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recent update jer

We had dinner at TGI fridays IOI puchong last night.
Sara had 3 rounds on merry-go-round She insisted mama to take her photo with kuda merry-go-round before leaving She also bought a pair of princess shoes (heels) yang sama mcm mama, katanya. Oh that's her first high heels. Okay kids nowadays wears heels at 2 and half years old. Like, what? Geeezz. (tak sempat ambik gambar shoes, will pat in the next post)