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i need

1. new tops / clothes (like seriusly OK? no kidding)
2. high heels or wedges or those kind of shoes to match with pink and purple clothes
3. extra mooolahs to top up the "wang terkumpul"

urgh. sungguh pening.

what made my day

Just so you guys know, it has been more than 3 weeks since I came back from Nihon. Aaaa, tell you what, I miss nihon. Like really. もし チャンス が あったら、もういちど 日本 へ 行きたい!!

if you guys noticed, this blog has been left on a hiatus for almost 1 month d. And perhaps there were no more readers, neither hoppers. Sangat zannen. Hehe.

sangat mengantuk. dan penat. saya hanya mahu update sesuatu that really really made my day.

Today was the 1st day I went to work as 'his other half'. This time it is for real and for ever. Ah but wait a sec. I' m not married just yet (but jitsu wa.. tanoshimi yo *malu*). Do not misinterprete the word 'other half' ok. But the happy and しあわせ vibe is there. So yes, I'd love to tell the world that...

(well YOU know who u are ;))

Awak, saya suka kita jadi 'lovebirds' itu and so a clingy sweetheart of yours. I am sooooooooooooo love it baby.

Dah. Boleh tido skrg.

Oyasumi baby.

yours truly