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my fiance's "enggagement ring" .............................. .................... ........... .... .. . . . . . . . . . tadaaaa...

It's solely from J.Bovier. Price : undisclosed but worth a single penny. I dont mind spend a bit for the beloved ;D I lov you super-extremely-much schweeeeeeeeeetheart. Muacks!! XOXO "bunga"


i felt a little demotivated and left-out. insulted: should be the best word to describe those two. but I am determined to do better. ganbarimasu!!

i wisssshhh

1. Kajal eye liner 2. The a-lister set  ;> ;>


the wedges that I've been searching for...

sleepy soupy

has anyone of you ever tasted the Ani S*up Utara soup and ended up feeling extremely sleepy? Seriously, like no kidding man. hmmmpppp...

And as of next week I shall say "a-temporary goodbye" to the everyday's traffic jam and i prolly have the leisure time to complete the Sophie K-Remember Me reads. oh bliss bliss.
**self-statement nak sedapkan hati sendiri. :(

random talk

I wonder why do people backstab. And why do some "fellow" like to be the a*s-kissed.

Ah. Whatever. Let alone those backbitting creep.

Let's not talk about atrocious salacious. I'm gonna cheer myself up with some good stories.

A friend of mine had introduce me this wedding-related website which I found very interactive, sweet yet easy to use. It is some kind of a custom page (web) that can be use for anything regarding your wedding purposes. You will have your own invitation page that can be transformed into virtual wedding card, the photo gallery, guestbook, and to the extend of your "wish list" when it comes to gifts part. Pretty cool huh?

Here is the website. In case anyone of you interested in

And oh. People backstab because they are scared human beings. All they care about is themselves.

And why do people "a*s-kissing"? Well it might be they are dying to get promoted soon enough. Well, you know what? As a matter of fact, it happ…

I promise

not to eat lamb ever again. Not even a bite. Be it lamb chop, chilis's lamb shoulder, or anything that has to do with lamb. No way.

I have no idea how bad eating lamb could possibly triggered the headache or migrain (if things become worse). Last night I had those headache which feels like tightening of a band around my head, making the whole head ache after I had only 3 bites of small pieces of fiance's dinner. And i hardly sleep either. And to worsen, the headache continues until now. Urgh.

toddless with not-so-happy vibe~~

and oh.. happy mother's day to mum. i loooove u eternally. hope yesterday's lunch is sufficient enough for everyone :D

omai. hatred entry.

Hey! Who do you think you are? Comb thro my stuff. Baaakaaaaaaaa irrespectable person. Omai koto daikirai des. u and ur bossy attitude can go to he*l. Ohh I'm soo sorry to say but EVERYONE here pray for that. Kawaisou jaa....... owaru

Apparently HE knows how to cook

My fiance's first self-made cekodok. kihkih.. Caya lah. すごい でしょう。。? *grin*
Complete with tak tau air ape. :P

what a lazy bum

boleh tak sangat malas gila nak bergerak. and the to-do lists goes long and longer..

- mandi
- laundry
- iron baju ( stok seminggu )
- completing the "Remember Me" reads
- send the new shoes to cobbler
- mencuba resipi begedil (hahaha.. so funny tht I have to put it on the list dow)

ok bubye