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Sara meets upin & ipin :)

We (mama & Sara) bumped into upin & ipin during outing at Aeon Mahkota Cheras yesterday. Well, Sara used to say she wanted to salam upin ipin but nah, upin ipin was right here in front of us but she chickened out and refused to stay *lol*. That's typically her btw ;P

When just mama & sara at home

We have lots of things to be done. Inside and outside the house :)

Happy father's day Ayah! Nah sara bagi sushi :-)

Hello Kitty merchandise @ Guardian Pharmacy

This is our little girl's favorite place to dig for Hello Kitty merchandise esp the eggs, in case anybody's wondering. 

#hellokitty #sarahana #hellokittycollector
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Hello Kitty collector

Hi all. 
Ok caption: am not exaggerate. Our little girl is a hello kitty collector. It started after we've been to Hello Kitty land in Johor early this year, I reckon. Entry is here Sara @Hello Kitty Land. She loves hello kitty extremely much that she wants to buy everything yes everything and anything that features hello kitty. Anything you just name it. bag, shoes, books, stationary, trousers, stickers, even plastic bag, Giant shopping bag, hansaplast, hand sanitizer, shampoo,etc etc etc. Cray cray lol. Now that she gets herself to youtube and she watch lots and lots of disney collector videos, count in play doh also the hello kitty in japanese and korean n mandarin n english languange she insists (asks is a better word i suppose hehe) us on buying her the eggs. Yeah you know, ala those eggs mcm kinder joy when you opened up you'll find some candy or sticker and tiny little toys. Yeah likewise. Honestly I think it kinda cute too, you know. Even yours truly love it tho ;) he…