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My 2015

Being a mom of two, they wifey, an employee and student at the same time is not an easy task. And that's me, no joke.
And that explains the long hiatus.
Too many things to do. But too little time.
So in this post, I made an attempt to summarize 2015 in my kind of way. As quick and short as possible.
1. 28 April 2015 - my sweetheart, Adib Naufal was born. And automatically upgraded Sara to Kakak Sara. Mama love both of you sayang.
2. April 2015 - could recall the date tho. Unlock my personal aim. Presented paper in conference (3rd Natgrad of Uniten). Paper published in proceeding. Alhamdulillah.
3. Enjoying 3months-maternity-leave with no worries of research progress haha (living in denial) lol
4. Adib's first hotel stay - cyberview lodge after day 44 he was born. 
5. Adib's first on board experience. Klia- Aor at plus minus 2 month old. Sara's 8th trip.
6. September 2015 - took the kids to JB for Legoland and Hello Kitty (unplanned). Stayed at Legoland Hotel.
7. August 2015 - MM…