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how am I not supposed to know?

I didn't realize having these what people called mental disorder thingie until I finally find myself being on the top rank of LOST TRACK mind last few hours. I think this is quite serious. I was worried.
But the worst of all the worseness was that I did not realized that I have been the LOST TRACK-er because of the extremely silly and creepiest reason. Of all the reasons in the world, I can't believe that I can be too weak to put those silly thoughts and making it such a pain in ar*e.

I swear I am not gonna let that be a crap in my head, an obstacle of my sight, and NO way it is gonna be the DISTRACTIVE BARRIER. I swear to GOD. Not a million years.

I am not used to be such a loser. I am definately not. Hence, what's that suppose to mean?? Yes. I am so gonna FIGHT. I'm gonna be a fighter. Back again. This is me. The real Hana is back on track. Nobody will ever taken advantage on me. Not ever. Watch out YOU!

Oh am such a stuphit to think that it might be the new phase of…


Recently I am so addicted to Senja Permai @astro 104. Can't wait to know what will happen to the Faizal (Azhar Sulaiman) + Ayeesha ( acting by Ainul Aishah) couple after their so-called secret vacation to redang. mmm... soon to find out.

On another note, work is piling up these days. I have no idea where it comes from. Apart of that I am still manage to breathe.

goodnite people.

weekend get away ;>

blogspot sengal.

more reasons to getaway :))