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Alhamdulillah. #happytears

1. Dah pandai guna CST. Pandaipandaipandai!
2. Dah pandai buat design! Learn more, learn a lot more.
3. Accomplished - 3 microstrip patch design at 2.4GHz in 2 weeks. Mind-blowing!!
4. Dah dapat formulate the parameters. Them, a headache ok !!!
5. Have gathered relevant contents to whip off the progress report
6. Managed an appoinment with SV. Welcoming the new inputs.
7. Ready for the next phase of research and design
8. Catch a sight of a brighter future >> to put through master in 9/14
9. It is a total brain stimulating and it is very tough yet very lethargic indeed but very grateful Ya Allah it goes smoothly Syukran Ya Rabbi.
10. CST takes up most of my daytime, notwithstanding the work at the offc is piling up (yeah work is always piling up, who says it doesn't?). But my leisure time and night time belongs to Sara the most. Completely!

For those fully vouch for me, I love you CST. I love you Antenna. I love you VAIO. I love you Sara and MM. I …