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Kids absorb like a SPONGE!

And it's true!
Last night I discover Adib's new ability. He is actually a fast learner and has strong memories. Walaupun dalam main-main he apparently absorbs things very quickly. Yeah, like a sponge. MasyaAllah.
It started like this. You know it has been our routine for Sara & mama to recite dua' sebelum tidur, Surah Al-Fatihah plus surah Hafazan (now Surah Al-Fiil) which Sara is currently or has learned in school. Normally Adib won't bother to baca with us. Dia either gelak2 bila kita suruh or pretended to focus on his 'lagu'. Saja tau. Geram kadang. But once in a while he will also baca with us. Normally lepas habis kakak baca, mama will turn to him and ask him to at least say "bismillah..." before he dozed off. Ok la ni dia layan. Last night, I do the usual stuff to him. Pastu lepas "bismillahirrohmanirrohim" tu tiba-tiba dia sambung "Allohumma.." which was the beginning of dua' before sleep. So I proceed phrase by phr…