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a mental post!!

GOD this is QUITE the best-est time to splurge the moolahs
And along the way......................
Yang, !KEA lets!! I'm buying these....
 and this

and few other stuffs. Shinpai shinai. Just...a little tiny ones for our cribs.
Anyway, its all in my !kea>>online_cart.

p/s i love you yang ;>

day trip-jb

Yesterday my other half and I went to a friend's wedding @JB. It was a day trip from kl-jb due to "few-things" constraint.

But anyhow, as we reached there (the friend's crib) the rain has just started falling down. We just had a quick bite, meet up the groom and bride and off we go jalan-jalan.
Nothing much I supposed, since I have no intention going to mall (I had enough malls in KL) and not-so-large amount of penny to spend so we're just headed off to duty free zone. Thought of getting something which you can't easily find in KL. But those place is so unlike the usual d.f.z that we normally found in klia nor langkawi neither. It's too PKNS typically. Like seriously. I wonder why don't they make an effort to develop those place. It used to be the attraction while ago.

But one the other side, I'd love the surrounding. Or maybe because being near to ocean is what I like the most. I think. =)

there goes the happy faces ;>

My favorite stilettos 

perangkap mengena.. hehehe (tak sengaja pun!!)

aww..aww...aww...  somebody's peeping through my web blog. And yet to mention even complaining on one of the post. Oopss.. I presumed that 'anonymous' thought t'was 'anonymous' that I am writing about. OUCH!! Saya malu............. *blush*

Oh. Take it on the positive side, maybe that person is sooooo super extremely interested to know every pieces of me to the extend acting in a SECRET and DISHONEST way.

Anyway, It's not my fault that I am popular.*blush.blush.blush* I'm grateful! => =>
Cukup-cukup la hasad dengki tu. Dah tua dah kamu-kamu itu... (uhuhuh..ampun..mati aku kena tenyeh kang)

Whatever, loser. I have TOTAL NULL to lose.

Ya AllahuRabbi.. fahamilah mereka, ampunkan mereka, berikanlah kelebihan yg tiada itu kepada meraka..dan beri petunjuk kepada meraka.
Dan aku juga.. AMin.



I wonder how many percent of human being on earth "yang perasan bagus"?
Is there anywhere in the world I could possibly get the statistics ke..?
Is there any poll regard? 


I am still wonder-ing 

p/s:mmg susah bkerja dengan org begitu. ish ish ish