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first day at school: after school

We picked her up around 12. Her face looks like she just cried. A little gloomy face i could tell. Mengadu kat ayah sambil nangis: "sara tak dapat main kat luar, tak dapat main masak2 pun". Laaa ingatkan tak suka school, rupanya sedih sbb takde mainan. Hehe such a cheeky girl. The aunty told me she did cry a little as they finished the doa after dhuha most probably when she noticed we weren't there. But after that she was fine. And another sobs masa nak balik when she saw everyone is hurrying to go out from school she might be afraid of being left out. So cute. Takpe la you will get used to it soon Sara, and i am sure you will be better tomorrow sbb bila dalam kereta when she was okey the story-telling started and she keeps on talking about her school what she did and what she ate and stuffs. And yes she looks happy she even said she wants to go to school again, tomorrow. Siap suruh mama cepat2 basuh uniform. Thats mama's n ayah's girl!
Ok till then. She's sle…

Its school day!!

Here we go. School it is. Sara woke up at 7:15 am, bathe, had breakfast and off we sent her to her new school. It was great. She didnt cry a bit even when we left. She behaves very well. She have got all the courages and i can tell she loves her new school and friends. She's so keen to going to school that she refused to wear her baju, insist on wearing the uniform. Fortunately she gets her uniform as soon as she registered and she wear it right away! Punya la excited kan. But she still as usual, malu2 but the good thing is she could cope. Ya Allah syukur sangat for making things easier for her, and for us. Alhamdulillah. I hope these will remain throughout days and weeks and months and years of her schooling period. Insha Allah Sara is a bright girl we have faith in you, young lady :)

Sara is going to school tmrw!!

Yeah it is. She's going to BBIM tmrw. 4.8.2014, a remarkable date for us. It is going to be her very first day at kindie. Insha Allah. Ya Allah honestly I still don't believe it my daughter is going to enter a new phase in her life; school and it is our new phase too, being the parents. It is a brand new experience i am having jitters inside me over the week. We intentionally took for a visit to the school to excite her, to constantly telling her that she is going to the school soon, very soon. 
A mixed feeling. The worries, excitement, overwhelmed, happy, everything's mixed up and its barely explained. *tap on my back*
Ya Allah pls pls pls i pray to you pls ease everything for our Sara Hana on her first day and days ahead at school. Grant her with all the courage, happiness, motivation, excitement in the world. I pray to you for her safety, and protection from any form of harm. amin ya rabbal'alamin.
I hope she will be fine. I believe she will be fine. I know she will be f…