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Today is a HISTORY

1. Suddenly I have PayPal account, out of the blue.
2. Made a purchase / payment in pound currency, for the first time in life, out of the blue too.
3. Called Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Talked with the Siamese airport staff, again, out of the blue.
4. Deal with the airport lost and found department, from Bangkok Airport to MAS airport.
5. Most importantly, feel proud with myself and make someone proud =D *grin*

You know why?? Why? Why?

I managed to locate and find MM's laptop, which he accidentally left at the BKK Airport.

Alhamdulillah!!!!! Alhamdulillah!!!

We thought we lost it, and never gonna get it back!

Ya Allah, YOU know how hard it is, how full of attempt it was for me, and how does it feels to lost your precious and important belongings. Inikan pulak dekat negara orang, with all the language barrier and procedure and such. I could not imagine being in the situation. But Alhamdulillah syukur sangat we manage to sort things out. Rest assured, the laptop is safe!

I hope e…

No specific title

Just a reminder post of how grateful and lucky we are to be the parents to these amazingly beautiful, prettiest, cutest, cheeky, sweet, chatty, funny, healthy, bright and adorable little princess, Sara Hana.

Suka cam-ho and take photos using phone and camera.  Inilah hasilnya. Nice, of course.

Her Achievements! 2013

Research Proposal


Time : 1.00 a.m
Date : 13 June 2013
Task : Research proposal write up completed, awaiting to print and submission. Yay!! \o/
Expectation : Mutual understanding and agreement will be achieved. High hopes! *takut buat RP syok sendiri* 


Hey it's me Sara!

Assalamualaikum! :)

Hello readers, oh that's me, Sara Hana and mama. Well, the above photo was taken back in last week I guess, while my dad was driving us to e-curve, oh to be to be specific, we were heading to the Kid's e-World nak main tangga yang Sara suka tu.. hehe. 

Wow this is what I love the most about the play land. Colour balls. You see, there are plenty of colours. They are apple (refer to green), yellow, white, blue, pink and loads more. I like apple color because I like apple. It looks yummy too!
I like to jump and lie down on the balls. It was fun. Ayah loves it too. Oh by the way, can you spot ayah in the photos? 
Ahhaa.. I.. gotcha'.
Oh anyway, did you guys noticed the shirt I was wearing in the photos? The cat wears the hat. Nice kan? I bought the shirt during our trip to Sipore (read Singapore). Ala, the place where I met the duck and I cried (sshhhh..Sara tak nangis lah) when the duck came close to me. Did you remember? Hmm.. how forgetful you are. Okay…