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because of these two.

1. I, as a student. ..the waiting of master's exam result was finally over. alhamdulillah, despite all the worries and regrets of "not doing well", "i could do better", "why didnt i do this and that?" in Advanced Engineering Math subject, managed to get a good standing result, alhamdulillah. many grateful to Allah for answering our prayers. The advanced math paper was the most killed paper because of the numerical material. I was worried sick to the extend of the thoughts of getting less than B keeps lingering in my head, and I still have all my adv. math notes safe in my school bag, in case of anything bad happen (repeat subject la, apa lagi huhu). Thank Dr Bern, Dr Aidil and Dr Hanim, a B+ and an A is more than good for me. Thanks to my backbone, MM for his endless support and never ending trust in his wife. TY to the parents and all the doa. And, Sara Hana, this is for you little girl! Mama <3 you lots!
And btw, congrats to…

i miss...

jalan-jalan window shopping with Sara Hana
hang out with 'em both (MM & SH)
to have a nice and leisure weekend
the moment of togetherness with sara hana, alone.

oh. damn! :(

milk supply

I have been b/feeding Sara for over 22months. And recently I noticed that my milk supply is depleting. It's kind of frustrating somehow but I need to accept the fact that it's a nature of breastfeeding. You can't expect to produce / pump the same amount of milk like in early months or stages of b/feeding. Well okay its nature and its normal. And plus, Sara will become a toddler in the soonest time (another 1 month plus to go). So weaning off is about to come. But truth be told, direct feed is hard to resist. It is the hardest part in the whole wean off process. Anyway, the decision is her's. Yes, it is her's. I will leave it for her to decide.

Well gotta go. It's lunch time!

22 months old

Ok this is a real hiatus. I have not been updating the blog for months and now running out of ideas what to write, and where to start.

Just so you know, my mid term break has officially started. Celebrated the "victory" of manage to end the first semester at genting. Here we go again, genting lagi. hehe.

Sara is 22 months old now. She is BIG! She has BIG and lotsa words now! she can make a full sentence, that sometimes leads us to confusion. But most of the time we managed to get the messages. She talks a looooootttttttttt, but has no word when surrounded by those who seems anonymous to her. She can run well. She can recognize common people and stuff that is familiar to her. She can name her friends at school. And imitate them (the way they sleep, cries, etc). Kids, the grew up very fast. Too fast for us to notice. Too fast for us to catch up. But I am very much grateful that I have not missed the important stage of her development and her everything "first", such …