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Oh December. Hello blog!

I'm back.
After so long. It's been more than 5 months since my last updates. How bad it was? Ehhh lama gila lah tak post.

Okay so now I'm here, tiba-tiba blank. Macam tak tau nak update apa segala. Padahal there's a lot!!

To start with, we were just came back from a short trip to Hello Kitty Town in JB last Chrismas Holiday. Of course, our not-so-little girl favorite place. We've been there more than 5 times already I guess, as far as I remember. Layan je. Yang penting the kids are happy. Nothing beats their smile and happiness. Had a good time in JB. Cuma yang frust sbb kempunan beriani batu pahat mohd shah. Been there once only, pastu 2nd and 3rd time tak dapat makan pun, sbb sampai2 je kedai tutup. So the first night in JB we had ikan bakar je dekat Senibong. And the next day, still tak puas hati. Nak juga beriani. So we went to Roslin Beriani House at Kebun Teh. I had beef beriani, MM had mutton beriani and I swear it was goooooooooood!

Banyak trip juga sebenar…