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The milestone

I think my baby grow up speedboat. Very fast indeed. Not only she can understand and follow instruction quite well nowadays, but she is also very good in instructing other people. The good part is she always says "tolong" and "thank you" whenever asking for help, like "Mama, tolong ambil towel Sara". Nice one sayang.
But still, agak penakut. Nak main slide, ajak teman. Nak tengok aeroplane, ajak teman. Nak tgk org potong rumput, ajak teman. Nak pergi dapur pun ajak teman. Such a cheeky little girl.

And oh, just a recent updates. The other weekend we went to Sg Tekala for berkelah. It has been a long while. Dah lama tak berkelah air terjun ok. It feels great to go back to basic and nature, once in a while. It can be a great get-away though. Takde la weekend je shopping, malls, shopping, malls. Opps. *tap on my back*

So, Sara was the most happiest and excited person alive, as usual. But once we reached there and feel the coldness of the water, hahaha you k…

A Note to MM


Understood that we will be busy (like VERY VERY BUSY okay) in this coming weeks until 30th March, ain't it?

We'd like to suggest for another getaway trip for 3 of us, most probably after the "hectic" week and before our May 2013 semester starts. Nothing biggie nor luxury. A short and affordable trip will do. As long as it is enjoyable and not tiring.

What say you?

Please say YES.
your lovely daughter and wife


I dislike when one of us is not around during weekend. It feels like something is missing.
Despites all that, i am struggling to make sara's time at home during weekend is cherishable. Mama cuba ok. Mama cuba. And yes, we r having a happy bonding moment together. :)

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My girl. Can't get enough of her.

She's a great companion.
She always hv something to talk about, and something to do, be it in the car, at home, during shopping, leisure, most of the time practically! Every single minute is meaningful with her presence. Oh anakku.

Mama n ayah loves you whole lot bunch baby!
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Our Singapore Trip

Urgh, I knew it. I knew that photo editing is time consuming. After taking about 1 hour of editing, I finally done with this one. Do credit me, I am doing this for you, dear lovely readers. #perasan.

Ok, just so you know, we (MM, sara and me) went to the city of the lion last week. We depart from KLIA via Jetstar on morning 24th Jan 2013 and return home on the night of 26th. The trip was apparently a post-exam treat for both MM and I and also, to fulfill our must-fly-twice-a-year wish list. Hehe, exagerating, no? No! =P

We booked our flight ticket, hotel and USS ticket month earlier. Well we are always good in planning when it come to this, I must say :)

We took early flight to Singapore because we have a tight schedule of plan. Okay we planned to go to Merlion, Marina Sand Bay (56th floor) and Clark Quay but we run out of time so we postpone Clark Quay to the next day.

We chose hotel which is accessible and easy to get food (halal food). So we opt for Landmark Village Hotel at Bugis…

Weekend at home

Hari ni buat puding roti lagi. As requested by si kecil, asyik ckp nak buat kek. So ini lah kek nye. Simple 'cake' yang sgt digemari seisi keluarga kami.
Merasmikan acuan hello kitty

Tolong mama lipat kain sambil tunggu kek masak

Berseleranya dia makan :)

Oh btw whts ur lunch menu today peep? Mine was nasi minyak n kurma ayam n acar buah. Insyaallah menu dinner malam ni is mee hailam. I love weekend at home :D
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Exam result is out!

Alhamdulillah. Masih lagi cemerlang. Tak sangka dapat A utk subject diagnostic tool. Syukur. Didn't expect to get solid A, after all. The final qs was tough for both papers. Tu blom kira obstacle before the exam week lagi. Hehe. I am beyond grateful.
Overall, still managed to maintain last semester's gpa and cgpa is the same lah, 3.67. Alhmdulillah. Congrats to us, husband! We made it. Praise be to Allah.
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