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I feel lethargic recently. A lot heavier as baby A reaches 36 weeks. Didn't get enough sleep as I supposed to. By 11 a.m I feel like walking zombie dah menahan mata yang mengantuk ni. Sleepy head. Blame the hormones.

Last nite had a quickie shopping at IOI puchong. Nothing much. We had dinner at Pelita beforehand and then as we reached IOI Sara insisted that we go to Toys'r'us first. Ayat dia tak boleh tahan.. "Sara tak beli apa pun nak tengok je". How smart. She ended up buying her favorite Robocar figurine Amber and Roy. And then boleh pulak berkenan T-shirt Elsa+Anna from frozen dkt booth depan Toys'r'us tu.

We spend most of our time at Popular Bookstore. I still have my RM 250 book voucher whilst MM still have a balance of RM 100 so we thought we could splurge those bit. Sara was always the most excited when it comes to books. So we ended up with 5 books for her, a Love, Rosie for me and 1 for MM. Fair enough huh? Hahaha. That's what you can expec…

Tiara>>Satria>>Swift>>what's next? la la la

Finally. Kenderaan tiara telah kembali kepada tuannya. Sob sob. Hehe. What a statement. Apparently my dad took our Tiara back to kedah today. Tiara pun balik kedah yo. It's been soooo sooo long. Years. Sangat legend lah kereta tu. Dad bought the car when I was in Form 4 (back in 1998) during its first launch. Sebelum tu kereta kami hanyalah Fiat aje. Ala fiat petak the old school car that has the 'motorboat' kind of exhaust sound. Kuat gila bunyi ekzos fiat tu. Berdesing telinga kau. So merasalah kami kereta baru. Yay! Merasa juga lah datang KL interview scholar TNB sampai tercabut bumper depan tu ha. Haha. Memories.
And then after 4 years, the car bertukar tangan to me when I was in my 3rd year of studies at Uniten. Haha. Oldies jugak la. Masa tu tiara was very rare at Uniten (dan atas jalan). There were only 4 tiaras in Uniten at the moment, or so I thought. 3 of them owned by hot babes including yours truly *ehem ehem* and the other one was a guy. We recognized each oth…


Adoi punya la malas harini ya ampun. I feel very sleepy, had backache and not-so-productive today. Ye la class dah habis I have no reason to rush things over and tak payah nak prepare teaching materials and whatnot lagi dah. Had heavy breakfast this morning tho; our favorite nasi kerabu perhaps it was one of contributor to the sleepiness. Ye ye je. So we decided to delay our lunch a bit late later on.

Padahal Friday haritu was so highly motivated and determined konon Monday would look into the reviewers comments and edit the conference paper accordingly. End up sampai half day I didn't do anything as per planned. Hampeh! Turned out because I wasn't able to access to the submission link since this morning. Nak masuk website COGS pun tak lepas-lepas ha apa cite? Banyak sangat kot orang nak access link tu sampai it is congested like that. After countless attempts using 3 different laptops finally I managed to access the link. Baru je pun around 12 tadi. Alhamdulillah. So I prompt…

Hari sabtu kami

Today as promised we took sara to avenue k for dinosaur at discoveria and later to blue coral aquarium at kl tower. Had fun. Tapi makcik kecik tu biasa la takut dinosaur gigit dia she refused to walk nak kena dukung je. But tell u what, the dinosaur looks real since they make it kind of moving and almost the same size of the real ones. 
Lepas tu pergi blue coral tgk fishes pulak. Found nemo omg it is so cute. But the place is pretty small but still plenty of fishes and hidupan laut can be seen. Ok la not bad. Kalau aquaria tu mcm penat kot nak berjalan. 
Had lunch in pelita. Pastu ingat nak tapau donuts at big apple tapi takde big apple dkt avenue k tu. H&m pun tak sempat masuk sbb sara tiba2 cranky perhaps she's a lil sleepy d. So dari avenue k terus kita ke kl tower. 
Before balik sempat tapau dinner at royale ampang. Been a while since we last had nasi royale ni. Didnt fancy much. Kalau kat kedah mmg tak layan la nasi royale we prefer yasmeen instead. Longing for nasi yasmeen …


Ok harini (read Friday) bestnya. Alhamdulillah received the email from natgrad saying that my paper is accepted. Syukur sangat. Nonetheless few things need to be done before the final submission which is before the 26th which is next week ok?? The comments from 3 reviewers need to be addressed. Takpe lah so long my paper is accepted and i have the chance to present my work before baby A comes out. InshaAllah.
Harini nothing much. Everyone in the ofc attended the kursus whatever but I am down with fever and flu so decided to skip. So I just stay at home, did 2 round of laundry, whipped up something simple for lunch and chilling at home with Sara. Managed to take a nap and lazing around. Oh bliss. N later in the evening masak nasik goreng for dinner and fry some eggs. Sara makan bertambah2. Hubs pun suka. I just love the fact that my hub n daughter loves to eat at home. masak simple2 pun takpe. Satu lauk je pun ok. Sara even had another 2 plates of nasi goreng on bed just now. Ok the th…


As of today

1. Done my 34th week check up. Alhamdulillah baby A is healthy inside weighing almost 2.6kg showing his face and his little 'thing' clearly to us. But wait. 2.6kg? That was kinda heavy. Hehe.

2. It is school holiday but we still have to send Sara to school. Pity her. The thing is mama n ayah was so busy with work and stuff. But decided she will be off from school on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully that would give her a little school hols leisure. Weekend boleh la bawak jalan2 gi dekat2 sini; indoor playland ke. Haritu dah bawa pergi Genting but y'know Genting nowadays ain't no fun due to renovation and whatnot. So no more Genting lps ni until the place is well operated. Kesian Sara her favorite ride was no longer there. So terpaksa la pujuk dengan masuk Snow World.

3. Still waiting for natgrad acceptance notification. Really hope the force to be with me. Pls pray for me!

4. At work, few things left to be done. I need to get all office related works done and …