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...can do many things when she's "boring"
Oh anakku

iPad? Gadget?

This is my personal view. Please do not offence. Just, please. *on my knee, begging*

Well okay, we bought the iPad couple of months ago. Since that, my little girl is getting used to it. We have it installed with the educational kid's app, games and stuffs. 
And now, she mastered it. The YouTube video of Upin Ipin, the TV commercial and baby videos of her liking, her favorite game of Angry Bird, and so forth.
Well, that's good.
Recently she's been asking for iPad (she called if "awak-awak) quite a number of times. Like, 4-5 times a day. And per session could take up to half an hour. Oh?
Well again, okay. It seems to give us a little 'free' time when she's stick to the screen.

Then, I noticed, she has lost interest in the toys. Her real physical toys. She rarely touch her block toys, her Lego, her masak2 toys, etc. Okay, talking about boxes of her toys collection.
And also, I noticed, she has lost interest in books. Her piles of books are now safe a…

pretty in pink

me loving the day out with Sara and hubs :)

The beauty of sara

sara warded at kpmc, again

Date admitted :
10 Oct 2012 830 p.m

Date discharged :
11 Oct 2012 1030 a.m

Symptom :
Non stop vomiting which lead dehydrated, slight fever.

The cause :
unknown. but me suspected  'drink' poisoning. Oh next time has to be super extra careful. (Rasanya dah memang extra careful, but maybe the luck is not there. Allah knows best.)

To date, Sara is still not fully recovered. Alhamdulillah she's no more vomiting, cirit2 but then comes the night fever, cough and flu. The fever is on and off. That's a worry. So last night, we paid another visit to her pediatrician @kpmc and guess what, she's acting like a very active and friendly little girl, lari sana sini, seems like no sakit at all. Oh anakku. =D

Ya Allah, my pray is to raise a healthy happy kid. Forgive us ya Allah, forgive our wrongdoings. May our little girl get the best protection and health as granted by you Allah. Amin.

First post

...using the new iPad. #big.grin :D

a fresh start

well not so fresh.. =P. By the way I am going to my 2nd semester of postgraduate studies @uni. Just like the previous semester, I'll be taking only two subjects (max subjects per sem for part time student is three). Not to be greedy, I really need to focus and again, aim for A's. Ya la kan, with things at work, at home; kids, house chores, etc. Welcome to hectic life, again!

Just to share my timetable for these Sep-Jan 2012 semester.