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bag raya. yahoo!!

I received this package today. To be exact, just now. Few minutes ago. Yes. :)

Let's dig what's inside.  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Haha. takde la suspen sangat kan. But t'was fast though. I just ordered yesterday, and today, tadaaa here it is, in my arms. hehe. poyo statement. I love the fact that it is big that I can dump everything inside hahaha and it has 2 bags. I so love this bag. I super love this bag. Ye la baru kan.... #eyesrolling

Finally, an update!

Dah berbulan nak update. Tapi ada je obstacle. Internet slow la, no usb cable to transfer photos la, too many works la, bla bla bla. Excuses.
A lot have has been happening since the previous post. Banyaaaak sangat. Sampai I think I have lost the sense of writing, and my skills with 'word' is fading. Teruk sangat. 2014 is almost towards its end and 2015 is approaching. I have a lot, ok like really crucial 'datelines' to achieve in 2015. The two most important yang mesti mesti mestiiiiii tak dapat tidak kena jugak setel by 2015. Hadoi. Pikir pun dah serabut. Dengan research yang verrrrryyyyyyyy slow progress (or should I say not progressing langsung since July?). oi oi master tu kena habis bulan 4 tau??? paling koman pun kalau nak drag viva lambat sikit pun takpe la tapi macam berangan je nak habis bulan 4/2015? Bulan 4 kau dah nak beranak kot! Bila masa nak pulun master bila masa nak pikir beranak and confinement lagi? Pening pening. And oh btw I am 22 weeks along and i…