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all about us..and nihon

I heard someone talk in 日本語. And oh, not to mention t'was 日本人。 And that reminds me of 日本。

Even maggi mee can be sangat sedap... yummyyyy!!

hora hora. thats me in Japan's newspaper :D (I'm wearing the brown tudung)

seriously..mcm ju-on kan?? but she's real babe. huhu

this is our sahur meal. daily. nasik (sejuk), salad, egg + fish. can't imagine huh?
Despites all that hard time, I still miss nihon.. i have to say. hmmm... ikitai.... :( toodless......

scheduled me off

ah dang~ i am soo gonna be a lot lot more 'busy-er' starting on next week. Ok well lets check upon the schedule.. and see.. hmm

21st feb : be at folk's place
22nd feb : apptmt with the macik taylor. ( i HAVE TO be ther ok. I NEED my eng* suit to be properly done. or may i say..PERFECT? right. that's too much. i know. shut up)
: others eng*day related stuffs to be confirmed
23rd feb : kursus @quality hotel
24th feb : post-kursus report / thingie to be completed
28 - 29 feb : plv benkyou
5th mar : plv test. (this is one MOST important)
15th mar : enggagement @folk's place
16th mar - 19th mar : **tm sports carnival
?? mar : induction program

apart from that ( all due by march)
- lesson plan
- exercise sheet
- test 1 questions
- more extra class to come????

apart from that and those..,
- must watch "Confession of a shopaholic" - march
- retail therapy
- get the so-called exclusive choc @Ou before 14th mar
- spending time with my beloved not-so-small-Munchkin ;…

PGL 3 the musical...

...was superb. It was such a blast. Really really tanoshii. Kudos to all the PGL 3 team. Its worth the single penny of buying the tickets. I had a very good time at the teater with M regardless of my not-so-good condition and to the extend tht us both were thinking of watching the teater for the 2nd time. Mmm... we can do that.. :D And oh, I just had few snaps there since I left my camera charging at home. Huh. Tekanan betul.

subject sebenar adalah gong besar itu. hehhe.. sorry baby :P

Opera mini

Sorry for not updating. I have few reasons to be listed and hopefully it can be accepted, at least one amongst all.
- i cant access to net at home due to my incompleteness format of my laptop.
- i do not have the spare time at the ofc to update dis blog
- encik m, the beloved bf of mine pun sgt busy with his tight schedule so its kinda difficult for me to keep bugging him to re-format my lappie.
- it has been 2 weeks i dreadfully have to pinjam pc n laptop org kalau nk guna net or even print the exercise sheet for my student. Kesian kan saya?
- i hv been using alasan 'watashi no pasokon..' sampai org dah hapal, which is not good. Hmmph..
- external hd sudah dimasuki trojan. Geram!
- i am teribly beezee like a beeee
- i am suffering from hot fever n flu for 3 days d now dan sudah 2 hari on leave.
- i am using opera mini to surf the net n writing this entry

Kesian x saya? Tlg la terima salah satu dri all the abv listed reason.

P.s- tmrw wil be our 1st teater together. Pgl 3. I love u baby…