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Food: Sara Do's and Don'ts

A post of reminder for momma Sara

Sara okays with :
1. Fish (ikan tenggiri, merah, bilis)
2. Chicken meat
3. Green veges (broccoli,  spinach, peas, celery, sawi)
4. Other's veges (cauliflower, carrot, potato, sweet potato)
5. Onion, garlic
6. Cooking oil (so far I use olive oil and butter)
7. Tofu (not egg tofu, tauhu biasa yang orang buat tauhu sumbat itu ok..)
8. Egg yolk (today is the completion of 4 days rule and was a success).
9. Gardenia bread (she loves toast)
10. Wheat cracker (atau roti empat segi itu so I bought roti gandum for her)
11. Fruits such as apples (she likes green apple so much I wonder why), papaya, avocado and mangga.

Sara reacts to :
1.Cheese (agak cirit birit 2-3x a day after makan cheese. Noticed after bagi dia 2 kali makan cheese)
2. Banana (no such reaction, she's just not so like the sweetness of banana, I guess)

Sara has not try :
1. Yogurt (if she reacted with cheese, she might also with yogurt because it's in the same category of dairy prod…

Making Baby Toast

"Eggs are in the top 8 of all allergens but recommendations for introducing eggs to babies have been changing. It is the white of the egg that is allergenic and not the yolk. "
I made breakfast for Sara today out of egg yolk. Decided to try it earlier, instead of waiting she turns 1. But, knowing that certain person allergic towards egg, and Sara has the history of eczema, I need to closely monitor if she would be effected with the allergenic. But if she's fine with the egg yolk, its a hurrah for me because that would be her another source of protein instead of fish, chicken, etc. In fact, I love making egg contained dishes , such as the yummy omelet, egg toast and pancake! ;D
Since today is the first day Sara eating the egg yolk, I prepared something light yet simple for her. It's the "baby egg toast". Here's the recipe.
"Baby Cheesy egg toast". Ingredients : 1 slice of white bread Butter Single Kraft Cheese 1 eg…

Sara Hana: 1 month towards 1 year old

Time really flies. *Sigh. Sara Hana turns 11 months last Saturday. Dah besar rupanya anak mama. But physically she's not big at all. She can still fit he 3-6m baju. But seluar sedikit senteng lah. Huhu. Ditambah pulak dengan demam beberapa hari sebelum her 11-month birth date. She has losing her appetite, but Alhamdulillah since yesterday she started to eat well, as usual. And oh, roti gardenia is her favorite now. Pagi-pagi dah bersarapan roti gardenia. I'm thinking of making toast with cheese for her snack.

Perkembangan Sara
~ sudah pandai berkata-kata dalam bahasanya sendiri. Sudah pandai menyahut juga. Kalau kita berckp dengan dia, dia pun akan membalas juga. Walaupun masa tu tengah sibuk bermain dengan toys.
~ sudah pandai pegang makanan sendiri.
~ dulu macam dah nak boleh jalan. tapi skrg tanak jalan pulak. Sara lebih suka suruh orang dukung. Dia akan suakan tangannya minta di dukung.
~ sudah pandai locate orang especially mama kat mana.
~ suka letak tangan kat kepala as…

Shaklee & Me~

Some might say, it's not the product that promises succeed in breastfeeding. Yes, I agree. 100%. One cannot fully depend on particular products. And one tends to blame the product if the results is not up to our expectation. For me, the key to success is believe in yourself and be positive! Same goes with breastfeed. We, breastfeed mommies have to believe in ourselves, our babies, and always, always, stay in positive mode and most importantly, loads of tawakal and doa'.
My breastfeeding journey so far has been a most memorable and wonderful moment for me. Hopefully for Sara Hana too. It has been 10months and 26days. Has been a long journey, but ahead to go. My mission is to breastfeed Sara until she turns 2. Extended bf? Would be happy if possible. Weaning off just matters when both of us ready and agree.
I have been using Shaklee products since March 2011.  At that time Sara just reached 4 month old and suffering with eczema. I decided to consume Shaklee because Sara's pedi…

Menus of 10 months 25 days-young Sara Hana

Sara Hana has shown the sign of fussiness toward food. She prefers chicken to be in her meal. It bothers me somehow when I accidentally read an article that saying kids should eat more fish for their mental and brain development. Be it salmon, cod, dory, ikan tenggiri, ikan merah or any fish. Setakat ni I haven't bought salmon, cod and dory for her. Gonna try it soon.

Having those awareness, I decided to cook fish for Sara's meal today. Berkobar-kobar mama membeli seketul ikan tenggiri di pasar malam. And oh, speaking of pasar malam, off topic kejap eh. Masa jalan-jalan nak beli ikan, ternampak sesuatu yang sangat diidamkan dan sangat sedap. It's something that I have been craving for a loooong time. My all time favorite udang galah. Masa kecik-kecik dulu kat kampung tiap-tiap bulan dapat makan udang galah goreng. Sebab ada orang datang jual kat rumah. I remember that time 3 ekor udang galah yang besar-besar cost around rm15 je. Anyway, tak sabar nak goreng petang ni.Yummy…

new home? no?

Alhamdulillah. Sara has started taking breakfast since last week. Sebab mama nya gigih bangun awal pagi to get ready to work and prepare her stuffs. Jadinya pukul 7 Sara sudah sarapan bubur. No more worries she will be starve or hungry waiting for her next meal at BS's house, which would be around 11 a.m.

I noticed that thehanalicious has be lacking of updates. Admit, we (MM and I) had quite a busy schedule at home. We have so many to-do-list which some of it has been fulfilled, i.e:

1. Cribs renovation (rearrangement, to be exact) - 90% done last night. Credits to MM.
Love the 'new' look of our house. It feels very much leisure and the living hall looks bigger. Sesuai untuk Sara bermain. But unfortunately, Sara doesn't seems to like the new arrangement. She might need some time to adapt with the new environment, I suppose. Atau mungkin dia geli dengan carpet shaggy baru itu? Oh poor little kid. ;(

2. The Bandung thingy is also almost 80% done. We've done with the …