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I am excited to update this dusty blog.
But what shall I write about? - I don't know.

Being in the third trimester - 36 weeks to be exact is no kidding. I guess when you're aging and pregnant you feel lethargic very easily. Maybe I am not FIT enough?
But still, you have to deal with what you have to do at work and home instead. You could not complain much. Errands have to be run. I still cook for dinner, almost every day. Laundry, no exception. Cleaning, yes but once in a while though.

Sara has been busy. I think she's still adapting to her new schedule. Previous 2-3 weeks was hectic for her. Despite a tight schedule at school, she had to attend numbers of rehearsal sessions for her first and second #TARI show. She looks tired, or so I think. But I can see that she had a pleasant time. You know the feeling when you've got the chance to do things that you fond of. That's more like it.

Counting days to Adib's 3rd birthday. It's on April 28th. May this little …