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my spectra 3 pump buat hal?

ahdoi. spectra3 kesayangan saya buat hal ke? no no no!! tadi masa pumping session petang, sebelah kanan ok. then bila nak pam sebelah kiri suction macam low je.. pastu production pun low gak. sblh kiri dapat 3oz je. nape eh? it even make weird sound pulak tu. Confuse sekejap. Nak check filter n membrane tak nampak sbb pump dalam gelap (dalam pantry tak switch on lampu). 
akibatnya pumping pun halfway je. Sedih.. :( haish. tak boleh jadi ni. balik kena investigate lagi ni. hmmm......

Sara's First Solid Food

I have not been updating for quite a long time. My writing skill has been lacking since then. I am running out of ideas of what I am going to write; especially when it comes to the part of choosing the beautiful yet meaningful words. Hurmmm...

Okay done with that.

Anyway, my little daughter has reached to 6 month old last 15th May. I am extremely excited to start cooking her food, especially her very first food. As a first time mother, I am determined to cook for my daughter as long as I could. Apart from my hectic daily life at work (yes, work has been piling up right now), the house chores and etc,  I tried to find some quality time to be spend with my little girl. It's a wonderful experience to see your child growing up. And it would be even more wonderful to pamper our child with the homemade food, our own 'air tangan'. =)

So for Sara, I started out with plain porridge serve with breast milk I prefer to use breast milk for thinning the texture of the porridge instead o…

Avocado and Banana Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food: Carrots