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Oh blog

Lama tak update blog kan? It has been 22th day of Ramadhan. How's yours so far? Mine was great. Alhamdulillah everything goes well, as you know this year I am fasting with a toddler and a baby, breastfeeding and expressing milk at the same time. I hope my milk supply would maintain sbb skrg dah mcm malas2 nak pam. Huhu. Sekali je pam. Kalau rajin 2 kali. And the rest, direct feeding adib je. Oh boi pray hard pray hard lps raya ni kena power pumping la before get back to work. Susu drop is one of the biggest nightmare for bf mom. No No. I have no special tips. So far alhamdulillah susu cukup. Adib minum pun kenyang. I had 5 pcs of kurma during sahur, performance drink+esp, makan nasi berlauk, drink milo or tamar cocoa and plenty of plain water. For breaking fast pun sama. Mkn nasi or anything, with kurma, tamar cocoa / milo and plenty of plain water. Tahun ni 2 kali berbuka dgn buffet ramadhan. 1st with my brother n SIL dkt Bangi Golf Resort. RM 55/pax is consider the cheapest buffet…