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I am pretty much upset and bothered with someone.

Does human creature named M-A-N always like that? They easily lose temper when they are sick or feeling even a BIT unwell?

Ok that's just it. I wonder what will happen to the world if man have to go thro the pain of giving birth or.. ok la paling koman pun period pain cukup la. And when their gf or whtsnot having hard time battling over period pain they won't even try to understand pun. Is a pouting lip best to express a piece of sympathy?


Its not about period.
Its definately not about period pain.

Its about my discontented.

Oh man.
Why can't they just be nice and have a lil heart...????


ok.ok i understand

Ok. After taking consideration here and there, I have decided that I am gonna go shopping (bobbi brown and few tops) after the 13th January--for some reason. It is very concrete and self-constructive, I must say.

So for the time being, bersabarlah wahai hana and pls.pls.pls don't complaint much. It's for ur own goods.

oh ibu....saya perlu dana tambahan.. oppss.

mee goreng sepinggan RM2??

could you believe it? yes. it is true babe. where in this country nowadays you could possibly find sepinggan mee goreng yang sedap and you can share with 2 other people dengan harga 2 ringgit??? ain't it muri (imposible)? haha.
ok tell you what guys. Apparently I'm in my folk's place and just now I went to one old kedai makan near mom's tmpt kursus with the bro and dad. Speaking of which, that kedai makan is the same kedai since my bro and I were attending the tuition classes at that area. So there we go, decided to have a drink while waiting for mom and taste the mee goreng (just a flash of childhood memory).
Talking about how you can get food at quite a reasonable price, it is such a grateful for those who has been living in these kind of state where you don't have to fight for money-- due to the high cost of living (just like me). And I'm still impressed that with only 5 bucks, you can have teh ais, nescafe o' ais, teh o panas, and a plate of fried mee. …'.thing

I think I am somehow started to losing the rhythm of writing.. which is not a good thing. *Sigh*

I reckon it might be due to my lack of reading activities. And that might relate to the amount of book that I have bought in the last couples of months, which is ZERO.

So, in order to improve back my writing skill, i NEED to splurge a little amount of money for books (any chicklit book will do).

Ok. Here it is.

As I was browsing through the MPH online, I found out that "Remember Me" is now selling at RM34.++. I think I am gonna get one. oh. no. I MUST get ONE. :)

oh saturday yg penat

ahh hari ini sangat penatnye. did the laundry yang sangat berbakul2, unpacking the bags, arranging stuff etc. penat gila. ptg ni M will come over to kd and we will go pick up our sijil k.k @ pusat bdr d'sara, then he will accompany me buy some stuff for the house.

anyway, last week i was in melaka with M and few other colleagues attending a 5-days kursus. guys mlk was greaaaaaaattttttttttttttt. 'tho it was kind of tired due to the 8-5 training schedule but we didn't missed the chance to go round the place either. went to umbai, visiting encik bf's kampung, ride on melaka cruise, eye on m'sia, menara taming sari, makan cucur udang (mentioned as "kuih udang") yang sgt tidak seperti typical cucur udang and dataran pahlawan mall for shopping!!!!! hehe.

oh ya. aktiviti paling omoshiroi over there was lounging @mamak at jln hang tuah area while observing seorg pekerja "pakcik genba" yang sangat gigih dan rajin bekerja. tak de ngelat langsung like other …

kalut babe

omg. could you imagine tht i dragged others (refering to the people that i didnt know/who didnt know me @strangers) into my kalutness too?? ahaha. yes man. that is sooo freaking true. tak tipu. boleh tak skrg ni aku dah direcognized as 'budak kalut' di ofis? and encik bf to the extend menggunakan ayat "u dan geng2 kalut u". Does it sounds mean baby? Uh.uh. sgt keji. :P

and oh. back to the kalut story of the day. it happened when me and M had our makan2 at usual mamak lounging place yesterday. it starts when I saw the 犬 (dog) tengah busy crossing the road nearby tht kedai and t'was about to come to tht kedai tau. Being me, punya la takut kalau anjing yang kadang2 nampak mcm kambing tu (serius ppl. trust me. it looks kinda like kambing hitam tau, in a glance. huhu) tiba2 je dtg kat kitorang mcm kat nihon. tak ke naya? then we moved from our seat and pay at the cashier lah. ahhah. this is where the whole story began.

M : megi goreng, teh ais, roti telur, teh o ais
me …


sebenarnya saya sangat lapar. dan juga sangat あなたに 会いたいん。。。tapi telah berlagak cool konon makan megi tanpa telur itu boleh kenyang. chait! sangat poyo dan ざんねん。


Guys, I am sorry that I have to make this blog 'by-invitation'. I just happened to know that someone is peeping over my fotopages, and facebook and i suspect same goes to this blog. it's not a biggie thing to me but I don't feel comfortable about it. So to my fellow friends (readers) pls give me ur email add so that I could add ur e-mail in my inv list. TQ

ulat ulat geragau

acara membuang masa di opis

oh ya. seluar yang alter aritu tu kan, kalau aku put on weight sikit kan, dan kompem takleh nk pakai. arhhhh. tekanan.

i'm bored. i want to study. i wanted to. but ada viruses and worms etc2 dalam saya punya white baby lappie ni. cane????? maka nya dari pagi tadi saya hanya duduk depan pc sambil menghapuskan virus2 dan ulat2 tersebut. tak study jugak. tekanan lagi.

cemane nak format asus eepc ni ek? tekanan.tekanan.

koi shitai... baby.. awak ima doko? takde kat opis pun :P

i wanna go shopping. i need new tops. yada yada.

ok bye

gilmore and oth nite

I had a greaaatt wkN back then. oleh itu sepanjang minggu ini saya mesti happy or at least menghappykan diri. ahaha.

anyway, saturday I spend most of my time lazying at home since M been busy running errands, doing stuffs, kenduri etc2 so i dont really bother. walaupun dipagi sabtu itu agak-agak grumpy with him jugak la sbb he was just around my residential area but we couldn't meet up. boleh tak pagi2 nak marah tak bersebab? haha. ya ya thts kind of unreasonable i must said. maybe i'm not handling thing particularly these days. things messed up. so sikit2 nak marah. hm poor baby :P

sunday sangat best. and oh yeah, sat evening had a quickie date with M. ahh finally after all the grumpiness there goes the loveydovey but somehow tuned back to grumpy session sekejap and then goodness sunday turned out to be soooo lovely. M fetched me at kd around 11, had a quick bfast and off we go to cineleisure to watch twilight. Tell you guys, tha movie was great. sangat best dan tidak boring…