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EBM mama for AN 😍

A worth buy

Rezeki Adib Naufal Alhamdulillah Dah transfer to chest freezer baru *cough2*  (preloved tp mcm baru. Pandai tuan lama dia jaga). Btw i bought these chest freezer a day before Ramadhan from a friend. Worth a single penny. After cluttering and calculating, here's what I have.  total ebm 81 pack * 3oz = 240 oz. + 6*3oz yg awaiting for frozen. 
Nampak kosong kan?? #nangis. byk space lagi ni. Kena gigih increase production lagi ni. Ada masa lagi no worries yeah. Say NO to penyakit MALAS and STRESS ok? Chill mama 😍😍🍼=💎💰

'His' day

Happy father's day to the men in my life
Happy father's day my beloved husband. You are always the first and my priority. You are always the one I would rely to. You are the greatest dad, and would always be the greatest dad to our kids.

Happy father's day to abah a.k.a Wan to Sara & Adib. Kami sayang abah seperti mana abah sayangkan kami. Abah sentiasa ada dalam doa kak. 

Long holiday

Yes it is. For me. I am taking a 3-months-maternity-leave which means a long break from work which I incredibly love! Nothing much at home. My maternity leave in my imagination is the same routine day by day but with this little tyke here there's no way you could make same routine everyday. Each day is a new day and new experience. But I agree to the saying experience is the best lesson. When I had my very first maternity leave abt 4+ years ago with Sara i found out that it was impossible and way too difficult. I even cry in despair. I didn't even have time to feed my own stomach. My appearance is worst than a 'bibik'. I felt upset looking at the messy house. But this time around, alhamdulillah. I know what to do and when to do things, necessarily. I am coping in. MashaAllah, it is only a baby and a toddler I am having at the moment I couldnt't imagine if we have more. But Still I am looking fwd for more. Insha Allah.
So today is the 3rd day Sara has been going to s…

Sara & Adib @Cyberview Resort & Spa

And yes we are here! For 2 nights. Pre-book on hotel's website for Superior Chalet but been told during the check-in that Superior chalet is not available at the moment so guess what, our room has been upgraded to Executive Deluxe for no extra charge. How cool was that! Yeah I know I know. Hehe. The room is huge and super nice and it has a four-poster bed. Super like. And our chalet is only few steps away from the pool. Rezeki Adib n Sara. Its Adib's first outing and first hotel stays.
Anyway I am so gonna enjoy our stay here in Cyberview. Had bfast earlier at Verandah Restaurant and strolling around the resort and surveying the pool area. Sara had her 1st round of swimming with MM while I bathed Adib in our room. Later will go to IOI putrajaya for lunch. 
For now, lets cherish the moment and enjoy the photos while i'm joining the kids and hubsy for a nap. Later.
Hope you guys have a splendid school break too. 

Sara & Adib of the day

Ok Kakak first
Its the first school holiday that we took Sara off from school for the entire holidays. Best la makcik tu tak payah pegi school and she gets to spend time at home with mama and adik. Tell you what she was so looking fwd to this school break. Since last week asyik tanya bila nak cuti bila nak cuti. Ya I guess kids need a break somehow she's been spending her 8-5 at school it must be hard and tiring tho. Even kita yang tua2 ni pun tak sabar nak cuti kalau keje kan.  Last week had the water supply in our college runs out for 4 freaking day. It was the worse in history (since 2008). Tanker did come for more than 5 times to supply water to entire college. MM even bought a water pump and 5 big tank to fill with water. Bayangkan. And as a result, on the other side Sara was suffering from rashes all over her body especially neck and back. Kesian sangat asyik garu2. So earlier today we took her to Klinik Qistina at Putra Permai Seri Kembangan to meet with the dermatologist, …