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1. Another 13 days to go yay!! Kansai, Kobe, Osaka, Naan Inn. Dotonbori, Namba here we come!!
2. Result exam master last semester, saja nak tepek kat sini untuk kenangan dihari 'tua' nanti hehe.. Alhamdulillah, despites all the hardness and difficulties, dapat 4 flat sem lepas. Syukur ya Allah.

3. This current semester is my 4th semester in master studies. Way to go. Research belum start.InsyaAllah akan berusaha gigih to finish master degree in next year!
4. The preparation for trip to Japan is 85% completed. Rasanye perlu beli baju sejuk utk Sara lagi sehelai kot. The list of items belum buat, foods and stuffs. Tiket JR pun dah beli dekat JTB. The plan, the maps, where to eat and what to do, still not clearly pictured in my mind. Too many things to settle before the depature. Tak suka tau tak sempat research! Nanti senang je lost :(
5. Mind my writing style. It is a mess. A total mess, recently. No longer good in lingua. #sad
6. Neways I really pray and doa and hope and tawak…

Hello again, blog

Okay just a quick update

1. Sara is approaching 3 years old next month. Alhamdulillah she is healthy, wittier, chattier and happy. She progresses very well indeed. Have thousands millions of vocab. Love to sing. Love to watch princesses stories. Know how to operate a laptop (turn on and play her princess DVD). Currently she is so into Hi-5. Suka nyanyi2 and dance. Very helpful little monster. Suka masak-masak.

She can recite doa makan and doa tido on her own alhamdulillah.
More to teach, more to be learned and more to come insyaAllah.
May bless be with you, my little angel- Sara Hana.
Suka mainan tangga
Suka tgk bomba, ambulan
Suka main mainan ambulans di Genting Highlands

2. Finished final exam and super hectic period of work. But still exhausted. Need a break. Need a more pleasant view.

3. Heard that result for master will be posted tomorrow (4/10). Hope success be with us.

4. Still planning for a trip to Japan. To date almost 80% done. Will be staying in Il Coure Namba Hotel, will …