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Labour: Part I

oh what a hiatus. I should blame the hormones for the lack of update. It has been nearly a year since the last entry. Being pregnant (was) and a mom (recent) to a beautiful little girl keeps my life hectic (in a good way I assume). During preggie period I was busy googled for pregnant-related stuff. And during the confinement, there goes breastfeeding problems and stuffs pulak. Macam2.
Just a brief story of my pregnancy. Basically I did not encounter with any "serious" problem during 38 weeks of being pregnant.Alhamdulillah. I did the monthly check up at gov clinic and KPMC Kajang since we have opt to give birth at KPMC. There were two gynea at KPMC. Dr Jamil and Dr. Mimi but Dr Jamil is the specialist O&G. So we opt for Dr. Jamil. Quite a serious person. But my hubby and I like him. It's just that we feel comfortable with him. He confide us with his words. 
I had routine check up with gov clinic here. The doc and nurses mcm tak puas hati sebab diorang measure perut I …