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Nihon Part2 : Prev Events

Since I am having plainly a good mood, I prolly would like to add some more updates and piccas. Guess wht. I think I am sooo much tanned [hitam] now. Thanks to the sun and the sun. *huhh*

Anyway, hari ini sungguh lah malas. But managed do the laundry and then hang out a bit this late afternoon. Pegi makan nasik beriani. U'know wht, eversince I came here dah 3 kali makan nasik beriani. Dah la mahal. One portion of nasik beriani cost about 1500yen (rm45). oiiii!! Mahalnye. Bila dah convert to RM baru la tau betapa mahalnya nasik itu. Ah. Lantak lah. Asalkan perut kenyang dan hati saya gembira. La la la........

Oleh kerana saya agak baik hati hari ini... saya akan muat naik (upload) gambar2 semasa mula2 kami tiba di negara jepun ini. Mungkin tidak dapat muat naik kesemuanya, tapi saya akan cuba sedaya upaya. Sekian pelajaran bahasa Melayu kita hari ini. hahahahha.

Anyway, during the first week we went to kobe quite numbers of times, visiting here and there ; Jice office, kedai "nas…

Nihon Part1: Undefined :)

Hey. Gosh. How I miss writing here. I have so much to write,tons of things to tell but the words seem to disapear whenever I come to this page. I wonder.

I wake up quite early today. Well ok, 9a.m is considered early enuf to start you saturday okkayy. And yet, its raining now. So I assume being awake is a bit strange for me, but here I am. Awake and in the midst of updating my bubblybaby. And ohh before I forgot, thanks for the whole bunch of birthday wishes, cards, origami and the e-card. But above of all, it's the thoughts that I really appreciate. Thanks babes.. :)

Speaking of b'day, yes I did have quite a great b'day right here in Nihon. During the bfast time at the cafe, I have been throw with a suprised bday party (a small ones but I was totally amused). I was completely stunned in silence when the cafe staff, bunch of friends, colleagues appeared out of nowhere, gathered around our table and sang a b'day song as the hotel staff brought along some cream puffs, frui…


I have updated some of the piccas at Facebook. And oh btw, am still in the midst of uploading to Fotopages. Progressing..but kinda slow due to the laziness. Haha.

Oh, its Sunday, 4:15pm and I haven't yet take a bath. Teruk kan saya? Hahahaha...


hey guys. I hv safely arrived in Japan on Monday 7a.m(6a.m) Malaysia time and now enjoying this place. Hahaha. The very tight schedule explains the lack of this blog's update. But I promise to update soon, and of course with phots (yup i did took helllot of phots.)

till then, xoxo


Counting hours.. the flight will be tonight at 2345. Will update when I reach at Japan. Can't wait but deep inside I am having butterflies in my stomach too. God. I am sure will gonna miss my family, friends and you guys here.. :(


hana..with lov :)

p/s: be alert to check my fotopages and blog.