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Aidilfitri wishes..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
to my beloved cribs, my fellow frends, and for all muslims.
Maaf Zahir & Batin.
Jgn lupakan org kat perantauan ni ek.. :D

..hana yori :)
Nihon Aug, 4 ~ present

i'm back... square. Yes people!! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! I've learn a good lesson and finally I managed to get thro it. Ahhhhhh wht a relief!! Thank God.

p/s: this entry is just to let you guys know that I am doing really.really.really.really fine and I am back to my normal self.


pp/s: i.m.B.c.w.t.g.b.hom* \o/\o/

before I knew it..

Click Play before you read this entry

I can't do it. I just can't. There is no way of writing this entry without sounding like a paranoid crazy.

I woke up this morning feeling crancky, weak and spacey. For a moment I can't move. Then, hesitantly I sink back into bed, overcome by the most extraordinary weird feeling. Maybe I should just give up on the whole 'nightmare'. Forget abt it. Let it go. The chances are I'll never be able to do anything. I'm powerless. They have all the power; I have none. You people might think that I sound delusional. Its not just that.. I sound like a bitter, twisted lil girl with a grudge.

I dont wanna be a geek, a loser with no life. No way.

Plus, there's something else. Something nagging at me. A final piece of the 'jigsaw' still missing in my dazed brain. It will come to me might be in a minute, hour, day, or maybe a week.

But even as I'm thinking it I know thats not what I'm going to do. I cant forget about. I…


the lovely persons I dearly miss...


Hari ini tak gembira langsung OK. I hv so many things running in my head. I hate it so bloody darn much. On top of that, had a huge raw with someone. Grumpiness that never seems to end. Until now. I don't know what goes wrong, whom and where. I have no idea. I am very much upset and dissapointed that I can't barely hold the tears.

God. I hate myself for being this way, but I just can't help it. I need to know. I want to know. I feel like I am a psychotic paranoia. I don't know why. It is just..there. I hate myself for being this way. This is so not me. I am truly aware that I have gone far beyond my normal own self.

So that's it. I'm no longer the supportive/sporting/open minded sweetheart, who would just sit there and listen about other girls. Gone are those days.

Now I found that its hard to trust anyone. No one. No freaking one!

God please help me find a way to mend this broken heart. A good cry that heals, is what I really need.

awak.. i hope to cling to u..itsu…

Random Post

Just a random post of something randoms.. hmmm...
I really would love to write, but I don't know how to write. Bummer!
So there goes the piccas.

JLPT exam's book

jeng jeng jeng

denshi jishou baru saya. cute kan?

kononnya nak study.. but ended up playing around, baca buku cite and taking pics. :P

oh how i miss the leisure time like this one.

And how I miss my life back there. Chilling out till late up nite. Teh-ais lounging at mamak's. Biatching and goss session with the galfwends. Oh boi. I sooo am missing doing all those things.

..but I enjoy life as it it, as I enjoy the presence of 'ai' here..

lots of lov,

Akashi O-matsuri.

..was the day I tried on those yukata. Cantik kan? :D
Sept 1, 2008

tht macik is showing cara2 menggayakan yukata

kalut gila ok macik tu. huhu

excited. tgk lah sampai terpejam2 mata. benci ;P *bluergh*

ayat-ayat cinta

Yes ppl. Just so you know, that was the title of the Indon's movie. Watched those movie yesterday and I had my heart all melted out yet broken down. I was so truly touched by the storyline. Feeling so low, miserable and carried away for the whole day. Pathetic hoh?

Btw, I am truly agree with those who said that it was a really good movie instead. It was fantabulous. It was heart touching. It was just............... amazing. And I happened to know that the storyteller also wrote the book of the same title, and obviously the same stories. Can't wait to read that particular book. But it seems like I have to wait until I go back to Malaysia bfore I can have that book tho. Ah. Sad. ;(

Speaking of which, I am currently sooo darn head over heals for the OST, sang by Rossa. The song keeps on playing in my winamp & handphone mp3's, one after another, till now countless of times. Saya mahu dengar lagu ini sampai muak dan muntah hijau only then I will stop listening to it. And to …

Himeji Castle Sightseing Trip

ohhhh. Sangat best ok? But then fighting all over nak berjalan since this is the fasting month and so you know the temptation is hardly resist. But alhamdulillah, we managed to get through it dan berjaya menghabiskan satu hari berpuasa walaupun haus dan dahaga ya amat yang hanya Tuhan tahu. Dah la all the way during the walk byk pulak kedai jual ice cream yg sangat yummilicous ok?? Sakit hati kan? huhu. But anyway, the trip of 3 was soooooo amazing. And I'm truly looking fwd for another trip. Ahhhh. Can't wait nk jalan2 lagi. :D

As usual, those are the phots. And oh. Im in the midst of uploading 'em to fP. but "thank" to the bad network connection.

lov this pics ;D

view from the 6th floor of the castle

koen (garden). admission fees 300 yen

kimono shop. Sangat mahal ok

had our breaking fast @ chinese restrn

Himeji town during night

last but not least.. whom, it may concern ;p

Osaka. Shopping!!!

Babes. Those are the piccas of me and some frends doing a lil' omiyage shopping @yodobashi Osaka. I prefer to lazeeee around instead of writing. Seriously. Ho hum pig bum. Hana is such a lazeeee bum. Ohhh mind her will ya..? :S

Anyhoots, enjoy the phots :D