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How do you feel being away from the kids?

Yay, my blog finally has a new face (read:theme). A motivation to keep me blogging more frequently, I suppose? ❤

So many things to write.

But today I will write abt my recent outstation.
But not focusing on the 'outstation'.

I have never been away from my kids. Oh, once before when Adib is 6 m.old. An overnight outstation to KL and that was it. So nak dijadikan cerita I had to attend another program in Png for 3 days from 28-30 Mar. Didn't see it coming. Turned out the date was after the school holiday break. So sempat la melayan the kids holiday dulu puas-puas.

Nothing much about the program. My attention was not 100% there though despite the course is so not related to me. I have too many concerns revolving in my mind at the moment especially that Sara has to school and I 'know' her, and Adib needed me when he wanted to sleep because he's still bf-ing, etc etc. So many things.

It feels bad to leave behind your "motherhood" duties to be carried out …